Saturday, May 13, 2006

Bat eye lid lah.....

Close one eye lah = Bat eye lid lah.

seriusly, this is the true and intentioned meaning of close one eye recently re popularise by our govt players.

So when the mp asked the customs guy to close one eye, he meant to say that he wants the customs guy to make the first move on him so that they could go get a room. If the MP really would like the customs guy to not see his illegal timbers, he would have asked the custom guy to close both eyes instead of bating the eye lid which would have the above meaning.

on the other matter of MP's voting against their conscience as instructed by AAB,

are we being misled? (again!) what is the conscience that BN MP's had before they can go against it? If the BN MP's have any conscience, they would have voted the whole cabinet to be investigated by ACA. That has never been done. Why has this isolated case of shahir suddenly having a conscience to vote against his party generate so much interest? Why has he not take the next step and move a motion to refer the cabinet to be investigated by ACA? Does his conscience stop after the targetting of the one MP mentioned above.

But seriously, even if the MP's start to do something, AAB wouldnt be in any danger. All he need to do is to 'close one eye' to the police, ACA, army, rakan muda, etc. Nothing could stop him. It is the system. The system that was perfected by the Tun and inherited by AAB which, with corruption at its core, preemptively excluded righteousness, justice and conscience.

Why are we still suprised by what is happening? are we not numb to the scandals of our politician?

I for one wouldnt be suprised if AAB would one day appear in TV to advice all the rakyat to CLOSE ONE EYE to their dealings.

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