Sunday, May 21, 2006

sunday scribblings

this weekeend i balik kampung for my ah ma 85th birthday. her mama before her hit 100++ before calling it her day in 2002, but the funny thing was on her tombstone, year born was 190?(something), i mean if you were 100++ years old, you should have been born 1899 or before. anyway since there was nothing much to do in taiping, i read the papers.

remember our malaysian astronauts ? those 4 lucky bastards are in russia right now doing whatever astronauts do. and the cost ? usd25 million. and we are paying them by contra-ing some migs we bought from them.

dap field day in sarawak, 6 seats. i didnt read anything from dap side on the paper. all on bn shock defeat. i dont live in sarawak, co i cant know for sure how it is there. maybe we can ask kennysia. oops forgot he said he is reporting neutral on his site, since he so popular and all.

1 thing i cant stand in taiping, is the drivers, on the traffic light, they engage a gear on green light, so it will take at least 5 second after green appear before they move. and further more, it looks like they engage 2nd gear instead of 1st gear on start from the turtle like movement.

i know ppl are upset and all abt iraqi/afghan soldiers being mistreated in guatanamo. i seems to have a different view on this. since the US are more canggih and all, so they recorded this thing for fun or whatever and someone got hold of this recording and showed the world. on the other hand the iraqi/afghan brethen might be doing the same thing, but since they are not so dumb ass, as to make a recording of their illegal doing, there is little proof of this. and further more, i dont understand why ppl are being upset over some prisoners being locked up and being treated badly. you should know that this prisoners are different from those prisoners like in prison-break, this are like prisoners of war (pow). and all of us has seen war movies before, where the pow are beaten till they puke blood to extract vital information from them. i mean this is all normal mah, tak-kan you want to ask the pow nicely, like this,

marines: excuse me, mr. usama bin liden, can i know where your other team members are hiding ah ? and somemore what is your next move ah ?
pow: i tell nuthing.
marines: dont like that-lah mr. usama, i friend you friend, we all can tell-tell wan-mah, huh ?
pow: i tell u nuthing.
marines: ok-lah tomorrow i ask u again, maybe u change mind, bye-bye
pow: i tell nuthing.

see, dont make sense right, pow of course have to whack-kau until piss blood, only they talk 1 right ? so why ppl must be so unreasonable, what if the vital information is abt cha-kau your office place how ? u dont want to know ? because the marines uses excessive force ? if so, you better go home and think over it before you answer me. all these geneva convention is like our pdrm wearing that saya anti rasuah badge, it's just for show.

and lastly i watched the tv3 news tonight hoping to catch some dap speakers, but unfortunately, it was all bn. but the most too-much speaker was the male newscaster. his attitude and facial expression seems to indicate that he too was dissapponted with the DAP win. he sounded like the rocket team has no right to win and the rakyat that voted for them are nuts. since i already dont read daily locals (other than when i have absolutely nothing to do), i might as well dont see the local news as well. 8pm time to shit.

good nite.


Yodaddy said...

chinese traditions dictates that you add 3 to the deads age and if close to hundred, add a couple of years more....

nope not mikoyans, it was sukhois.

i came upon this problem in Ipoh also..and padang rengas near the cement factory.

for one thing, those iraqis were defending their country...they may be even forced to do it by saddam holding their family hostage.... but what the fuck its war...alls fair in war...but there must be some way in the near future for technology to become more canggih and the US would just go in and catch saddam/osama and just leave everyone else alone.

well this is the real world. if and when the opposition come in to power, please fire/buang negeri these people(newscaster). please someone remember that fellow....

ducky said...

i thought only indian have this add/minus problem when you ask them to kira after you had your nasi ayam+daging+sotong+udang.

yes it was the sukhois, i though no one would realise, anyway migs easier to spell, right.

thats the whole point, its war. i think no matter how canggih their equipment, sure they want to catch more than one bugger wan, the more the merrier.

when the opposition come into power ? unlikely right ?

ducky said...

i notice that korean cement factory near ipoh is no longer hanjoon, it has YTL sticker on it now. guess they t-pau back to samsung land oledi, less biz for a certain robert huh ?

i recall a many years ago in kampar or gopeng, one fo those 1 or 2 street towns, right smack in the middle of a cross section, with no traffic at all, this 2 cars stopped right in the middle and were chatting away like its so biasa, maybe kampung thing we dont understand.