Wednesday, May 10, 2006

bn whip is for the good of the bn mp ! wtf ?

you know at first i was as pissed as everybody else, that the local wakil rakyat cannot decide consciously on motions tabled by the opposition unless the bn whip is deem fitted to be lifted. then i realised what a blardy full i was.

the whip is not to limit their thinking caps or their democratic rights, the whip is there to prevent our beloved sohai mp from making a fool of themselves. the very reason why you always only see a handfull of mp talking or debating, is because the rest of them are just monkeys, sitting down there making a lot of animals noise. they cant differentiate between a good motion or a bad motion, all they know is that they have been told to attend parliament sitting and leave when they see the other members leave.

afuckingmen !


walski69 said...

ALAMAK! I guess 2 out of 2 is as far as it goes... heheh.

But back to the topic - it will be many, many, many years before our Parliament can be considered world-class. Actually, it probably already is world-class - third-world class...

Ah well... BTW - did u know that the Malaysian Parliament is in the Guiness Book of Records?

Yup. It's the world's biggest rubber stamp!

Shanker said...

their rules are fucked up... wats the point in having a parliament if the MP's cant stand up and fight for what they think is right. good post dude!

btw.. seen the msian parliament in action? check out google videos if u hv not.. its depressing to see our MP's having thoughts that are so backward and speak words which wud are not fit for the local community...

ducky said...

u know, once is biasa, 2 is coincidence, 3 is conspiracy !
biggest rubber stamp ? ha!ha!ha!

googles video, you say, have not, will do this weekend, thanks alot.