Wednesday, December 14, 2005

writing a post was never a problem to me, but when we try too hard to become what we are not, we always f up. so it would be best if we just write what we are good at, and if that is not enough, what can i say, it's me. i'm no drew carey.

year end is coming. news come and go, and many news that ought to have major break through have come and gone. mr. rocketman himself, i dont know where he get his adrenalin push from. but i think he is on a year end break as well, his blog seems to have slowed down as well. no more bashing as much, he is tired as well, who wouldn't be standing all alone maybe with some fellow members, debating when the odds are like some 170 to 1, but the man persist, being called names and all, even animal names, such as primates and even to the extent of being booed and told that his party's logo is outdated. maybe its all for show just like in taiwan, maybe its not. i personally give mr. rocketman himself, my blog of the year. LIM KIT SIANG. i salute you.

news that have come and gone?, lets start with the recent one, and work our way back through the year as my mind start searching for archives in my big fat head. the idiot who told the foreigners to fuck off if you dont like bolehland, ear squat incident, ap scandal, rafidah aziz & naza, mas going bust, lower standards of education, THES, mahathir vs rafidah where is the apology, pengkalan pasir elction, malaysian idol winner, samy vellu's cracking flyover, tsunami victims, rampage developmment by local authorities, custom lavish spending, etc... this list can just go on and on without a fullstop. all this wastage happens because you voted for the wrong govt. i know i voted for the right mp, she rides the rocket as well and lately seems to be appearing on tv. if you only see your mp doing work once every 4-5 years, so please wise up.

i dont know why the fucked he won, but i think he must be the first malaysian idol with no pubic hair

comparing vital stats, khairy: no din mine is not as hard as yer keris, ok. malulah in front of every one here, some more in front of my papa.
malaysian bad boy kicking ass, wtf u looking at
malaysian iron lady with iron tears
dear god dont let the flyover jatuh yet, maybe in two years time after i retired. ps i also hope my hair dont drop down.

what is the similarity between this two ? both were ask to resigned, but refused and claiming only the PM can sack them.

world champion

malaysian champions

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