Sunday, May 07, 2006

battlestar galactica

ok, this post finally has to come out. cant keep it lock up in the closet forever.

battlestar galactica. the new and the old, which is better ? of course the new one since i guess nobody can remember the old wan. i've downloaded both season of battlestar and have finished watching both season. and my verdict was it is very good until that last episode, where everything just skipped to a year later, with dr. baltar as the president and the colonies settling in new caprica. but the ending of cylon finding them again sure gets ppl anxiously for the 3rd season.

i googled some pictures and lets do some comparison.

sgt. jolly, boomer, sheba , adama, athena , apollo, cassiopeia , starbucks

dr baltar, No. 6, col. tigh, president, adama, apollo, chief, boomer, starbucks.

i think the old costume was much more futuristic

one question though, other than Petty Officer 2nd Dualla, where are all the black ppl ?

the fat and the slim dr. baltar

sharon the boomer beats old boomer anything, the new boomer pictures can also be found in maxim

i think old apollo & starbucks are better than the new guys, there is one hot shot they left out, lt. zac played by singer rick springfield

the old galactica wasnt shot of leng lui at all compared to the new one with sex bomb tricia helfer & grace park. lets see they had

but now we have

sexy grace park

& tricia helfer

i'm not sure weather you were as dumb as me, but i didnt put my 1+1=2 cap together, all this while he look so damn familiar but cannot put a picture together.

i didnt realised richard hatch that played tom zarek in the
new battlestar galactica was apllo in the old one ! silly me.

and lastly, how could we have forgotten this fellows.

the old cyclon and the new cyclon


Yodaddy said...

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see how difficult it is to comment on this sort of post! errr....good series...great great...end of comment on this post.

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Sooo....getting any lately?

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What the fuck you writing about? even me, the nothing to do type of person havent seen this show ( gonna get the DVD from you later) imagine that the genius also not yet see, how you suppose any tom,dick,harry and angel to have seen this show?

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ducky said...

ooi, it is shown on astro and the free tv lah, but till which season i dont know lah. by the way i now have malcolm season 1-4, lost season 2 (incomplete) as it is an on going show, las vegas season 1 & of course lots of movies.

Yodaddy said...

ok got your point, great post. when can i get my hands on your collection

angel said...


oi, where's my SATC series??

ducky said...

why not 11/05/06 nite ? then ? i think i might no be in kl for the long weekend.

satc series ? cannot find good seeders ? and when found, the files are in a mess, no mentioned of season 1, etc, must be patient. ban ban lai. you want malcolm ?

angel said...

no season 1? *sigh*

malcolm? nahh...i dont folo this sitcom...

...continues to be patient...