Tuesday, January 10, 2006

"kalau tak suka boleh blah"

"you're fired"

i think noh omar has shot himself into super stardom since his infamous comment about get the fuck out of this country if you dont fucking like it. he should actually trademark it, just like donald trump, you're fired. he can even host malaysia new game show "kalau tak suka boleh blah".
this new game show is strictly for foreigners only, illegal foreigners are encourage to participate in this new game show, as it would increase the excitement of being thrown out of the country by noh omar himself.

suitable candidates preferable malay chicks that are fair and look like a chinese national with experience in doing nude ear squat would be advantages. the reason for this being in the even that your team has lost the challenge and from being eliminated, you change your race to a malay and you would be save until the next challange come about. location would definitely be at the spa that he frequent. did i mentioned only female foreigners are allowed to participate. malaysian need not apply.

winner of the show would be noh omar's "thou thai" for a year where she will learn the finer points of doing nude ear squat with one leg of course without being spyed, a salary of RM7,250.00 a day paid by mas, and how to lie stupidly to the press and the pm for all that is matter, and of course how to utter the magic word properly "kalau tak suka boleh blah"

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Yoda said...

Actually, Donald Trump could say "you're fired" any which way he wants and still nobody feel that he crossed the line.

The difference being DT is paying the participants to work for him.

While we are paying Noh Omar so he could come and tell us to blah. Talk about Noh Omar not having a locus standi to excuse his alleged slip up.