Wednesday, December 14, 2005

i just have to write a blog about this. if i dont my head will burst. i actually wanted to post a picture of a smash head but it was too gross, even for me.

today i attended a egm of media prima bhd. heard of it? this egm was to acquire the entire stake of ntv7. yes ntv7, because after some ellaborate restructuring scheme, ntv7 manage to reduce their debts. can you imagine, ntv7 good channel, a lot of people watching it, advertisement every 15 minutes, and they were in the red, can't imagine how was tv3 then. anyway, what i wanted to say was that during the egm, the managing director explain the rationale behind the purpose of the acquisition. saying all the usual crap-lah, increase market share-lah, increase revenue-lah, economic of scale-lah, they forgot monopoly-lah, not really, since there is still astro, they claim astro have about 65% market or something like that.

but what i want to mention is that the buying if ntv7 is all a scheme, a scheme by the govt to shut ntv7 up. you ever notice how bold ntv7 'use' to be, they'll report on almost anything and they will broadcast it without a second thought. but now they seem a little complacent, i havent watch ntv7 siasat for quite some time now, but i wonder whether they have stop their authority busting yet. this is one area we have to watch, cause if they stop catching this corrupted local authorities, then you can say my theory is true.

the monopoly the public mentioned is definetely not about the programmes, but the media coverage. media coverage will definitely be in the favour of the current govt, and if im not mistaken, media prima is link to key govt ministries, so if this is not monopoly, the what, what is left is the indian & chinese print and the star. accidently, media corp singapore's company also own all the tv stations in singapore, name sounds quite a like, wonder if they are connected.

the stars of media prima

Abdul Rahman bin Ahmad - ceo

YBhg Dato' Abdul Mutalib Datuk Seri Mohamed Razak - orang kerusi

orang kerusi actually comes first, but the ceo sounds more convincing.

Shahril Ridza bin Ridzuan - wtf is he smiling abt

wtf is kojak doing here

YBhg Dato' Dr Mohd Shahari bin Ahmad Jabar - orang tua

im not rooting for this guys just want u guys to know these are the people responsible for tv3, ntv7, tv8 and soon q1 2006 tv9.

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