Saturday, May 27, 2006


In the spirit of bashing and at the request of ducky........

There are some people that i know(not in real life but through this blog), does not understand Malaysian politics to the point of being suprised by seemingly illogical decisions made by the govt. Because...well, they should be. Malaysia has a very unique system of politics. Unique as a whole, but yet each individual 'episode' in it seems strikingly similiar to the politickings of govt in different country and eras. I hyphotesise that BN draws inspiration from these govt. Lets look at the one of the current issue to see if it fits in to my hypothesis.

The ban on the movie Lelaki Komunis Terakhir

Without going into the reasons or the pros and cons of banning the movie, lets us look at the politicking process of how this movie got banned. Or rather the 'final say' and to whom this important responsibility rests on. The Umno Supreme Council. They are "empowered" to make decisions which is related to communist and the communist propoganda it seems.

As far as i know, this is unique. That is to say that this is unprecedented in any democratic and capitalist govt. The only other govt that has such procedures is the Communist(suprised?) govt themself.

In a communist govt, the top decision making body are the communist party themselves. But if the matter is of the highest importantance, only the inner circle of the communist party, the Politburo or the political bureau of the communist party, can decide on the said matters.

And so, the process of banning the film should be understood (ironically) as the Politburo of the ruling party, to decide on the fate of the film which was claimed to contain communist propoganda. And this really begs the question of whether the screening of the film for the MPs had so effectively made our MP's absorb the communist propoganda so as to adopt the communist type of governance(Politburo).

Umno Supreme Council = Communist Politburo


Anonymous said...

Well, I agree with you, but I think there's a more serious issue than Lelaki Komunis terakhir film.

The issue is we're ignoring US sanctions and going ahead with funding Palestines. (Wrote about it in my blog)

We're going to be funding Hamas, one way or another and this is BAD.

I am worried about the economic repercussions that will result from this should the Americans retaliate against Malaysia.

I feel that the PM is irresponsible and I think he should resign.

angel said...

Apkniah, wa hor lu 'homework' cho...

ducky said...

yoda, your post has become more and more, what is that word, emm tarak paham.
so you are saying the gamen are komunis ? that is why they ban the film, as the film is actually abt them, is it ?

Yodaddy said...

was trying to show the similiarities between the communist govt and our govt.

not that BN are communist, but rather in some ways they are unlike other democratic countries and that they choose to follow the procedures of communist govt.

Given the capitalist nature of umnoputras, they are the furthest away from wanting communist idealogy to influence the rakyat.(if not all their ill gotten wealth would be nationalised)

Actually what i am trying to show is that the Umno supreme council was not voted by the rakyat but by umno division heads. Hence, the only way that they could be conferred power is through communist like authority, the politburo.