Thursday, January 26, 2006

you got to like the naked chef, jamie oliver, the chef really dished up real appetizing stuff. week in week out, wicked. even his vegetarian dish is wicked. but unlike any other cook show, jamie is wicked, no i mean he is wicked, previously was they claim he didnt wash his hands, then later they had closed up shots of him washing his hands. wicked in the way of his dishes, for appetizer, notive how much sugar, cream and more sugar this guy whip up, its like a pro diabetes meal. and his wicked dishes, tons and tons of butter, babi, ayam, itik, sotong, lembu and more butter, these meals sent you a first class trip straight to heaven/hell. did you check out his vegetarian dish. the amount of butter he put into those dishes dont make his vegetarian dish any healthier than eating meat by itself. this is the only show that i actually cancel any appointment or just swallow my meals with a corong just to catch the 1/2 hour show on 8tv 9.30pm wednesday night. i have not seen any meal that he dishes out that dont look appetizing.

mr. wicked

you compare this show with another taiwanese show, i dont remember the day or time, but they have this 2 chef cook up some dishes with extravagant ingredients, where normal folks like you and me can never afford. the stupidity in this show, is that they used shark fins, abalon, cavier, imported this and that just to make a hamburger! a piece of beef and cheese slap in between a burger bun will not do, they have to soak the meat in abalon sause, instead of mayonaise they put cavier, and the dickhead guest sit there with their saliva dripping from their ternga-nga mouth. the dish dont look wicked at all, expensive yes, wicked ? hell no. that's the mentality of chinese, if it's expensive it have to wicked, tigers dick, bear's paw, monkey brain, shark's fin, bear's bile (wtf is that? yoda, why search with google when you can ask yoda) endangered is not in the chinese menu, dollar and cents are the main ingrediants. i hate the chinese for that.

could not find pictures of bear's paw or monkey brain dishes, so you need to imagine it

another chef i like is anthony bourdain, mr epiphanies of culinary, mr marlboro man, the man that will go anyway and eat anything. from cincalok to cobra's blood. the man should have been born a chinese, eats anything that walks, fly or swim. his books are interesting as well, suitable to layppl like us all, normal ordinary folks. i have three of them, kitchen confidential, cooks tour and bone in the throat, and it should be read in this order as well. the man walk and eat where the locals eat, no 5 star hotel, just your usual lorong and stall, i wonder when he was in malaysia, did they took him to all the best local food site. our best char koat teow, wan tan mee, curry mee, bak kut teh, nasi kandar, cendol, goreng pisang, nasi lemak, laksa, hokkien mee, satay, ice kacang, popiah, banana leave rice, ampang yong tau foo, ikan bakar, tosai, roti canai, kari kepala ikan, come to think of it, i dont think so, cause he'll stay for a week or two at least.

marlboro new poster boy

and of course ian from lonely planet not that he cooks but when he tries strange food from all over the world and not forgetting the thirsty traveller when i had astro back then.

ever thirsty and ian

to all readers, yes yoda, my cuz and whoever that read ducky, happy chinese new year

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

before i had any kids, i dislike kids, to me they are noisy and irritating, they dont listen and they sure dont give a damn to what you say. its play play play, nothing else, maybe occasional pitstop to release and reload, just like the formula 1, 7s pitstop. today after having 2 kids of my own, i still dont like kids other than mine. if its not mine, its not my problem, let their own parents take care of them.

but occasionaly when you received emails on pictures of kids that died of freak accident or abuse, you feel that too, cause you have some at home, and you would not want anything to happen to them as well. all of a sudden you feel touch, but unfortunately its that moment only. which brings me to this, all this war in iraq and i really dont give a shit, ppl die, kids die, i mean they are only words writtenn paper, you dont feel it, until you encounter the picture for yourself, and that old feeling start to crawl back to you again, but this time it lingers on longer, and you realised any war on any countries, tribe or class or ppl are wrong, because these pictures.....

i feel lousy, feel like throwing up as well, this pictures are really gross, but the fact are they are real, from the war in vietnam till the war in iraq, innocent ppl continue to die because some leaders in this world felt that making money from selling arms is more important than saving innocent lives because they are not his citizens therefore it is not his problem. look how similar my first paragraph and this paragraph is. i'm only a nobody and this is a leader of a nation, and yet we share a similiar trade, we dont give a damn for what is not our problem. thats the problem, we dont care, if i dont care, who else is going to care.

maybe i'll take down the first picture of the capitated head down.

all i want to say is that we should try to be more caring, cause it all starts with us, the more we care, the more ppl will care back for us and for others, because we now live in a world where 20 wrong is still right as long as it is a normal practice, thats all.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

monday is my favourite day. cause it's when all my fav, not fav-lah, but so happen all this nice and interesting tv series seems to pile up next to each other like dominoes. i dont have astro, or i chose not to have astro, i picked broadband over astro, as i rather pay my rm90 for the unlimited www then rm99.95 for the same old shit day in day out. so as i was saying, it starts at 8.30pm after the ntv7 news, i dont watch much news, only big scandals issues, what is with that fat bitch sharifah aini? man she is fat as a oil barrel. anyway, there is this tv series on monday at 8.30pm about a guy that can see the future and past deadzone, i watch it until 9.00pm then i switched camp to tv3 to watch tear jerking bersamamu, this majalah 3 kinda show is real sad to watch, they'll show you widows and widower trying to meet end meets with rm300 a month or less to raise 3-7 children, they'll get someone to cry every week, cause it's really sad, no money and all, if both parents are still alive, then one of them might be handicapped or with some illness incapable to make any financial contribution to the family welfare. then comes one of the saddest part, you are shown what they have for lunch and dinner, yes this ppl eat 2 square meals a day only, cause they cant afford it. what do they eat ? rice with some strings of veggie, no meat, eggs sometimes, then some curry looking thing. do watch it sometime if you have not, then u would realised how lucky we are all are eating 5 meals a day, fussy about the food we eat, not tasty enough or whatever. i'm not asking you to help them, just watch it for a week. what you do after you watch it? go read all those corrupted news our govt produce every day and pause and wonder. if you dont feel like torching putrajaya down, you have no soul. there we have millions being squander and how much allocation is being given to them. even money allocated for this poor ppl are used for their own leisure. do you know much this poor ppl get as living allowance from our beloved govt, rm50-200 max. nothing more. irrelavant of race and religion, maybe if you are islam, then maybe the local islam authority will help out but that is only small amount, even non muslim org does that for their own ppl. but why cant the govt give a more reasonable amout. you know and i know. it's sickening to think about this. just watch bersamamu on tv3 at 9.00pm after the news on monday night.

as i was saying, monday being my tv day, at 9.30pm, switch to 8tv and it is lost. lost is interetsing and full of surprise every week. it's like fantasy island, robinson crusoe, gilligan island all mix into 1 combo, by 10.30pm we have ncis, jethrol the main man, jethrol is avery cool name, wanted to name my son jethrol, but chose something instead. this week kate died, poor thing, started to like her. i prefer this to csi or csi miami, there is always a twist to it, unlike csi same old shit. and csi miami ever guessing horatio, is he half jap? then sometime ago they had pillow talk and ended with david letterman. that's why i like monday.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

must be running low on ideas.

parenting and childcare II

ok, at least i have experience in this field.

what is the difference between your 3 year old kid and your manager/boss/superior? other than being cute and blood related there is nothing else. the 3 year old is as unreasonable as your employer. but at least your employer can be reason with to a certain extent. but the 3 year old have no compromise. i want it now, mean fucking now, not 10 minutes later, not 1 hour, not tomorrow, but now, as you can see here even your boss is reasonable enough to give you some time allowance. but the 3 year old dont give a shit, you could have finish work and all tired, i want it now, or else i'll scream till your eyes pop up.

how about when you want to take something back from the 3 year old, the 3 year old is not going to just give it to you, you have to be a skilled negotiator here, a slip of the tongue, and your handphone goes into the aquarium, it's an uneven barter system, where you have to offer commodities in exchange for something that already belongs to you! a normal negotiation will go something like this.

ducky : give me my phone

3 year old kid :you call who

ducky : nobody

3 year old kid :you call nobody, no need phone

ducky : give me

3 year old kid : i want to use.

ducky : i say give me my damn phone

3 year old kid : u call nobody, i call barney

ducky : give me the phone

3 year old kid : (start to run)

ducky : come back here

now, this is where it gets a little dangerous, you are not near enough to catch your handphone if the kid drops it, so the negotiation starts.

ducky : i give you 1 dollar

3 year old kid :i small kid, dont know how to use money

ducky : buy you ice cream

3 year old kid : mummy say i got cough

ducky : take you go playground

3 year old kid : big one ah?

ducky : yes big one with mr. clown there

3 year old kid :nah

imagine negotiation with a kid, 30 years ago, things like this doesnt even exist. the 2nd reply would either come with a sepak on your face or your sifat, your choice or the infamous rotan.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

i'm not sure how many ppl actually reads malaysia today's chronicles of khairy. i read it for the fun of it though, not to be taken too seriously, just like harakah. we make our own opinion. one thing i'm quite sure that bother us the most is that the writer writes it as if he was right there smack in the centre of conversation like the invisible man. every part of the conversation is write up to the very detail. who knows maybe he is the invisible man. and the comments ? ppl that are very disgruntle abt everything, given that those comments were in screenshot, the most influential blogger would have f them up till their mother also cannot recognize their own faces.

one thing made me wonder though, if all the politicians are corrupted and are only interested in fattening their own bank account. who is actually looking after us? are we looking after ourself then? if that is the case then why bother to have a general election, all the wastage of hard earn tax payer money is use to roll out their election machinery, sound like one of those float on parade. why bother, it's all fixed, they know the numbers, who is going to win, who is going to lose, it's not a election, it's just a big show, just like a boxing match, the winner bag the big purse, and the loser a lesser bag. there are no real losers, the real losers are we the citizens, we believed them, believed in their empty promises of universities, public roads, housing, water, etc.

personally i dont really care if they lied to me cause, we know better. it's the folks at the kampung, the natives of the land, the ppl that are really poor, lack in basic infractures that actually need all this help, so as usual every 4-5 years when the electoral machine is moving again, they'll roll down to the villages and somewhere in the forest, to offer empty promises again, and yet they bag the fish again, why? after god knows how many years, why do these ppl still fall for the same bag of tricks, maybe they have nothing to lose, all this pampering during election time might be the only luxury in life they receive in their life. like the chinese saying "yau tak sek moy sai"

so where does this put us? the ordinary folks like you and me, our parents did not leave us a big fat trust fund, no, we had to work, during school holidays, during college breaks, then we join the work force at the bottom feed, work our way to the most top that we can reach, a manager the old are we then? at the same time we got our gf bloated up, and we had a shotgun wedding to the disapproval from both side of the parents, we have kids, we are not ready, so we spent more time at work, get home, wife scream at us for not doing our part, kids crying at the back ground, temper heated up you called her a bitch, she slaped you, you upper cut her. she fall downs and ask you to get the fuck out of the house, so you limp out of the house, all frustrated, you head towards the nearest bar you can find, call some colleagues, but to no avail, so you down that guiness to the last drop all by your self, had a couple you say, soon you are drunk as a toddler learning to walk. keys in your hand, you find your car, thinking you are racing kimi on the race track, you blast pass two red lights and was going to light speed when you collided head on with a trailer, your tin can crushed like a papaya, you have reach light speed, light speed into the oblivion of no return. the cops call your house at 2am, your wife picked up the phone with 1 hand carrying your baby, after listening to what the other end have to say, she dropped the phone, sat down motionless, the baby start to cry, she look at the baby, she tried to comfort the baby, but no words came out of her lips, the baby cried louder, she look at the baby again, said she was sorry, she walked to the balcony and jump down baby in hand, 21 floors altogether, mother and child float to oblivion as well. so what does this have to do with anything ? i dont know, i wrote this in a somewhat unconscious mind, my mind lead my hand, my hand just type it out without actually thingking, is that possible? i dont really know how to describe it, like a dream, some things are somewhat blurred or forgotten. happy blogging.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

all gung ho and ready to go

is badawi retiring sooner than expected, that is before the 2008 general election?

before we dwell into this sensitive issue, let me just say that i was not by any chance told by a little bird nor a big yellow bird of this news. it's just my own opinion that i wish to share (i guess by now most readers would click close and return to project petaling street site) but i hope you would not.

i dont know, maybe someone has already wrote about this, than i might not be be first, maybe the most influential blogger have already hinted on this, but i dont know. i dont read all his posting. any way here goes.

when badawi was first sworn into as the 5th pm, the old man's eyes was glittering. it could be because now he is the most powerful man in malaysia or because he finally could do something that will make a difference to the ordinary malaysian folks. i rather like to believe of the later. being from a long line of religous person, you dont just give up your believe and principles just because you are the most powerful man in malaysia, it's embedded deep inside your soul, that is what you are, so that goes without saying for pak lah, i believe his father and his father before his were some sort of religous pretige.


so the first item on his agenda, to end corruption on all levels, primaraly in umno, a number of prominent figures were caught and dealt with, then the police force and so on, then being an islamic scholar, of course he would like to integrate islamic laws into federal laws, so how far did he go? we all know he did not go very far, on the corruption level, it was difficult, on the islamic laws, you can read it in the papers.

then things starts to crumble, anwar was release, nudesquat scandal, ayahpin, proton, mas, approve permit, his son in law, etc. this man majored in islamic studies, he wasn't a doctor nor a lawyer like his first 4 pm. what can a spiritual man do, pray i guess. then his dear wife died, that would be a major blow to one political career, as the saying goes, behind every succesful man is a strong woman.

he has to make major desicion and his strongest woman is not there anymore. imagine you are there beside the woman you love in her dying hour, n you ask your god, what can he do to redeem this precious life of his. can you not believe that when endon died some part of him died with her, that glitter in his eyes are not so glittering anymore. he has lost half of his cause to fight injustice anymore, as anyone would feel injustice when a life is robbed off from their bosom.

try looking at his eyes when he makes speeches nowadays, it's sad and lonely, he does not have the will anymore, he even said that he has no inspiration to reshuffle the cabinet, what inspiration is he looking for? life after death?

not glittering any more

that is my humble opinion of why i said AAB will be retiring soon, or i could be wrong, being a politician, they have many mask, but for the sake of malaysia, i hope this will remain my opinion only, because with his departure, i leave that for your imagination.

my imagination

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

this post was actually my comment in one of my previous post, i thought i jam more on it.

cny is coming, there will be another ops by the pdrm, i'm not sure what is the purpose of this ops, its like giving us a statistic of road kill by states and day and types of road, etc, than actually preventing accidents from happenning. accidents rate still increases, death rate still increases, so this is by list of the major contributors of road fatalities during festive season.

1. cars are so damd cheap now a days, u see much ppl ferrying their gf on bikes anymore? want to get a superbike?, u can afford a car now days with all kind of ridicolous low down payment, some even as low as rm1.00.
2. since of 1 above more ppl drive, there are like a miilion drivers on the road now, the slow one, the fast one and the dickhead one, slow drivers pissed off the fast drivers and vice versa.
3. highways make drivers less skillful in terms of estimation when driving on trunk road. this i believe is true, if someone can give me a statistic on the no of road kill then before the highway i bet the number are much lower than now, of course consideration must be taken over no of cars now and then. back in those days, only good drivers are on the road, those not very skillful, either take the bus or katak bawah tempurung. since buses takes forever to reach a destination, those who cannot wait just stay at home. you really have to be good at driving then, 2 lanes trunk road, you stick your head out to the right, look for oncoming cars, estimate your time, coast is clear, put on the signal, drop a gear or two, then you accelarate, no turning back, position is forward, if you misjudge, chances are cars from the opposite side will slow down for you to complete your overtaking monouver, but as he passes you buy, he'll give you the birdy, you can thank him later, yes him , woman then hardly drive inter city, it was suicidal. but if the front bugger want to play chicken, then it is to the dirt extreme right opposite side of the road or if time permits, squeeze back into your lane. and every time you do this you can bet, there will be at least 2-3 cars behind you, doing the same thing, it goes on the concept that if you have an accident, they will still have time to avoid. the best time to drive agreed by experts then was, night driving, since oncoming cars headlight would indicate their presence.
4. increase in cost of public transportation resulting in more ppl owning owning vehicles which go back to no. 2.
5. lack of enforcement
6. idiot drivers on the road which is the result of 1 & 2.
7. increase in corruption which resulted 1,2,5 & 6.
8. massive development shrink the trunk roads
9. which leads to flooding and land erosion and finally
10. our national tin can cars.

i would say idiot drivers and our national tin cars make up for the majority of accidents and road kill in our country. if you are an adiot driver, i fuck you with all my heart, please fuck away from the roads, dont fucking come near the fucking road and best of all dont fucking drive, you not only fucked yourself up but you fuck other ppl on the fucking road as well.

i use to go back to my hometown in taiping quite often, but since there has been a flood of idiot drivers, i have gone back less, sad excuse, but is mine.

experience ? a couple of time, was overtaking some trucks, there was another 3-4 cars in front of me overtaking the trucks as well, out of the blue, this car was right up my ass, i dont really mind cars up ass in the city, but in the highway, when you are doing 120km/h, i cant even see the no. plate just his windscreen, so i knew that was close. so i slumber lah, there was no where for me to go as i was overtaking some trucks, then idiot here start to squeeze on the right shoulder of the road, there was like 2-3 feet between my car and the railings, i didn't want to know whether he was bluffing or not, i hit my left indicator, swoop in between the trucks and let the car pass before i come out again. now you tell me is that an idiot or not.

and lastly before i forget, idont want to offend anyone, but those of you with the freaking muffler as big as by head kind and driving around in a modified national tin car, please the car smashes up like a tin can without extra modification, yours?

i decided not to post any pictures of accident victims, they were too grossed, even for me, i suggest you take a trip to your local police station, i think they have some pictures of roadkill. i've seen them before, head all smashed up, brains all over the road being rolled over by a bus tyre, abdomen being rolled over by car tyres, bodies flung out of car during high speed accident, mangled bodies stuck in the wrecked cars with bodies being pierce by all kind of objects, small babies, children, parents, grandparents, your love ones, you and me.

you are not just kiling your self, but other innocent lives. speed dont really kills, but ignorance of the traffic laws does. drive careful, think of others, if not yourself.
this is an unlikely post, but once again i might be shooting ny self in the foot again.

parenting and childcare.

i have 2 kids, a girl and a boy, the girl is 3 and a half and the boy is a year old. both are equally hyper, it's like having 2 dennis around, but no matter we'll live.

1st, to all newly married, think very carefully before u invite the stork to your house. its a life time thing. you cant undo and press ctrl z, its self save every 1 sec, you cannot undo, ok? yes your nieces and nephews are nice to look at, just like a puppy at the pet shop, its cute and cuddly, wait till you get it home, and it start to shit and bark inconsiderately, that piranha in the fish tank seems like a better buy now.

u know u are a father not when you conceive it, no not yet, not when you are having great sex while your wife is still pregnant, not while she is due soon, you are nearly a father when you stand in the delivery room watching your child crawl out of the love tunnel, you are very near there when you hold your child the first time after the nurses washes up the baby at the hospital, still very near when you visit your wife everyday at the hospital until she is discharge, so when is it that you officially become a father?

it's when you get home, no more rushing to and fro the hospital, mother and child all calmly resting, when all of the sudden, you hear this cat like shreiking that even caught the attention of your pubic hair. it's the first cry that you heard in your very own home when the child is angry/wet/hungry/etc, then you know you have become a father, soon enough that shriek that you heard the first time, will soon become nothing more than a purring of a cat, and sometimes if you are lucky, you can even sleep through without hearing a damn thing, those are peaceful nights.

these are normal case scenario, not even worst case scenario, crying baby, even beats a crying woman. have you seen a crying baby, it doesnt't go sob sob, it goes freaking WAH! UWAH! WAH! WAHHHHH! notice i use capital letters. and the face that goes with that cry, you're seen before. it is impossible to say no my friend.

than of course they grow and grow, some like to eat, some like to play, some like to climb, mine 1 year old is like king kong, he will climb the highest peak at home where he can, he can fall, cry, then there he goes again, the word surrender does not exist in his dictionary, you block his way, he'll crawl underneath, else he'll climb something else, what happen when he reaches the top, he'll grin and smile and shout, if that is not like king kong, i dont know what.

sex? you say. forget abt it. sex is for the single, married ppl dont have sex anymore, married ppl have streamyx for their sex life, you type puretna and you browse for your preference teens, amateur, asian, blacks, anal, fetish, etc.

no sex you say, why, go get married, got get a kid, then 3 years later come read back this post and you would say, what sex ? i have streamyx and look at hand right/left hand im married to it.

try having a quickie at the kitchen sink, your kid walk into you guys and ask what you are doing, why is mummy shouting to god? why are you pushing mummy? why is you kookoochiew inside mummy pet pet? so you explain the burung and the lebah to your kid. this is actually a piece of cake.

try having a blowjob and your kid walk into you, sex is ok, you can explain, its the facts of life, but a blowjob? try explaining why your kookoochiew is in mummy's mouth, the kid understand that to make babies you put the kookoochiew inside the pet pet, but the kookoochiew in the mouth? for fun? might as well shoot yourself in the head, the kid will be having "fun" soon sooner than you think.

good luck.

to be continue

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

"kalau tak suka boleh blah"

"you're fired"

i think noh omar has shot himself into super stardom since his infamous comment about get the fuck out of this country if you dont fucking like it. he should actually trademark it, just like donald trump, you're fired. he can even host malaysia new game show "kalau tak suka boleh blah".
this new game show is strictly for foreigners only, illegal foreigners are encourage to participate in this new game show, as it would increase the excitement of being thrown out of the country by noh omar himself.

suitable candidates preferable malay chicks that are fair and look like a chinese national with experience in doing nude ear squat would be advantages. the reason for this being in the even that your team has lost the challenge and from being eliminated, you change your race to a malay and you would be save until the next challange come about. location would definitely be at the spa that he frequent. did i mentioned only female foreigners are allowed to participate. malaysian need not apply.

winner of the show would be noh omar's "thou thai" for a year where she will learn the finer points of doing nude ear squat with one leg of course without being spyed, a salary of RM7,250.00 a day paid by mas, and how to lie stupidly to the press and the pm for all that is matter, and of course how to utter the magic word properly "kalau tak suka boleh blah"
today is a holiday so we should leave the heavy politicking behind and have a couple of laugh. i remember some idiots either in the govt or private sector claim that we have too many holidays in malaysia, and that we should limit our holiday days! with islam being the no. 1 religion in the country, all the holidays related to this religion is a definite must, i believe we have about 12-14 public holidays (whole malaysia) lets see:
1. hari raya - 2 days
2. chinese new year - 2 years
3. deepavali - 1 day
4. christmas - 1 day
5. wesak - 1 day
6. new year - 1 day
7. national day - 1 day
8. labour day - 1 day
9. agong birthday - 1 day
10. nuzul quaran - 1 day
11. today - 1 day
12. each state sultan birthdat or similar day - 1 day
so there is 14 days, i did this without looking at the calendar, i guess if you live in malaysia for more than 30 years or so you would remember.
want to reduce the no. of days ?
1. chinese new year of course - mca wont even bitch a word, cant bite the hand that feed you can you, so it's only up to rocketman and co, but without any support from the malaysian chinese public cny will be left with 1 day.
2. wesak - buddhist mca once again will just shut the fuck up, cant bark, mic, was lol on the reduction of cny 1 day, but now equally upset for losing wesak as well, since mic old man has been lobbying for thaipusam to be national holiday.
3. labour day - factory owners wil be overjoy, govt reason ? most factory workers are foreigner so foreigners dont have to enjoy holiday in malaysia "kalau tak suka boleh blah" govt dont like these foreigners loiterring around klcc.
4. christmas - what do you expect, this is a islamic state "malaysia negara islam, kalau tak suka, boleh keluar negeri"
5. deepavali - no christmas no deepavali, is a hint for mic old man to retire, you know the old joke of luxury cars, german built the mercedes, malays sell them, chinese buy them and of course old man samy washes them. minority race together with the lain-lain.
so by reducing 5 days, our country will be more productive in whatever fucking way i have no fucking idea about !

Monday, January 09, 2006

There was a letter in malaysiakini by one ray which I just have to reply here.
The very reason malaysiakini still publish these articles is because they can, unlike the mainstream newspaper, which have to “look after” the interest of our multiracial culture, malaysiakini reports as is basis, if you don’t like it, like abang noh omar said “kalau tak suka, balik negeri sendiri”

The very point that I think is to be pointed here is that islam laws are not very tolerable to other non islam religion I guess, being not islam. As long as it is islam, you better follow it or else, fuck off ? or else what ? I don’t think not much ppl have bother to go against the no. 1 religion in Malaysia until now, ppl have tolerance too, but sometimes shit like this is too much.

Do u know that Christians allow their deceased to be buried in any religious rites if the majority of the family members wishes so. Christian have been labeled as not very tolerance at times because of the restriction it imposed, but it is the only religion that is free will, u cannot embraced Christianity by force, nobody can force you, you have to willingly accept that you want to be a Christian, a child born in a Christian family, is not automatically a Christian until the child reaches full age and actually take up the faith voluntarily.

Furthermore Christian societies are the most active societies that look into the welfare of the poor, neglected, drug abusers, hiv patients, orphans, I believe our minister suggested that hiv be outcast into a remote island. Middle east and Africans countries stoning Christians to death, imprison, tortured, force to denounce their faith, killed, all in the name of Islam ? tolerable ? I don’t think so.

Other than the Americans that are abusive to the islam society after 9-11 only, no other Christian country or group or ppl actually deny other religion from being form in their country. Islam tolerance ? I don’t fucking think so.

Try denouncing islam in middle east, most probably, the family members will kill him first. Try denouncing Christianity in a Christian family, the family is glad he is not gay. Killing ? why would you want to kill your own blood? Islam tolerable ? no fucking ho.

How abt other religion ? they didn’t catch my attention ray.

can i go to jail or isa for this, yoda ?

we live in a country where we are partly mute, some things we can say, some things we have to shut the fuck up and write in our blog, but if we ping, then its for the public to read, is it wrong, it'is after all my opinion, everybody is allowed to have opinion, every one have a head and a brain to think and process, if we are not even allowed to form our own opinion, what good is it that we go to school, to take exam and graduate from the university with a diploma or degree that 80,000 ppl holds as well without forming a single opinion through out your studying life.

dont you want to know why are things that way and not this way, the teachers' text book explaination should not be enough, it shoud be from a point of view where you understand the whole concept and point because you understand the whole logic not because someone told u so. without forming a opinion we will be followers for the rest of our lives, as we never think, never question, always follow.

we should not be afraid to be wrong, because by doing wrong we know we are not perfect, but learning as we mature, its like reading a book, if we read the same book every year we realised we form different opinion every year as we understand the book from every angle possible.

so is my posting islam bashing, like i say its my opinion.
after waiching 2 and a half men i recall another show by jon cryer
121. the famous teddy z
122. i think i forget V mini series
123. murder she wrote - old lady angela lansbury
124. paper chase - law student show

125. the rookies - cop show i think
126. mission impossible - need no intro
127. hawaii 5'o

128. 3-2-1 contact - kids science show
129. double dare - kids game show
130. captain power and the soldier of fortunes - remember the show has red shining light you can shoot at if you purchase somekind of gun ?
131. tales from the crypt
132. twilight zone
133. alfred hitchcock - man has similarity with old man in paper chase or was it winston churchill

maybe not
134. beauty and the beast - ms terminator linda hamilton and giant ron perlman
135. code red - before backdraft and third watch
136. peyton place - this one is old, i remember my mum fav
137. superboy

that chick is stacy haiduk
138. just the ten of us - high school coach with a bunch of kids
139. benson
140. are you being served - british comedy
there was quite a number of british comedy then, have to korek.
141. the hogan family
142. seven brides for seven brothers

looks more like a gangbang to me
143. archie bunker place
144. boston common - this is a 90s as well, anthony clark as in yes dear
145. alien nation - this is many years after V.
146. adam's family
147. supergran !
148. sapphire and steel - ring a ring a roses, a pocket full of roses...
149. spiderman - parker stevenson as the spiderman
puppet shows, yes those string puppet with big heads and small body
150. thunderbirds

Saturday, January 07, 2006

my first post on 80s tv series was until 40, then my second started on 31 and ended on 60 it should have been 41 to 70, so today is
71. quantum leap - thanks for reminding me yoda, mr. scott bakula, the only thing i remember abt the show is that he fucked a new chick in each episode. quantum leap reminds me of another time travel show.
72. voyagers - a kid in stripe shirt and a man in a brown vest travelling through time to correct history. Jon-Erik Hexum that played Phineas Bogg died in 1984.

73. another time travel show - this one is a 60s "time travel"
74. more recent one - is sliders with jerry o'connell, oops this is a 90s show.
75. jerry was also in - my secret identity
76. a happy days spin off - joanie loves chachi, scott baio was also in charles in charge
77. the a-team - a bunch of grown up still playing with guns and drives around in a van.
78. miami vice - this show define the 80s with playboy don johnson
79. the roots - remember kunta kinte?
80. the professionals
81. the equalizer
82. police woman - angie dickson
83. alf - the very annoying brown puppet alien

84. my fav martian - another bill bixby show
85. starman
86. max headroom - was this before mtv ?
87. jennifer slept here - a very beautiful ann jilian then
88. out of this world - i did not remember until i saw this picture.

89. space 1999
90. lost in space
91. midnight caller - gary cole, not midget guy gary coleman, was also in american gothic which was axed due to moral issues.
92. seindfield - funny show i heard but somehow i did not watch it.
93. moonlighting - chybil sheppard and action man bruce willis, theme song by al jarreau
94. roseanne - supersize parents roseanne barr and john goodman

95. mr. belvedere - the british butler that can give florence of the jeffersons a run for her money.
96. kids show - small wonder &
97. punky brewster
soap opera i remember other than those earlier mentioned
98. st elsewhere
99. terms of endearment
100. general hospital
101. the bold and beautiful - after 20 years is still running
102 cagney and lacey
103. kate and allie
104. laverne & shelley
105. remington steel - ah mr. bond pierce brosnan

106. smurf - the little blue thing
107. hart to hart - robert wagner and stephanie powers
108. murphy brown - sarcastic candice bergman
109. beverly hills 90210 - i think this is early 90s.
110. trapper john md - before scrubs, doctor doctor and becker
111. dear john - judd hirsh
112. man from atlantis - man got webs on his hands, patrick duffy from dallas

113. another one - manimal, man changes into animals, i guess this was during american werewolf in london ?
114. head of the class
mini series
115. 80s no. 1 mini series - thornbirds, richard chamberlain and rachel ward, fuck fuck fuck thats all i can remember.
116. shogun - richard but this time fucking a jap
117. north & south - american civil war yankees vs confederate
118. winds of war
119. lace - hot phoebe cates

120. twin peaks - another sex sex sex, very hot chicks,

to be continue... i hope
lets see i think is 31. 21 jump street - johnny depp career went sky rocket, great soundtrack and great show
32. full house - john stamos and the olsen twins, yes they were just babies.
33. la law - sex sex sex, but great theme song very classy - a david e kelly show, yes the same guy that brought you chicago hope, ally mcbeal, the practice n boston public
34. perfect strangers - two cousins leaving in america, one from us and one from god knows where, "dont be ridicolous"
35. mork and mindy - robin williams "nanu nanu"
36. "Look at what's happened to me, I can't believe it myself. Suddenly I'm up on top of the world, ..." - the greatest american hero.

that hot chick is connie sellecca, she star in hotel later

37. taxi - another good show, it had tony danza before who's the boss, danny devito, judd hirsch, jeff connaway, marilu henner, andy kaufman - man on the moon, thats him and christopher llyod before back to the future 1,2n3 and tremors.
38. what's happening - forgotten
39. one day at a time - forgotten
40. the jefferson - mr n mrs jefferson, and of course the loud mouth maid florence
41. mash - didn watch, but my mum like it.
42. waltons - end credits have everyone wishing everyone goodnight that ends with one john boy
43. if you have waltons, then you gotta have little house on the prairie, michael landon, melissa gilbert and melissa sue anderson
44. remember this ?
Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, A tale of a fateful trip,....
gilligan island

45. the andy griffth show - actually some of these shows are from the 70s not 80s, andy here is 60s!, andy griffith, don knotts and a very young ron howard, yes that great producer/director
46. lone ranger - well the theme song is actually "the william tell overture" early nokia hanphone series have the tune under william tell. this is a oldie, 1950s!
47. bj and the bear - truck driver greg evigan and a chimp. greg later did "my two dads" with mad about you star paul reiser.
48. one of my fav veitnam tv series - china beach, dana delany and marg helgenberger cathrine willows of csi
49. if you got china beach, you would remember tour of duty , great theme song as well.
50. kid doctor, doogie howser md
51. fall guy - lee majors, douglas barr and hot chick heather thomas
heather thomas
52. who's the boss - alyssa milano, was nude in poison ivy 2 and embrace of the vampire.
53. erik estrada - chips - police on harley show.
54. fresh prince of bell air - a very skinny will smith
55. 4 old women singingn about "thank you for being a friend" - golden girls
56. grizzly adams - a hilly billy with a bear
57. "mr. maggie you know you dont like me when i'm angry" - bill bixby and lou ferrigno - incredible hulk

58. wonder years - joe cocker sang that song
59. mr. botak - kojak
60. and wonder dog - lassie

to be continue

Friday, January 06, 2006

happy happy happy me, that was when i was looking for some tunes to download and i found tv themes, hmm, reminded me of 80s tv theme songs, and wah lah, after a couple of days, i manage to scrap from the net quite a number of theme songs from the 80s tv era. some i did not even recall the titles, but the theme song and pictures did the trick. you would remember as well.

1. buck rogers in the 25th century
2. battlestar galaticca, yes u are watching the newy one, it started abt 20 years ago.
3. remember this tune ?
Making your way in the world today takes everything you've got.
Taking a break from all your worries, sure would help a lot.
Wouldn't you like to get away?
Sometimes you want to go, where everybody knows your name,
and they're always glad you came.
You wanna be where you can see, our troubles are all the same
You wanna be where everybody knows your name.
You wanna go where people know, people are all the same,
You wanna go where everybody knows your name.
You want to go where people know, people are all the same;
You want to go where everybody knows your name
yes cheers, one of my personal fav back then, owner ted danson now in becker, dumb bartender woody harrelson, kristie alley, she was hot then, that short bitch rhea perlman, fat guy that drinks a lot of beer john goodman? no that was roseanne, george wendt yes, mr postman john ratzenberger and mr frasier himself kelsey grammer

4. airwolf
5. knight rider
6. family ties - michael j fox of spin city, justin bateman, catchy
7. growing pains
8. eight is enough
9. mcgyver - the man that can do anything with his swiss army knife
10. short dude that yell da plane da plane - fantasy island
11. charlie angels - original angels jaclyn smith, farrah fawcet n kate jackson, later was tanya roberts, cheryl ladd n tiffany welles, bo derek should have been cast as well together with ms big boobs then loni anderson

12. happy days - fonzi
13. different strokes - with that midget guy gary coleman
14. cosby show - 1 of the theme song resembles sex n the city
15. six miilion dollar man
16. combat
17. swat
18. starsky and hutch
19. tj hooker - william shatner
20. benny hill - would really like to see it again, might understand more now.

fat dude with sexy chicks, everybody's idol.

21. mind your language - english sictom with multinational learning english taught by mr. brown. looking for pictures. all i remember was that hot french and swedish babe danielle and ingrid.
22. black sheep squardon
23. mad about you.
23. thunder thunder thundercats
24. the transformer, robot in disguise
24. the hitch hiker, always late night on tv3 after majalah 3 and benny hill, plenty of skin
25. hill street blues, before nypd blue
26. silver spoons
27. dallas
28. knots landing - spin off from dallas
29. dynasty
30. the colbys - spin off of dynasty, hottest babe on the planet then, emma samms

31. captain caveeee mannnnnn
32. the jetson
33. duck tales
34. blue thunder - before airwolf
35. facts of life
36. magnum p.i. - mr moustache - tom selleck

37. that women with red hair - heres lucy
38. always threesome guy - threes a company - john ritter died in 2003
39. hot jinny in the bottle chick barbara eden - i deam of jeannie
40. malaysian own drama - empat sekawan - never watch it but recalled.

to be continue...

Thursday, January 05, 2006

how to be a happy malaysian ? simple. just follows these simple rules.

1. bn is always correct, if there are doubtful issues, it is because they are only trying to make life better for us.
2. whatever that is publish in the media is the truth.
3. dap stands for deceiving all ppl
4. pas stands for politics and sembayang
5. the internet is evil.
6. the police force are always there to serve and protect.
7. the govt servant are slow working because they are lowly paid and they have to start work at 7.30am.
8. proton is a good malaysian car
9. support the national carrier mas
10. malaysia boleh.

how then can you be a unhappy malaysia ?

internet is god

since malaysian always do what is easiest, then we are naturally, all unhappy malaysian.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

there's an article on mr. rocketman (lim kit siang) blog on boycotting of the media, newspaper i guess, i actually have not subscribe to the papers for two years, just buy the weekend edition to see what is going around the weekend and sale and that kind of stuff. star on sat & nst on sun, that's it. it's a good call actually to boycott the media primaryly the newspaper, i had a previous post on media prima, the govt connected company that owns nstp, tv3, tv8, tv9 & recently ntv7. news ? what news ? soon it will be like pyongyang with Kim Jong Il, eat and sleep and shit when we are told, watch and listen to songs like demi negara for the 3,697,969,756 times.

north korea president kim jong il

so what say you, shall we boycott ?
i dont recall malaysian ever stand up for anything in their life.
yes we shout and make a lot of noise, but the when the time comes for action, we shy away saying its not my fight.
boycotting on newspaper is very easy. save yer self rm1.20 a day, a month makes, rm36.00. i think total english circulation of paper is around 1/2 million correct me if i'm wrong here, so rm1.20 multiply by 500,000, u make rm600,000 a day multiply by 30 days thats rm18 million a month nst and star is short off, i guess.
so what say you, shall we boycott ?

lets show this ppl that you can fuck with newspaper readers but you cant fuck with bloggers