Thursday, December 08, 2005

the great thing about a blog is that you can write any damd thing you like and nobody can fuck you up. maybe can i dont know lah. maybe one day everyone with a blog and have fucked the govt one way or another will spent some 30-60 days in kamunting detention camp. i dont mind lah since i come from taiping, my mother can visit me everyday. but seriously not interested. ok, you ISA guys i play play only ok.

maggi mee, malaysian favourite supper food after roti canai at the mamak, personally with all the flavour, i still like asam laksa and chicken, the only new flavour that can give this two a run for my money would be the tom yam, the rest like duck, lontong, sotong, cendawan, vegetarian, udang, sze chuan, kentang, babi, anjing no good, and this only maggi mee, we havent gone into cintan, mamee, those japanese noodle that cost like 5-7 ringgit, 5-7 ringgit i can eat 10 packets already. that brings me to tonight flavour, my favorite pron artist, yes pron artist, no spelling error, in blog must write like that, "si-man" a bit.

maybe we can have a poll, vote sorry, i company secretary always call poll. we can vote who is the most fav pron star. but a little rules, nobody like rules but just a little bit only, pamela is not a pron star, that one was stolen, ok. home video, no-no, those are for real, we want pron actress that fake orgasm and all that moaning stuff, swallow yum yum, spit yum yum. hidden camera also not qualified, all those budak UUM, UTM, UKM, USM, UM, UTM any other UUU also cannot, this people want to graduate after picture appear in blog, tak jadi, so cannot. this also goes for your girlfriend, wife, auntie, cousin, sister, sister hot friend, brother, brother hot friend, yer gardener, pool boy, courier man, politician this one definitely cannot, after i masuk lokap. so who can, pron actress lah. old school would be chasey lain, asia carrera, briana banks, jenna jameson, chloe jones, devon, kobe thai, sky roberts, tera patrick, traci lord, etc.

my fav girl is severine. she is a hungary babe, appear in the german playboy, so she claim. very hot chick, but strange saw an early audition of her and she sounded more like barking rather than enh enh enh. so how to vote. haha i dont know, i dont know how to put up those click click vote thing, so we have to do it the old fashion way. told you i was a co. sec. you post a comment, i manual count it, end of the day i give a count on who is on the lead. maybe run for a week, than we see who is malaysian most fav pron girl. if nobody vote, than my girl win lah. 1-0.

first of all im no stocking fetish, just that it was hard finding a non nude pic of a pron star. really! u go try find 1 pic of a pron star fully dressed, not from the movielah.


Yoda said...

i vote jenna jameson

dailymuscle said...

My fav is Adrianna Sage