Friday, December 09, 2005

yoda, i think this current blog thing is not workinglah, no way im going to be even nominated for the best asian blog award in like 20 years, nobody is browsing through our old postlah, which i think was a classic, nothing even come close to it so tommorow i will ping direct to the ubi kentang story, direct, no zig zag, direct, better still yoda said cut and paste, enjoy.

Friday, July 22, 2005
My Fren Dua Lan Gong

There was this tiu ne ama guy called Dua Lan Gong. I tell you the story ah,

Lim Peh ga lu gong, agu, agu, u che ge place ahengg, ahengg
(english : a long long time ago in a place far far away)

Was a guy called Dua Lan Gong "DLG" . This DLG got no fren.(really! dun belief you check friendsters. you will see that he friendsters also dun have leh)

So he befriended Dua Ki Kah, Dua Siah and Dua Kang.This DKK, DS and DK also got no fren. But they very desperate. So they willing to friend with DLG even if they must be like his dog. So with his newly acquired friends, he announce that he henceforth would not be known as a "lonely kid no one play with him" anymore. Then he buys some land and start to plant potatoes together with his friends. But this friends dont know how to plant potatoes. So he got expert help by employing Dua Sheng, Dua Ge Ja Bo, Dua Battoh, Dua Liap and Dua Nao. "Wah Song leh" DLG thought. Can have more friends leh. But unfortunately this group of people do not want to be his friend and gave actually become friends among themselves. This has become the turning point of the story. DLG went to the Dark Side because he felt jilted by the new people.

This Dua Nao is very ging one(strong with the Force). To a lesser extent the others in his group also quite ging one. So Dua Gong tell DLG that he has a way of planting potato which can guarantee more harvest. But this DLG was not happy because he says that he plant it the "DLG way". Then because of this DLG's Dark Force grow stronger because his hatred go deeper.

But still we all plant. Everyday we have to endure physical labour to plant this while DKK, DS and DK just sit around and kiaw kah(shake legs). But n'mind still Dua Nao and gang continue to labour.

So when harvest time, DLG took half of the potatoes in his farm claiming he is hungry. The other half he give to his friends DKK, DS and DK. So Dua Nao and his gang only got the potato leaf. But n'mind they boil the leaf to eat.

After the harvest, DLG show his stripes and call everyone to a meeting. There he whack Dua Nao and the gang claiming that they did not work hard enough. So after that Dua Ge Ja Bo, Dua Battoh and Dua Liap went to exile. Left only Dua Nao and Dua Sheng.

So Dua Nao and Dua Sheng have to do all the work. But actually Dua Sheng all the while was involved in another product of the farm which is rearing hamsters.Hard work also lah but he lucky because DLG don't know how to rear hamsters. So actually Dua Nao have to do most of the planting of potatoes.

Then one day, DLG say put new fertiliser. Dua Nao also follow only loh. But then most of the potato shrink. So DLG blame Dua Nao for shrinking the potato. But Dau Nao have good idea. He piss on the farm using his own urine to fertilise the potato. The potato suddenly kembang(expand). So when DLG found out he try to piss on the potato but the potato die but he kept quiet and hide the dead potato. And he become more jelous. His Dark Side of the Force grow so strong that he become Dark Lord of the Sith.

Finally on a faithful day, DLG dig up the dead potato and blame Dua Nao. Dua Nao cannot stand. He also went to exile.


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