Tuesday, May 02, 2006

are we losing our perspective in life ?

when we were kids, playing seems to be our priority.
when we grew bigger, some part of studies seems to be our objective.
then our dicks grew bigger as well, then getitng some pussy seems to be the order of the day.
then our brain grew larger as well, then graduating was became our goal.
then we join the workforce, and gaining experience was our main objective.
then we climb the corporate ladder, and power and success seems to be our running force.
then we are at the top of the food chain, and endless greed of money seems to be our moto till the day we die.
but before we die, we seems to have forgotten about the money that we have earn, the corporate ladder that we had climb, the experience that we had gain, the graduation that was our goal, that pussy that seems to be our objective and that kid that we were.
but instead, we long for the comfort of our family members to be near and close to us, holding our hands and listening to them. longing for time that was lost in pursuit of our endless goals and objectives.

this is what we have become.

remember when you first got your first paycheck ? it wasnt alot, but it was enough, to pay the rent, the bills and the food, you could even go to the movies and you were happy most of the time. life was much simpler then.
now with your big fat paycheck, you dont even have enough to pay for all your bills. you havent seen a movie in ages, and all you do is sit and moan of your miserable life. who's fault is it ? yours ? or society ?

it would be easy to blame society or the gamen. i rather blame my self for losing my perspective in life. not all will agree, some said its the evolution of our need and wants. as we get richer, our needs and wants are different from what they were originally. why eat rice when you can afford abalon ? why drive a tincan when you can afford a beamer. why live in an apartment when you can afford a bungalow.

isnt rice and abalon the same, as both does the same thing, fullfil our hunger, i think the stomach cannot differentiate rice or abalon. a tincan or a beamer, has 4 wheels and a roof, yes one is safer then the other, but if it is your time, its your time. an apartment and a bungalow does the same thing as well, a roof over our head.

which brings me back to bersamamu again, ppl making rm1.00 a day. ppl living in broken houses, ppl eating 1 meal a day, ppl eating plain rice with veggie and egg to be shared with 5 ppl. ppl with single parent. ppl that have sick children with no money to cure them. ppl with all kinda problems bigger than you and me, but still manage to go through life just like everyday as it comes rain or shine.

are we missing something, or is it just me.


Yodaddy said...

What the fuck are you talking about?? Did i miss anything??

angel said...

i also losing perspective on your perspective wey...

*scratches head*

...shall read again tomolo...

ducky said...

too much sun and too much rain, much ado about nothing.

Inevitable said...

I guess it is not about perspective but more on part of growing up.

Ah Pek said...

ya.. and yet we have people complaining this not enough, that not enough. this no good, that no good.

ducky said...

i dont want to sound like a sore loser, but if you somehow feel the same with me abt this topic, then we are more or less or the same boat.