Tuesday, January 10, 2006

today is a holiday so we should leave the heavy politicking behind and have a couple of laugh. i remember some idiots either in the govt or private sector claim that we have too many holidays in malaysia, and that we should limit our holiday days! with islam being the no. 1 religion in the country, all the holidays related to this religion is a definite must, i believe we have about 12-14 public holidays (whole malaysia) lets see:
1. hari raya - 2 days
2. chinese new year - 2 years
3. deepavali - 1 day
4. christmas - 1 day
5. wesak - 1 day
6. new year - 1 day
7. national day - 1 day
8. labour day - 1 day
9. agong birthday - 1 day
10. nuzul quaran - 1 day
11. today - 1 day
12. each state sultan birthdat or similar day - 1 day
so there is 14 days, i did this without looking at the calendar, i guess if you live in malaysia for more than 30 years or so you would remember.
want to reduce the no. of days ?
1. chinese new year of course - mca wont even bitch a word, cant bite the hand that feed you can you, so it's only up to rocketman and co, but without any support from the malaysian chinese public cny will be left with 1 day.
2. wesak - buddhist mca once again will just shut the fuck up, cant bark, mic, was lol on the reduction of cny 1 day, but now equally upset for losing wesak as well, since mic old man has been lobbying for thaipusam to be national holiday.
3. labour day - factory owners wil be overjoy, govt reason ? most factory workers are foreigner so foreigners dont have to enjoy holiday in malaysia "kalau tak suka boleh blah" govt dont like these foreigners loiterring around klcc.
4. christmas - what do you expect, this is a islamic state "malaysia negara islam, kalau tak suka, boleh keluar negeri"
5. deepavali - no christmas no deepavali, is a hint for mic old man to retire, you know the old joke of luxury cars, german built the mercedes, malays sell them, chinese buy them and of course old man samy washes them. minority race together with the lain-lain.
so by reducing 5 days, our country will be more productive in whatever fucking way i have no fucking idea about !


tomatoinc said...

unnecessary racist post. maybe it's sarcastic, but still unnecessary.

ducky said...

somehow i dont see it from being racist, gosh im a racist now, maybe i am. yes i am. thank you for pointing it out, i thought it was funny, maybe to me only. but if the govt actually need to axe just 1 day from our calendar it have to be cny, they'll compare that since indian only need 1 day to celebrate deepavali and no days to celebrate their other festival, the chinese dont need 2 days, it is after all, the eve for the dinner and the 1st day for the respecting elders. what say you ?

decypher said...

hmm, i like holidays. it's a good excuse to stay in bed till lunchtime. :|

actually what i don't like about holidays is the traffic jam in town. people will be flowing in and out of the place in large numbers. it does help the economy a little, but damn sien need to waittttt...

i'm the impatient malaysian. :|

ducky said...

ya holiday especially the long ones = increase in death rate + traffic jam on highway. few theories for the death rate though.
1. cars are cheaper
2. since 1 above more ppl drive, whether competent or not is another story.
3. highways make drivers less skillful in terms of estimation when driving on trunk road.
4. increase in cost of public transportation resulting in more ppl owning owning vehicles which go back to no. 2.
5. lack of enforcement
6. idiot drivers on the road which is the result of 1 & 2.
7. increase in corruption which resulted 1,2,5 & 6.
8. massive development shrink the trunk roads
9. which leads to flooding and land erosion and finally
10. our national tin can cars.

Yoda said...

The more holidays, the better for the economy. Actually was expecting the govt to give more holidays. if the govt owns more leisure businesses, i think they would give more holidays as opposed to them owning more factories. When i say own i really mean directly and "indirectly".

But on a less serious note and more racist note, would the govt who is "taking care" of the malays want to have less holidays?

ducky said...

i see again, the "hwa na" as usual tumpang kaya again. so at the end is still we the yellow buggers feeding "them" with money and more holidays. i like holiday all the same thanks to our multi cultural race every freaking race deman the right to their respective religious holiday, if the govt did not provide 1, then they approve themself lah, like "cheng beng" and "chap go meh". 1 day missing though, TAR memorial day. after all he is bapa kemerdekaan, but personally it should have been a day for onn jaafar being umno founder, imagine umno dont even respecting their founder member, maybe post something on onn jaafar, i think jeff ooi wrote something on him 2 years ago. anyway cny this year is a week holiday again.

Yoda said...

Technically Onn Jaafar and TAR are not UMNO(Baru) members. They refuse membership when TM made UMNO illegal sometime in 85 or 86.

Therefore don't expext any TAR or OJ day soon. It would seem as likely as a Lim Kit Siang day.

Better bet would be TARazak or TM day.