Tuesday, December 20, 2005

any one seen the new proton chancellor? i just cant help it whenever proton decide to release "new" models that are totally fucked up. i have no idea how a model like that can actually make it through and be sold in the market, it is after all a waja that has been stretch and refitted with some "nice" components, that's it. and the price tag is mind boggling, i guess with all the losses it has already made, proton just want to make quick moolah to satisfy the shareholders. you know what we should ? all of us that aren't happy with proton should go out and buy our self 100 units of proton share. (that's the minimun unit of shares you can buy) then attend the agm, and question the board of directors how in the fuck name did they think the chancellor is going to succeed in the long run and who the fuck is going to pay RM138K for this piece of junk and it sits 4. and we can all also ask them why proton continue to produce sub standard car even after 20 years of production, we can ask all the way we want cause we are the fucking shareholders of the company, but make sure you come prepared and well organise, and that your facts are accurate, remember you are here to make proton's director feel like an ass hole, not vice-versa and if possible go with a group of about 10-20 sound minded people which of course have to be shareholder as well, you can be proxy and all but that would be too tedious to explain here, just read section 149 of the companies act 1965.
since proton year end is in 31 march, the agm would be held about in september, you can buy the share before september and dispose off after the agm, hopefully with a profit. if you notice proton website there is a list of awards that they have won, wonders??? there is this article i read some time ago which is an old article which i think if you have not read it before is interesting.
  • http://www.newint.org/issue195/proton.htm

  • do remember this article was written in 1989. remember the time dr.m said to "tutup proton", you can bet coming from his mouth is like saying "why dont you just kill my first born"
    a poll should be conducted in malaysia, on two issues.
    1. whether we should keep mas flying by injecting more rakyat money, so the directors and pilots can have more bonuses and benefits in kind?
    2. whether proton should call it a day. the issue of proton's workforce should not be taken into consideration, as the rakyat of 22 million is more important of the mere workforce of a couple of thousand.
    you might be wondering why im so personally piss off about proton, why not? as we all know, proton make sub standard car, and label it as an up market car, the sell it for a bomb after increasing all the prices of its competitor, which made them even more unaffordable. see for yourself again.

    toyota camry 2.4XLE in US sells for usd22,795, multiply by 3.8 = rm86,621.
    toyota camry 2.4V sells for RM181,000
    toyota rav4 2.4 sport in US sells for usd21,875, multiply by 3.8 = rm83,125.
    toyota rav4 2.0 sports sells for RM181,000

    for a country that taxes so much on the foreign cars, should not be collecting anymore taxes from the ppl that buy these cars, else it would be double taxing already.

    honda accord 2.4 in US sells for usd18,255 x 3.8 = rm69,255
    honda accord 2.4 sells for RM164,000
    honda accord 3.0 in US sells for usd27,300 x 3.8 = rm103,740
    honda accord 3.0 sells for RM204,000

    and mind me, this us models are 2006 versions, compare to our local versions are of 2004 only.

    and of course, any comparison would not be complete without the benz and the bmw.

    mercedes benz s350l(2006) in US sells for usd65,675 x 3.8 = rm249,565
    mercedes benz s350l(2004) sells for RM788,000

    all local car quotes are from the star and us quotes are from their respective sites.

    bmw 750i sedan in us sells for usd71,800 x 3.8 = rm272,840
    bmw 730i sells for RM638,000, the star only provided these model as the highest end.
    bmw z4 3.0i roadster in us sells for usd41,800 x 3.8 = rm158,840
    bmw z4 3.0i roadster sells for RM438,000
    bmw x5 4.4l in us sells for usd53,600 x 3.8 = rm203,680
    bmw x5 4.4l sells for RM566,000

    this is fun to do, and at the same time very piss off of the vast difference of pricing due to our "taxes"

    next item on our list, is the jaguar,

    jaguar 2006 xkr convertible in us sells for usd87,995 x 3.8 = rm334,381
    jaguar 2000 xkr convertible sells for rm1,200,000

    post a comment of what other cars you would like to compare and i'll search it out for you, yes some might argue that a direct comparison like this is not very accurate and logical, how logical do you want to be, a difference of RM334,381 and RM1,200,000 leave a lot of room for anything.

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