Tuesday, May 23, 2006

this should not be the way

you know for ppl that like gamen bashing occasionally, shouldnt take what other bloggers write too seriously. while i was in a world of my own, posting pictures of a 11 year old, blogger MENJ seems to be waging some sort of war with malaysian bloggers. as i seldom read menj scribblings, which i find most of the time boring and non entertainting, i missed out on the whole fiasco thing, until yoda told me. so i wandered into myasylum, then to desiderata. as i scrool down his scribblings as well, i saw this...

oh my fucking god, there is some kind of petition or protest written to the PM of malaysia of this menj's scribblings. and its signed by some fellow bloggers. what the fuck is wrong with you ppl ? (i sense vincent clicking the fcomment button). yes i dont know what he wrote. it might be inciteful as mentioned, but a letter to the PM ? are you guys nuts, have you slept through it ? what good of an outcome is going to come from that ? you think the PM department is going to shut him down ? what if the PM department take all this as a good example that PPS need to be moderated by the freaking PM department. soon all those who wishes to pinged their post need to register with the PM department. and all post would be moderated before being allowed to be pinged. then we will all be screwed, just because a handful of ppl think that menj is inciteful.

its his blardy blog, he can write any damn thing he pleases, if you dont like it, you fuck him kau-kau in the comments. then if he got balls, he'll reply. so what if he blocked of his blog and you cannot comment anymore, its his right. i dont actually like this mf, but at the end of the day, it's his word and his word alone. there are no loser and winners, just thought provoking ideas. if there were no blogs, everybody would just write all this stuff in their diaries or try the local dailies.

common lah, one of the best thing ever created in the internet was the blog. and without blogs, we would all still be reading local dailies. now we have alternative sources, please dont fuck this up for the rest of us who dont give 2 fuck to menj.


Yodaddy said...

if he only do it at his blog then it is ok. but he had to do it on some forum. he is as dangerous as the muslim terrorist in al qaeda. left alone he might muster some sort of militant terrorist organisation. then he would really put his thoughts to action.

Yodaddy said...

actually the govt wont do a thing because menj is their kind of asshole.

It actually goes both ways, if the govt dont take action, it can be viewed as some sort of precedent for freedom to say whatever you want.

but most probably, the govt would take this as an excuse to shut those opposing them while leaving menj alone.

take the example from the local dailies, when the utusan and berita harian say racist remarks, they are never cautioned by the govt. but when other (english/chines/tamil) newspaper just hint at something like racist remarks, they would get hantam by the govt.

walski69 said...

yodaddy - MENJ may be a lot of things (rude, beligerant, intollerant, etc.), but DANGEROUS in the real sense? Naaah... I don't think so.

As for the Govt shutting those that oppose MENJ? I think if you've read some of his posts belittling those in government - in fact insulting them, you may reconsider...

I don't know if you can access this link or not, but here is an example.

No prize for guessing who Mr. Jellyfish is...

As I've mentioned many times in many places, the best thing to do is ignore the dude. Not having an audience can be therapeutic in his case.

Yodaddy said...

walski69 - i am gonna do an akmal abdullah here....i have never read menj, but i find it distasteful nonetheless.

just kidding. i have actually read some of menj's stuffs. i can agree that he is all the above (rude etc) but so am i, and the dangerous part i confer on him because he is a, i believe, fundamentalist or something along the line of a fundamentalist.

You, me and perhaps everyone believe he has no guts, but what if he decides to really walk the talk?

ducky said...

forum ? that wan i didnt know lah.

dangerous ? i dont know him to be able to comment on that.

that is what i'm actually afraid of the govt might do, shutting and censoring pps. as i believe the gamen is just waiting for such excuses to tell the public, that such inciteful articles are a threat to national security and then pps will be monitored by some local agency. that is not to say some gamen blokes are already doing it, but just it will get more attention to it. then i might not have the balls to post any gamen bashing.

i think desiderata is taking this thing too personal, or maybe there is an alternative motive to this, like some nobel prize award?

and now he needs to be "persuaded" by sufficient and strong "grounds" to discontnue his Initiative.

like a gun to his head or his balls at the drawers ?

Inevitable said...

tiu, the site for blocked in my company...

Anonymous said...

i don't agree with you yodaddy... why do you give a damn, don't give a fuck. I don't because of your stupid action, all other fellow bloggers have to bear the
consequences. use you head fellow

ducky said...

uh, inevitable & anom you guys english very deep lah, i tarak paham at all.

vincent said...

Ahh...the typical Malaysian.

Complain about the gomen, very clever. But you have the power to act on something, very reluctant.

Yodaddy said...

anon - i dont understand by your 'consequence' that other bloggers have to bear.

vincent - the BN govt is too corupt and too mediocre to deserve anything less than bashing. If this hurts your feeling somewhat, please take what we say here with a pinch of salt. But i have to ask this question to you, does the govt deserve anything other than bashing?

vincent said...

I do not know any government anywhere in the world that doesn't deserve a bashing over some issues.

Of course they screw up in many areas, yet there are A LOT MORE areas which they have performed marvellously well, yet do not get any credit for. EVERYBODY bashed the National Service scheme when it was proposed. Now that it has turned out a success (every teenager I know who went for NS and came back gave it a big thumbs up), I don't see anybody retracting their words.

What angers me most about a lot of Malaysians is that they will bash the government till wits end, but when they do do something right, you fail to acknowledge it. And most of the time, it is not that they are doing something wrong, it is just that people like you are too unreasonable (fuel hike, anybody?) That, I CANNOT accept.

ducky said...

yes apparently we only tend to see what pleases us. maybe because when the gamen is doing right, we feel it is their obligation and duty to do it right. not other wise.

i begin to see the light of this, we seem to bash them only, never praising them when they do good.

maybe i'll write a post on the good stuff that the gamen did, let me see......nope can't of any fucking thing.

continue bashing.

Yodaddy said...

vincent - your point of view is suprising. at least to me. reason being, the BN govt didnt get to their position that they are now at, on charity. We the rakyat paid them, not only on their salary, but also through their corruption and nepotism. They profited alot from us but yet, they are only doing a mediocre job, at best. sure now and again, they would build some schools or hospitals here and there, should i praise them for it? hell no. Not with the contractors who built it pays kick back to BN for the presumably non tendered project.

But nevertheless we are dying to give them credit for any job well done. like..the bridge?
yeah great work BN. dont build a bridge to some country where they refuse to buy sands from us. nevermind the fact that this goes directly to your pocket!

Fuel hike? Good job BN! why is everybody enjoying the riches and benefits that comes with the country having abundant natural resources like malaysia? lets make us pay more like foreign countries where they import petrol. Please divert all this to petronas, where nobody has the right other than the PM, to see where the money goes.

Any more credit to the govt, ducky? should we start a satirical style of post?

But seriously vincent, if there are any, please let us know if there are any thing that BN govt does that deserve credit. But if it makes you happy, take this as one of our bashing the govt (undeservedly, according to you) type of post/comment.

ducky said...

so yoda, shall i start insulting everyone that agrees with vincent and then blocked off my blog, and let them write a petition of some sort to the PM to demand a apology ? hahahahahaha

Ah Pek said...

i a mild mannered old man, i don't like bashing people. i like fucking them more.