Thursday, December 22, 2005

was reading mr. rocketman blog on mas and the comments. one think that tickles me about our large malaysian companies are the chairman. most of the time their names would bedin with datuk, tan sri, yb, etc, it doesnt start with mr. or encik, if it is a mr or encik then u know it is a real business organization. cause all the time the chairman and ceo of a company in malaysia have no freaking idea what they are actually doing sitting there. blank, zilch, all they know is they are well connected with the political ppl or they are very influential.

i like to read forbes magazine, personally i think it is the best biz mag ever. this mag is like the playboy of biz mag, great articles all the time, very inspiring. all most articles feature ceo of chairman or some great biz sense leaders, that are very familiar with the biz sense, they have been around for some time and they feel and know the market environment, they are serious players, else the shareholders will fire them for sure if they dont perform. they know where to cut cost, where to source for supplies, how to improve morale, how to turn the company around, cause they are really the man for the job. their names dont start with datuk or tan sri, it's just plain mr. or mrs or ms, no title, and at times they dont even need formal education to succeed. take bill gates and michael dell for instant.

forbes latest issue was on sia, yes sia, u should read abt it, they are abt the only airline in the world take buy airplanes with CASH, yes CASH, and the average plane age is 5.5 years compare to the industry average of 13 years. anyone want to guess the average age of our planes ? i dont know neither.

our country is actually heading nowhere, and the nep is actually pulling us further back. truth be said and every non bumi would agree, the day singapore pull out all the talented non bumi that wanted a better malaysia moved out with it, the rest just migrated later, cause they know that a country run by the hopeless malays will soon hit the wall, and when they hit the wall, they'll reverse and drive faster against the wall and over and over again, but the wall is 3 meter thick how can you break it? even the previously ban book by mahathir said that the malays are hopeless in a way, we know they are hopeless but what can we do.

i have a fantasy vision that i hope one day would realised, and that would be a joined force of mca, mic, dap, pas, keadilan, pbs, gerakan, snap and any other party go against umno to fight for malaysia, i think we can get at least a 50% 50% majority and we can see who will be doing ear squads then. it will definitely not be easy, a riot, a after election blood bath, chaos, looting would definitely take place, but if you are serious for a new improve malaysia then this is what we need to do, nothing else will work, after pak lah is najib, and he is going to be ruthless and cunning, the man is evil and he has a plot, but we have no idea what that is.

there is no point giving constructive comments all day long and then sit down at the end of day, nothing is achieve. it is just plain talk with no action.



Ed said...

Well I think any race based party should slowly fade away for a better future of our nation whether it's UMNO/MIC/MCA , but it existence is acceptable for community level.

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