Tuesday, May 16, 2006

thailand baccarat

damn, tidak boleh dielak tag me. do it some other time lah.

the thought of gambling suddenly hit my head. and the first game that came to my mind was baccarat ala thai which i played with my penang friends many a years ago.

basic rules of baccarat apply, just that there are more double, triples & fiveples (5 times). i dont really remember all the doubles and triples, but let me try.

a pair is a sure double.
a three of a kind of course pays triple then.
2 cards with the same bunga also double
3 cards with the same bunga pays triple.
an ace with some face cards pays triple or 5 times i think.

the beauty of this pay out system was when you are holding 2 cards that only adds up to 4 but is consist of a pair of 2s or a ace and a 3 of the same bunga, you will be tempted not to take the 3rd card since you are holding double pay cards ! but the best cards to hold are tens and face cards of the same bunga, then you hope your third card is also of the same bunga, doesnt matter if it was only pukul 1 or 2 or 3, its triple if the "chonker" got "khong tiam" which is very common in baccarat.

right or not jimmy ?


Inevitable said...

Ei? baccarat woh. I thought baccarat is the simplest game aside from 'big/small'. You only get to 'buy' the banker or player or draw, no?

ducky said...

that one you play at the casino lah brader ! 1 for 1 or 8 for 1 if draw. this one thai style, of course lah with twist. go try 1 round with your kaki, sure shiok wan !

angel said...

Puak Kiau Kui... :P