Tuesday, January 17, 2006

i'm not sure how many ppl actually reads malaysia today's chronicles of khairy. i read it for the fun of it though, not to be taken too seriously, just like harakah. we make our own opinion. one thing i'm quite sure that bother us the most is that the writer writes it as if he was right there smack in the centre of conversation like the invisible man. every part of the conversation is write up to the very detail. who knows maybe he is the invisible man. and the comments ? ppl that are very disgruntle abt everything, given that those comments were in screenshot, the most influential blogger would have f them up till their mother also cannot recognize their own faces.

one thing made me wonder though, if all the politicians are corrupted and are only interested in fattening their own bank account. who is actually looking after us? are we looking after ourself then? if that is the case then why bother to have a general election, all the wastage of hard earn tax payer money is use to roll out their election machinery, sound like one of those float on parade. why bother, it's all fixed, they know the numbers, who is going to win, who is going to lose, it's not a election, it's just a big show, just like a boxing match, the winner bag the big purse, and the loser a lesser bag. there are no real losers, the real losers are we the citizens, we believed them, believed in their empty promises of universities, public roads, housing, water, etc.

personally i dont really care if they lied to me cause, we know better. it's the folks at the kampung, the natives of the land, the ppl that are really poor, lack in basic infractures that actually need all this help, so as usual every 4-5 years when the electoral machine is moving again, they'll roll down to the villages and somewhere in the forest, to offer empty promises again, and yet they bag the fish again, why? after god knows how many years, why do these ppl still fall for the same bag of tricks, maybe they have nothing to lose, all this pampering during election time might be the only luxury in life they receive in their life. like the chinese saying "yau tak sek moy sai"

so where does this put us? the ordinary folks like you and me, our parents did not leave us a big fat trust fund, no, we had to work, during school holidays, during college breaks, then we join the work force at the bottom feed, work our way to the most top that we can reach, a manager the most.how old are we then? at the same time we got our gf bloated up, and we had a shotgun wedding to the disapproval from both side of the parents, we have kids, we are not ready, so we spent more time at work, get home, wife scream at us for not doing our part, kids crying at the back ground, temper heated up you called her a bitch, she slaped you, you upper cut her. she fall downs and ask you to get the fuck out of the house, so you limp out of the house, all frustrated, you head towards the nearest bar you can find, call some colleagues, but to no avail, so you down that guiness to the last drop all by your self, had a couple you say, soon you are drunk as a toddler learning to walk. keys in your hand, you find your car, thinking you are racing kimi on the race track, you blast pass two red lights and was going to light speed when you collided head on with a trailer, your tin can crushed like a papaya, you have reach light speed, light speed into the oblivion of no return. the cops call your house at 2am, your wife picked up the phone with 1 hand carrying your baby, after listening to what the other end have to say, she dropped the phone, sat down motionless, the baby start to cry, she look at the baby, she tried to comfort the baby, but no words came out of her lips, the baby cried louder, she look at the baby again, said she was sorry, she walked to the balcony and jump down baby in hand, 21 floors altogether, mother and child float to oblivion as well. so what does this have to do with anything ? i dont know, i wrote this in a somewhat unconscious mind, my mind lead my hand, my hand just type it out without actually thingking, is that possible? i dont really know how to describe it, like a dream, some things are somewhat blurred or forgotten. happy blogging.


Yoda said...

So all we need now is to put some tunes to it and we will have a new Eminem hit!

ducky said...

hmm, maybe my split personality is eminem, maybe i should email lyric this for his next single title "tin can killed my family"