Monday, January 09, 2006

after waiching 2 and a half men i recall another show by jon cryer
121. the famous teddy z
122. i think i forget V mini series
123. murder she wrote - old lady angela lansbury
124. paper chase - law student show

125. the rookies - cop show i think
126. mission impossible - need no intro
127. hawaii 5'o

128. 3-2-1 contact - kids science show
129. double dare - kids game show
130. captain power and the soldier of fortunes - remember the show has red shining light you can shoot at if you purchase somekind of gun ?
131. tales from the crypt
132. twilight zone
133. alfred hitchcock - man has similarity with old man in paper chase or was it winston churchill

maybe not
134. beauty and the beast - ms terminator linda hamilton and giant ron perlman
135. code red - before backdraft and third watch
136. peyton place - this one is old, i remember my mum fav
137. superboy

that chick is stacy haiduk
138. just the ten of us - high school coach with a bunch of kids
139. benson
140. are you being served - british comedy
there was quite a number of british comedy then, have to korek.
141. the hogan family
142. seven brides for seven brothers

looks more like a gangbang to me
143. archie bunker place
144. boston common - this is a 90s as well, anthony clark as in yes dear
145. alien nation - this is many years after V.
146. adam's family
147. supergran !
148. sapphire and steel - ring a ring a roses, a pocket full of roses...
149. spiderman - parker stevenson as the spiderman
puppet shows, yes those string puppet with big heads and small body
150. thunderbirds

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