Tuesday, May 30, 2006

tuesday ramblings

last night i watch the 8pm news on tv3, just to see if there was any coverage of the klcc fuel protest, fat chance of course, but more importantly on the my team vs malaysia. the malaysian coach cited lack of time for preparation for the national side, khairy spoke more in line of future of football, shebby was disappointed of course and said his keeper was sedang tidur. FAm secretary said something like the senior national team had better things to do. my team keeper azmi, said he gave his 100% & my team skipper was rather pissed abt something, couldnt hear what he was saying.

ducky think the u-20 malaysian coach was fulll of crap, khairy didnt speak his mind, shebby was disgusted with the performance, the FAm dude have no idea what he was saying, keeper azmi should had apologise for the lost and skipper said whatever he said.

remember i had this education & money article, in which i quote "can anyone tell me which school hishamuddin's children are attenting ?" maybe hishamuddin read my post, cause there was an article on the sunday paper and he said that all his 4 children went to the kebangsaan school. so i was wrong there.

this was also in the news, pak lah during NAM session,

....he said the media must present different sides to a story, dismiss half-truths and unfounded allegations, and foster critical thinking so that people would be more informed on issues that affect their daily lives.

i wonder where the klcc fuel protest news went in tv3 ?

whenever i said why not we help out at the orphanage, my wife would tell me to go fix that leaking tap, paint the wall, fix that light bulb and spent more time with my own children.

so pak lah next time before you have a great speech abt how things should be, i suggest you take a good long look at your own country, before suggesting any more great ideas.


Ah Pek said...

but accordig to him, malaysia is already a great country mah.

Yodaddy said...

no lah ducky. this is all those things that needs to be done to show that he is hebat.

in domestic politics, BN screw up(mostly intentionally, but some times unintentional) so in order to salvage some face and also to shield the fact that they screw up from those foreigners, they have to give the impression that they can share their 'expertise' with other countries.

ducky said...

i see, show the world you are no. 1 when you are actually just the katak dibawah tempurung.