Tuesday, January 24, 2006

monday is my favourite day. cause it's when all my fav, not fav-lah, but so happen all this nice and interesting tv series seems to pile up next to each other like dominoes. i dont have astro, or i chose not to have astro, i picked broadband over astro, as i rather pay my rm90 for the unlimited www then rm99.95 for the same old shit day in day out. so as i was saying, it starts at 8.30pm after the ntv7 news, i dont watch much news, only big scandals issues, what is with that fat bitch sharifah aini? man she is fat as a oil barrel. anyway, there is this tv series on monday at 8.30pm about a guy that can see the future and past deadzone, i watch it until 9.00pm then i switched camp to tv3 to watch tear jerking bersamamu, this majalah 3 kinda show is real sad to watch, they'll show you widows and widower trying to meet end meets with rm300 a month or less to raise 3-7 children, they'll get someone to cry every week, cause it's really sad, no money and all, if both parents are still alive, then one of them might be handicapped or with some illness incapable to make any financial contribution to the family welfare. then comes one of the saddest part, you are shown what they have for lunch and dinner, yes this ppl eat 2 square meals a day only, cause they cant afford it. what do they eat ? rice with some strings of veggie, no meat, eggs sometimes, then some curry looking thing. do watch it sometime if you have not, then u would realised how lucky we are all are eating 5 meals a day, fussy about the food we eat, not tasty enough or whatever. i'm not asking you to help them, just watch it for a week. what you do after you watch it? go read all those corrupted news our govt produce every day and pause and wonder. if you dont feel like torching putrajaya down, you have no soul. there we have millions being squander and how much allocation is being given to them. even money allocated for this poor ppl are used for their own leisure. do you know much this poor ppl get as living allowance from our beloved govt, rm50-200 max. nothing more. irrelavant of race and religion, maybe if you are islam, then maybe the local islam authority will help out but that is only small amount, even non muslim org does that for their own ppl. but why cant the govt give a more reasonable amout. you know and i know. it's sickening to think about this. just watch bersamamu on tv3 at 9.00pm after the news on monday night.

as i was saying, monday being my tv day, at 9.30pm, switch to 8tv and it is lost. lost is interetsing and full of surprise every week. it's like fantasy island, robinson crusoe, gilligan island all mix into 1 combo, by 10.30pm we have ncis, jethrol the main man, jethrol is avery cool name, wanted to name my son jethrol, but chose something instead. this week kate died, poor thing, started to like her. i prefer this to csi or csi miami, there is always a twist to it, unlike csi same old shit. and csi miami ever guessing horatio, is he half jap? then sometime ago they had pillow talk and ended with david letterman. that's why i like monday.


Anonymous said...

I just happen to be here... anyway I think Bersamamu exaggerates too much. I've relatives and friends who live in the jungle wearing the same pair of baju and seluar for a week and still able to feed off the natural resources of the jungle. For some in that programme live in the middle of a village / jungle area just give up their lives like that. I know it's easy to say about these things but you know, some people just don't try at all. Perhaps I'm pissed getting cheated once or twice by these "poor people". So I get cheated, I'd say... fuck.

ducky said...

well different ppl have different view, but i do agree with you that some of these ppl gave up too easily on their life, and cheated by this "poor ppl", that is unfortunate, i used to donate to those ppl that claim to be from charity org long time ago, but nowadays, i dont anymore, dont even know if they are actually poor ppl. come to think of it this ppl that pretend to be poor should be convicted as a criminal like a con artist, and their sentence should be heavier since they gave an impression that they were poor but are not actual and they are fucking with the public trust . if this is not national interest i dont know what is.

Yoda said...

i would like to comment but i dont want to be drawn in to a morality vs politics in the hardcore poor episode. i therefore comment on something which is not subjective and hence wont attract counter comments by you.
Horatio? it is an English name. In one of shakespear's book.

ducky said...

any comment from you would definitely attract a counter comment from me. since when you read shakespear ? i tried to read shakespear cant even get passed 1 paragraph. lets see, horatio in shakespear, lets see, google search..... i see horatio is hamlet's friend,

"Horatio, thou art e'en as just a man/As e'er my conversation cop'd withal" (III.ii.56-7). blah blah blah.

Horatio is our harbinger of truth and Hamlet's one true confidant"

you understand that yoda ? i didnt take my 1119, how about this

If thou art privy to thy country's fate...
O, speak!
Or if thou hast uphoarded in thy life
Extorted treasure in the womb of earth...
Speak of it, stay and speak! (I.i.133-9)

all taken fron shakespear-online.

Yoda said...

Tis' thy KGV bible english language. Dost thou knowst it? Thee shalt not counter comment on thy master! Or thy master shalt strike you down with a counter-counter comment. Fear when my vengeance cometh!......And yes,i dont read shakespear. Who the fuck is hamlet? beats the shit out of me. I am stll struggling trying to read up on FACTS and REAL RESEARCH and would not waste time reading fictional stories written by someone ages ago in funny language.

ducky said...

wtf is the kgv bible? kjv yes, kgv why not go for kgb then. hamlet my dear watson is the dude that let-out hamster. ham(hamlet)-let(let-out). read-up on facts and research sounds more like checking out malaysia today and reading harakah. i cant talk with words ending with th, but ill try. thou shall not fear-th thy master-th, as thou am thy own master-th, and if thou shall strike-th thee down
with counter-th commenth, thy shall fucketh thee in thy ass till thy flowerth bloometh.