Monday, June 26, 2006


Mawi, ppl seems to idolize this man like a demigod. I cant seem to understand why. I guess its a teen thing. Just like the last Malaysian idol daniel something. I’m surprise he hasn’t got caught as a pedo yet, since most of his fans base are like kids.

Back to this mawi character. This man has appear in more advertisement I can mentioned. Just turn your back, and I wont be surprised if you would see some kind of advert with his face on it. From instant noodle to printers ? is this guy really so damn keng meh ? by putting his crew cut like face in any damn product can boost sales meh ? cannot be right ? this chap must be laughing all the way to the bank lah with all sorts of endorsement and advert fees.

So can he really sing ? I only heard it once, while searching for that peter pan song. Which is rather a catchy tune. If I cant think of any other song, I might think that peter pan song should be the song of the year. Yes mawi, I heard 1 song, and he sounded rather like a jamal abdulllah or that other chap in puteri gunung ledang, which by the way was a crappy shitty show. Too damn long in the beginning and just forward to finish the show. The only person I thought was acting rather well was that once sports commentator datuk rahim razali, I hope I got his name right. You know, if my mind serve me right, local shows aren’t allowed to have fantasy scenes, all those flying fighting scene with magic spoofs seems to have twisted finas arms right ? you know lah, as long as it is national pride, what shit also can go along. That’s Malaysia for you.

Ok the man can sing, but he aint no peterpan. So whats his catch ? why are ppl so crazy abt him ? and do you know there is a website called mawi friends community ? that has actually more hits than Kenny & screenshots combined, actually you can take maybe malaysian top 20 bloggers and add it all up, you might just be level with friends community !


Inevitable said...

Actually, I have the same question on my mind... Why ah?

ducky said...

i ask you, you ask me, what la you.
maybe he drink that ali cafe tongkat ali thing all the time so they think his kkc very the keng 24/7.