Wednesday, December 07, 2005

i believe most bloggers have read "mas the flying buffet".

if you have not here is a link

  • malaysian will not be shock, angry yes, pissed yes, but never shock, if you are shock you must have been born yesterday. this kind of thing happens all the time in bolehland. that is what malaysia boleh meant. it means in malaysia you can do anything you want with the govt money, because it's the tax payer money, everything also boleh. well then why should we not be 1st in the corruption index, because our ppl here take some and dont take some, the part they take, poof ! david copperfield hilang, the part that is not taken, will be exagerated as a mile stone or malaysia guiness book of record or something like that. fantastico.

    (masuk! masuk! belakang ada manyak tempat lagi)

    what can we do? just like the ear squat incident, nothing. wtf can we do, allegations ? proof ? this is MAS we are talking abt, just like proton, the country illegimate children, the only ppl that have the power to do all this are the employees, mas have 23,000 staff, thats a lot for a loss making company. union strikes, those kind of shit. actually there is something we can do, and that is through epf. i recond epf rakes in about, hmmp.. lets see, i think epf have abt 10 million members, just say we take a low average of RM300.00 per contribution, thats 3 billion buckaroos per month, a year i should have some 36 billion bolehland ringgit. where does all this money goes? any accountability? who the fuck knows.
    i wonder if this is the RM25 meal, give lah nasi lemak, authentic malaysian breakfast, i eat one everyday, goes down well with our teh tarik. cost his RM2 tops. 100% or 200% profit, will not be more than RM10

    u guys watch tv3 (yes i watch free channel, i dont have astro at home, i unsubscribe because always REPEAT, so fed-up, at first like not normal, but after 1 1/2 years, biasalah, still got streamyx & ps2 no problem.) there is a show after the 9pm news on monday, its called bersamamu, if you watch it and think of MAS, Proton, TNB 'problem' it just SUCK big time, my big head have no words for this.

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