Tuesday, December 06, 2005

who are this guys ? these guys were the best F1 drivers when i was watching then. those of you that remember, i guess this is the 1985/1986 F1 years. those days they had turbo, as if the cars were not fast enough.
the first guy on the left in all black overall was and still is my F1 champion, this guy had the most no. of pole position ever. even shumi is shy of 1 from him, that is why i guess he has not retired yet. but if you compare over the no. of start and the no. of poles, this guy is way ahead of everyone.
yes this is the legendary aryton senna. this is the only person that won the prestigous monaco grand prix 6 freaking times, he is about the only one that can overtake confidently in monaco, im looking for his dvd on those 1985-1987 F1 races, anyone have them.
second guy on the left is alain prost, senna main rival. he had a F1 team some years back before they called it a day. 3rd guy, nigel mansell, one of the most famous british F1 driver, and a hell of a driver. and the last guy is nelson piquet, the brazilian's son is now racing in A1 as jr.

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