Wednesday, January 25, 2006

before i had any kids, i dislike kids, to me they are noisy and irritating, they dont listen and they sure dont give a damn to what you say. its play play play, nothing else, maybe occasional pitstop to release and reload, just like the formula 1, 7s pitstop. today after having 2 kids of my own, i still dont like kids other than mine. if its not mine, its not my problem, let their own parents take care of them.

but occasionaly when you received emails on pictures of kids that died of freak accident or abuse, you feel that too, cause you have some at home, and you would not want anything to happen to them as well. all of a sudden you feel touch, but unfortunately its that moment only. which brings me to this, all this war in iraq and i really dont give a shit, ppl die, kids die, i mean they are only words writtenn paper, you dont feel it, until you encounter the picture for yourself, and that old feeling start to crawl back to you again, but this time it lingers on longer, and you realised any war on any countries, tribe or class or ppl are wrong, because these pictures.....

i feel lousy, feel like throwing up as well, this pictures are really gross, but the fact are they are real, from the war in vietnam till the war in iraq, innocent ppl continue to die because some leaders in this world felt that making money from selling arms is more important than saving innocent lives because they are not his citizens therefore it is not his problem. look how similar my first paragraph and this paragraph is. i'm only a nobody and this is a leader of a nation, and yet we share a similiar trade, we dont give a damn for what is not our problem. thats the problem, we dont care, if i dont care, who else is going to care.

maybe i'll take down the first picture of the capitated head down.

all i want to say is that we should try to be more caring, cause it all starts with us, the more we care, the more ppl will care back for us and for others, because we now live in a world where 20 wrong is still right as long as it is a normal practice, thats all.

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