Wednesday, December 07, 2005

recently yoda asked me to check out kenny sia's blog, so i went and check it out, and wah lan neh, a league of his ownlah, must be a kind of local superhero lah. must have his camera attached to his hand or what like god of war (ps2), so many pictures, toilet oso got, some more with instructions! how to kencing properly in kuching. wonder he dont mine i take his picture post here or not? oklah why i sound like that, read too many kenny sia articleslah, all the lah keep on lolling out, wat to do i cina mah. ok ok kenny sia is good, no doubt about it. hope he wins the best asian blog.

the only games i ever finished playing in the ps2 was god of war, mercenaries, and the mother of all game gta san andreas.

between the 3, actually god of war was the best, cause you actually feel like the god of war, with the fantastic blades that are attached to his hands, the power, the slashing and the mofo kickass, are simply awesome. i think this will be my game of the year. GOD OF WAR.

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