Wednesday, May 24, 2006

lets praise the gamen for a change

well according to vincent, "ppl like me" have not given enough due credit to the gamen for all the good deeds that they have done. so ppl like me will try.

1. we thank the gamen for not going on with the ridicolous scenic bridge that serve no purpose other than the fat malaysia pride.
2. we thank the gamen for building us cheap cars to drive around and not only that, our cheap cars will smash to million of pieces upon impact, thus saving us more $$$$ in hospital bills.
3. we thank the gamen for introducing NS for the selected school leavers, by providing them 5 meals a day, and lots of freebies so that they will be more patriotic on the expense of the tax payers.
4. we thank the gamen for reducing the subsidy in the price of petrol. i now understand the effect of cost transferring, everything i use to eat now cost 20 cents more.
5. we thank the gamen for creating a shortage in the supply of pork, so now we can eat more ayam and make the price of ayam melambung and eventually create a shortage of ayam as well.
6. we thank the gamen for not imposing minimum wages, thus making the blue collar jobs not attractive and we would need to import workers from other countries like bangladesh, pakistan, myanmar, nepal etc. with more intermarriages, malaysian would be more diversified in races, as soon enough, we will be celebrating hari bangla, hari nepalese and so on.
7. we thank the gamen for screwing up the education system, so our children wont be that smart and wont be attending university and thus saves us a bunch of money again. and they can start working at an early age. and thus start to contribute to the epf.
8. we thank the gamen for forcing us to contribute to the epf. it is better that the gamen make good use of our money like paying for gamen bonus, bailing glc to get back on it feet, building tall buildings with no significant purpose, world class Formula 1 circuit with no local champion, etc.
9. we thank the gamen for allowing more indonesian immigrant to come into the country and be made malaysian, so that our population can increase 3 fold by 2020 a develop nation with 2/3 of its population from a 3rd world country.

this is quite hard to do, anyone want to contribute ? be my guess, even you vincent.


Inevitable said...

We thank the gomen for the surpises they give each quarter such as increase of interest rate or water rate or electricity rate

We thank the gomen for their hardwork in the parliment debating whether it is suitable or not to wear bow tie during session

We thank the gomen for giving the freedom to the press so that the press can report good thing the gomen did

We thank the gomen for giving us incredible internet connection speed

Neo said...

Now I know our gamen is soooo gooood.

Yodaddy said...

what do you mean by hard to contribute? its so damn easy.

we thank the govt for fleecing us indirectly thru raising of tariff instead of directly like decreasing petrol subsidy....or is it the other way around??

we thank the govt for not trumping up false charges of brokeback on uncle lim, hadi, anwar(again) or we will be without representation in the govt. (yes. as far as i am concerned, the only representation rakyat has is in the opposition)

we thank the govt for all the fuck up that they do, if not we would not have so much fun bashing them.

we thank the govt for not increasing the electricity tariff by 120% instead they only increase it by 12%. Hidup BN.

theres plenty more where they come from.

ducky said...

vincent, where are you ?

we should thank the gamen more.

ps: cannot tahan lah yoda, that someone comment make my hand very itchy to post a counter attack.

Inevitable said...

Vincent posted something on his blog which I think you might be interested - link to his blog - here and here

Yodaddy said...

ducky - what? you suprised that he mentions you (i think) in his blog? you mentioned him in your blog what, siap with name somemore. what now you can mention people but people cannot mentioned you is it? tiu.. he somemore never mention name. only mention an idiot only mah. might not be you wan.(emphasise on the word might)

ducky said...

thank you inevitable for letting me know that i might be an idiot, and somemore desiderata call me a stupid ducky and request permission from my mother to cleanse my mouth for all the fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking fucking that i used.
that makes me a stupid idiot izit ?
but maybe vincent refer you (yoda) as an idiot ? then what ?

Inevitable said...

Tiu, i just want to let you know only mah...

Anonymous said...



ilovevincent said...

You guys are so full of shit.

Vincent has convincingly debunked the power hike rates and tore Jeff Ooi's article apart.

Eat your hearts out!

Inevitable said...

Oohh, now we have a vincent fanzzz here. How sweeetttt

Yodaddy said...

ducky - if i am then lets just say i am in good company.

inevitable - tiu..we know lah.

anon - ok thanks for the info.

ilovevince - you are vincent arent you? if you are, why are you promoting your self?

inevitable - i think he is vincent himself.

ducky said...

inevitable - now i know lor. cool.

anom - much do respect, lets not drag his entire family into this, vincent alone is fine, likewise i wouldnt want my mother to be drag into it as well, unlike some desiderata...

ilovevincent - are you like vincent secret lover or stalker ? us full of shit ? thanks for the compliment, if we werent 1/2 full of shit we wont be able to right all this shit for shitheads like you to read.

inevitable - right on brother

Anonymous said...

why cannot? his grandmother cannot tok good english so he is bashing his own grandmother as ahlians den?

vincent is the epitome of banana chinese...taking ppl backside as his other countries, ppl gonna spit his face becoz not only he cannot talk chinese as a chinese boy but he also bashing own race...PTUI!

Yodaddy said...

anon - with all due respect, i think you should comment on his blog. We are not interested to know anything about vincent...or his family...or the fact that he dislike his own family....and so on.

But dont get us wrong here, we wont go as far as to stop you from saying anything, just like how we didnt stop vincent from commenting.