Thursday, May 11, 2006

education & money

once again ducky is going discuss on something ducky has very little knowledge in. education.

every malaysian knows that the education system in the country needs major overhaul. those lucky bastards that was under the british colonial systems were lucky indeed. as now they are the major players of this country economic. those of us, like me, before the implementation of upsr & upsm, still made it quite ok. but the current batch of kids ?

my eldest is now 4 years old, soon enough she will be old enough to attend school. my choice was a malay school. as i want her to have a balance mix of race. to understand her malay and indian friends, like i did many years ago. but i was told not to. not because of the mixture, but because of the low quality of these malay schools. so i have no choice but to sent her to chinese schools. much to my disapproval.

so why isnt the gamen doing anything fast enough to fix this problem ? is it a man power problem ? is it a syllabus problem ? or is it our kids are too damn stupid !

i think the problem lies with the implementor. can anyone tell me which school hishamuddin's children are attenting ? srk, srjk, smk or smjk ? no ? private or overseas ? or i could be wrong. i mean if i was hishamuddin and i know how bad the malaysian education system is wouldnt sent my children there if i can afford it.

so if i'm not wrong, my guess would be most mp children dont go to our local schools. and since most mp are not involved with local schools, why would they care how well the local education system fare right ? hence their tidak apa attitude and their slow implementation of works.


student said...

Tlaking about the education system in Malaysia, I would say all the kids now are experimental subjects to our ministry of education. First they try the making everyone learn they have a bunch of craps graduates that cannot even construct a good english sentence and they go back to english but still have to learn the crappy BM. If you ask me, when a education system put a language subject like BM, a stupid moral (wtf we learn that for ?) and history (99% about malaysia and 1% of the world) as its compulsary subject in the exam you know the implementor mindset is no better than kids playing with sand. If the sand castle got toppled down he will just make another one. But here its the future of our kids they are playing here. You are right I would say 99.99% of mp kids are not in local school. y ? Cause they canot afford to play sand castle with their own kids. that's y.

ducky said...

after nearly 40 years of independence our gamen are still going on trial and error, just for the sake for national pride.