Saturday, January 07, 2006

my first post on 80s tv series was until 40, then my second started on 31 and ended on 60 it should have been 41 to 70, so today is
71. quantum leap - thanks for reminding me yoda, mr. scott bakula, the only thing i remember abt the show is that he fucked a new chick in each episode. quantum leap reminds me of another time travel show.
72. voyagers - a kid in stripe shirt and a man in a brown vest travelling through time to correct history. Jon-Erik Hexum that played Phineas Bogg died in 1984.

73. another time travel show - this one is a 60s "time travel"
74. more recent one - is sliders with jerry o'connell, oops this is a 90s show.
75. jerry was also in - my secret identity
76. a happy days spin off - joanie loves chachi, scott baio was also in charles in charge
77. the a-team - a bunch of grown up still playing with guns and drives around in a van.
78. miami vice - this show define the 80s with playboy don johnson
79. the roots - remember kunta kinte?
80. the professionals
81. the equalizer
82. police woman - angie dickson
83. alf - the very annoying brown puppet alien

84. my fav martian - another bill bixby show
85. starman
86. max headroom - was this before mtv ?
87. jennifer slept here - a very beautiful ann jilian then
88. out of this world - i did not remember until i saw this picture.

89. space 1999
90. lost in space
91. midnight caller - gary cole, not midget guy gary coleman, was also in american gothic which was axed due to moral issues.
92. seindfield - funny show i heard but somehow i did not watch it.
93. moonlighting - chybil sheppard and action man bruce willis, theme song by al jarreau
94. roseanne - supersize parents roseanne barr and john goodman

95. mr. belvedere - the british butler that can give florence of the jeffersons a run for her money.
96. kids show - small wonder &
97. punky brewster
soap opera i remember other than those earlier mentioned
98. st elsewhere
99. terms of endearment
100. general hospital
101. the bold and beautiful - after 20 years is still running
102 cagney and lacey
103. kate and allie
104. laverne & shelley
105. remington steel - ah mr. bond pierce brosnan

106. smurf - the little blue thing
107. hart to hart - robert wagner and stephanie powers
108. murphy brown - sarcastic candice bergman
109. beverly hills 90210 - i think this is early 90s.
110. trapper john md - before scrubs, doctor doctor and becker
111. dear john - judd hirsh
112. man from atlantis - man got webs on his hands, patrick duffy from dallas

113. another one - manimal, man changes into animals, i guess this was during american werewolf in london ?
114. head of the class
mini series
115. 80s no. 1 mini series - thornbirds, richard chamberlain and rachel ward, fuck fuck fuck thats all i can remember.
116. shogun - richard but this time fucking a jap
117. north & south - american civil war yankees vs confederate
118. winds of war
119. lace - hot phoebe cates

120. twin peaks - another sex sex sex, very hot chicks,

to be continue... i hope

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