Monday, May 15, 2006

only dumb mother fuckers believe in bomohs

whenever i hear that ppl got duped by bomohs, i cannot feel sorry for the victims, because the victims themself are stupid enough to believe in such mumbo jumbo crap.

it would be easy to believe, that ppl that got con into this bomoh thing are kampung ppl, but with lack of job opportunity in the desa, kampung folks young and old has been flocking to the big cities to such for fame and fortunes. but when disaster strikes, they either look for relatives if they have any or something that are similiar to their kampung surrounding, bomohs.

but many of this victims are city ppl, ppl with some education understanding, how they got duped is beyond my comprehension. but one thing i'm sure, is that this ppl are weak minded fools. ppl that are easily trciked to believe what they see and hear. and of course they are greedy.

to believe a bomoh can cure you by fucking you, is simply ridicolous, and furthermore, you need to pay the bomoh for fucking you as well ! you have to be a complete retard or jackass or a stupid son of a bitch to actually believe these bomohs have devine powers to cure your ailments and sufferings.

2nd dumb asses are ppl that believe the bomohs can make them rich. either by giving them some money or the usual cock and bull story of wrapping stones in a black cloth and only can be open after xx days. money does not appear from thin air. you either you work for it or take it by force (rob) or willingly (bomoh) from ppl.

come to think of it, being a bomoh, is quite lucrative. you get to have a threesome with the mother and daughter (of legal age of course !). and you make lots of money conning weak minded fools. and you dont pay a single cent in taxes.

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