Thursday, June 01, 2006

thursday ramblings

i must be the last person to know this 2. mickey not coming to town and landslide again in ulu kelang.

funny thing about eating chicken rice, is when you order separately for 2 or you order for 2 person, the price charge is vastly different. my chicken rice shop charge me, Rm5.50 for pak kai yee tow + siew yoke + drink. so for 2 person, you just times 2 right ? wrong ! for 2 person i was charged Rm17 ! the amount of ayam for two orang was less if i combined individual plates. can someone explain this amazing theory to me.

so mickey mouse didnt come to town at all, just like all that proton talk with volkswagon. why say we talk to disney ? why not, we just had a bloody sunday, electricity rates just increased, the police force are not happy, there are many disgruntle rakyat, what better way then to lie to us that we are talking to disney.

land slide in ulu kelang. this news are never shocking. what can i say, this ppl never learn. you dont need to be an engineer to tell that the slope is at whatever angle, any educated person can tell you the same thing, building on slope is dangerous. it is pointless to pay off whatever authorities to get the necessary approval. cause you cant fuck with nature, when nature say go, you're fucked. who should be fucked for all this ? simple solution, whose ever name that approved that building site and whose ever name that applied for it or proposed for it. and make sure there is justifiable enforcement. dont lah go fine ppl Rm3,000, life has been lost. this is as bad as murder, cause you know the danger, but you still insist on approving it. ducky say is murder. fines ? at least Rm millions. then prison time, at least 5 years, actual time serve in prison. that should wipe out all worthless Rm2 developers.


The Malaysian. said...

You're right about the landslide tragedy and who should be punished. I've posted on that as well but not in so 'colourful' language. Another Khir Toyo Sandiwara?

angel said...

Mickey not cumming???


*sniff sniff*


Segala impianku sudah hancur berkecai...

btw, no need to stay up tonite hor, can sleep early... :)

ducky said...

come to think of it, i think no one will be blame as usual.

now only tell me after i sit here from 10pm.