Monday, December 19, 2005

this has got to stop, not only the shit has hit the fence, the fence is completely covered with shit. ear squad incident. now an old story, and soon to be forgotten story. supposingly the pdrm was in the red but now, has manage to turn the story around and now the mp's are fucking up the arses of mr. rocketman and fellow member, suspension or expel from parliament is in the talks now. if mr. rocketman is suspended or worse expel, which i'm sure would be in their best interest, as mr. rocketman is always there in the frontline in parliament attacking and defensing from every direction. i know everybody is comfortable with their own lives, and nobody would want to spent a night or two in jail or worse case scenario, prison or kem tahanan kamunting, i'm just like everybody here in the blog space, writing and commenting, all words no ACTION. we complain, we critize, we condemn, yet we do nothing, people die, people suffer, yet we do nothing, honestly, people of the blog are one very powerful ppl. u press enter and you are connected up to the four corners of the world. lets stop not doing anything, lets get up from our chair, floor, bed, car, room, toilet and march forward, lets start doing something, we can call our self ppl of the blog, rocketman can chair us, or some other Influential blogger. lets not be afraid of our govt, but instead let them be scared of us, we are very powerful and should be a force to reckon with.

the nation was angered by the earsquad incident and they were the scapegoats

proton, just like his brethen, tnb and mas, all having financial problems, just manage to dig deeper into its own grave. proton chancellor, a 2 litre car with a price tag or RM???,???.?? yes it is more expensively than the perdana and it seats four only. at RM138K, yes never thought i'll see so many digits in a proton car. RM138 which stupid mother fucker is going to fork out RM138K for a proton, for RM138K, might as well get a camry 2.0E - RM149K or, honda accord 2.0 vti at RM141K, honda civic 2.0i vtec RM143K, nissan cefiro excimo 20G - 159K, once again our local car producer manage to shoot itself in the foot.

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