Friday, September 29, 2006

the raya month friday posting

there is only 2 thing that the raya month is good for.

1. the buka puasa food
2. the holiday.

other than that, it is all downhill.

1. gamen staff are now extra lazy, thus slow working and hot tempered (bcoz they are hungry of course)
2. not only are their work slow, they go back earlier too. so friday is practically like a fucking 1/2 day.
3. come raya, all gamen office are practically empty, skeleton crew. you got emergency documents to lodge with them, might as well go fuck yourself.
4. the fucking damn fucking loud meriam buluh. so fucking loud that my windows actually vibrate.
5. my office boy walks slower than a tortoise now.
6. the courier company, pick-up times becomes much much early like 2pm-3pm. thats is like just after lunch.
7. the pdrm are now having extra extra road blocks for whatever reasons they can come out with to make extra duit raya, so now i buckle up even just for a 2km drive.
8. apparently some schools closed their canteen, when the non-muslim population are only a minority. ok, very subjective, as malaysian biz are always about receiving and never giving. but how much does it take to feed 100 school children ?
9. traffic is extra heavy abt 1 hour before buka puasa time.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

do malaysians have phobia ?

i think phobia is a orang putih sickness.

i think it is most normal for orang putih to have phobia, but less normal for us (asians)/malaysian, i think. i believe most malaysian would agree. of course you cannot compare to eating a lipas. as that is more of a personal preference than phobia.

i mean if you are afraid of the dark, Achluophobia, our parents will damn whack kau you or lock you up in the toilet and off the lights, until your eyes are so acustom to the darkness that it shines like riddick. fear no more.

and if you have fear in flying (Aviophobia or Aviatophobia) which is not going to make much difference, as most malaysian dont fly, until no thanks to air asia now, everyone can fucking fly now.

and recently apparent, i read it somewhere, schools in the states dont allow peanut butter sandwich anyore. reason being, some kids are allergic to peanuts from being kept in a toooooo clean environment ! ok this is alergic not phobia, not related.

for any damn phobia, an asian parent will slap/kick/punch/whack kau/threathen/ until the child is totally free from any phobia, this save the parents money from sending them to theraphy.

the only phobia malaysian kids will have will be the fear of rotan, as the parent got rid of all the other fear by using the almighty rotan.

but i cant say for sure kids nowadays, spoilt and pampered.

Monday, September 25, 2006

malaysian chinese not marginalised ???

old man lee said Malaysian Chinese were being marginalised.

pak lah said old man lee statement was not fair and inappropriate

najib said it was naughty

syed said he was ter-nga-nga

"The Barisan Nasional, he added, was a responsible government that looked after the interests of all the communities and the Chinese, through the MCA and other parties, were involved in the Government’s power-sharing process."

ducky said you want proof ?

income tax public rulling 6/2006

Deductible legal and professional expenses

blah blah blah.....................

5.3 Preparation of accounts
(a) Ordinary expenses of keeping books and preparing financial records
and accounts including charges for accountancy work.
(b) Statutory audit fees expenditure [P.U.(A) 129 - Income Tax (Deduction
For Audit Expenditure) Rules 2006]

Non-deductible legal and professional expenses

blah blah blah.....................

6.3 Annual corporate filings and meeting expenses
(a) Secretarial fees.
(b) Annual general meeting expenses.

6.4 Income tax returns
(a) Cost of filing of tax returns and tax computations.
(b) Cost of appeal against income tax assessment i.e. to the Special Commissioners of Income Tax and the Courts.

for whatever reasons you want to think, this is what ducky says:-

bumi audit firm + bumi audit partners, quite a large number.
bumi tax agent & bumi secretarial ? very very little.

since both sec fee & tax fee is not a deductable item, i cant see us raising our fees in any near future, who the fuck would want to pay extra fees and cannot be a deductable item in the tax comp ? and further more our responsibility and accountability has been increased further. is like more responsibility for less pay.

how i see is the gamen fucking with my rice bowl here.

how about lawyers you ask ?

most of these expenses that are disallowed are already more or less being disallowed. such as properties and banking facilites.

inaccurate understanding ?

Friday, September 22, 2006

the friday post

finas proudly present to you, the malaysian version of dumb & dumberer,

si banggau & si mangkuk

Thursday, September 21, 2006

driving is all about good common sense II

I thought I answer some comments here, since it became rather long.


weeding out drivers would be a long and tedious process and might actually receive a lot disagreement from all level of ppl and further knowing our conutry benchmark, dangerous drivers might be only be those that has already kill someone on the road only.


driving is as dangerous as a loaded gun, put it into the wrong hands, ppl die. maybe the 3 point turn, balancing the car and the parking can be done on the jalanraya as well. so instead of you banging the pole, now you scratch the car, you fail, simple right ? cant hide that right ? open public test. yes yes how abt all those risk ? scratch cars and all ? are not life more important than money spent on scratch cars ? yes yes what if someone got knock down when they couldnt balance the damn car, then they should not have taken the test in the first place right ? it should not be because you have completed certain hours of driving and then you are allowed to take a test ? you take a test when and when you are ready and confident enough to take it, not other wise. how else do you suppose to have responsible and sensible drivers on the road.

You wanna bet those motor head out there with their modified tincan are not 25 and below ? a lot of college / universities kids are out there partying and drunk driving every single day. College kids are around the age of 18-23 ? Yes I could be generalizing, buts at least it is a reasonable benchmark. I have kids under 25 in my office, and every single one of them modified their tincan one way or another. And yes, all of them love to drive at break neck speed. Can I advise them ? fuck no. cause they’ll fuck me inside out when I do. Yes I also should not generalize my office mates, I guess I should also not generalize my office mates friends. And I should also not generalize those mat rempit. Am I generalizing too much ?

The point on the jpj officers being liable is to put some kind of accountability on them. By no means should the jpj officer approve someone driving test just because it is a normal cause of business. If you were to teach someone to drive, you can see and sense whether that someone is really ready or not just by observing them. Its not rocket science. Just some care and responsibility.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

driving is all about good common sense

one of the thing that pisses me off the most in my everyday life, are idiot drivers.

i have said it before and i will say it again, driving is not rocket science. all you need to have is good rational common sense. without this basic skills, you might as well stick to public transport.

good common sense will tell you if you park your car inconsiderately with 1/3 or 1/2 of your car sticking out of the parking space especially on a busy street, you will create unnessecary traffic jam.

good common sense will tell you if you double park your car along a pasar malam street, traffic will come to a halt.

good common sense will tell you if you park your car near a junction at an alley, you will make it very difficult for ppl with less maneuvering skills to negotiate that turn.

good common sense will tell you if you tailgate someone at 100km/h, chances of having a collision with the front car in case of an emergency is high.

good common sense will tell you if you modify you tincan to reach 300km/h without doing anything to the structure of the car will sent you to hell faster than you can recite your religious belief scriptures.

i think it is high time the jpj re-look into its driving licence approval system.

doing a 3 point turn, balancing the car on a slope, parking & the "jalan raya test" is by no means testing a person ability to drive in a real life situation. even to the extent of only permiting "very" qualified ppl run driving school or those 10-20 hours driving seminar and the probation period for passed drivers are just out of date.

for one, the age limit of 17 has to amended to at least 25. no doubt about it ppl under the age of 25 are irrational when they on the road. patienceless and aggresive. i know, i was one of them.
i believe some time ago the parliament wanted to raised the the age limit to 21 but was objected, that some "students" need to drive to school/college/universities ! what kind of fucking rational is that ? the importance of students to drive them self is more important than the life of other road users ? obviously the importance of one own selfishness got the better of the legislature. on the other hand it shows the MPs understanding of the lack of public transportation in the country ?

other aspect that the jpj can do is to make the officer that approve the driving test of that particular person be liable as well if that particular person got involved in an accident which is proven to be the fault of that particular person out of the reason of lack of driving abilities and skills. this it self can already deter bribery to the jpj officers.

will all these ever happen ? never i guess in tincan country.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

i think the pope meant what he said

yes. the pope knew exactly what he said, whether he was quoting history or not, he knew the consequences of his remark and he wanted the reaction of the fanatics muslim.

as you can see and read, the point is made.

extremist muslim around the world wants him dead. churches are torch. nun are threathen.

what part of his remark his not true ?

then why the apology ?

of course then not all muslim are fanatics or terrorist. the apology is to the sensible, reasonable and rational muslim that we also know off.

Monday, September 18, 2006

say you say me

Sometimes we ask a question when we already know the answer but somehow we insist on hearing it from being spoken by a particular person just to justify our curiosity.

Sometimes we raise a question, in which we have no idea what to do afterwards once the answer has been revealed to us but asking for the sake of asking.

Sometimes we ask a question in which we do not want to know the answer but made to do so just to prove to others we are fair.

Sometimes we say things we don’t really mean, only to retract it after a conflict arise from our misdeed.

But sometimes we purposely say things we shouldn’t say, but just to arouse the public opinion of us and later retract it but never ever really meant what we apologize for.

Why then do we ask and say things when we already know of the consequences to follow ?

Friday, September 15, 2006

Pak lah oh pak lah

Rm20 million state of the art security surveylance equipment and personnel for the Pm ? what the shit for ? who the fuck want to waste any fund just to waste this guy ? I think it must be for a Jacuzzi or swimming pool with waves and bubbles, or maybe a bowling alley or miniature golf setup. Or I know paint ball. Maybe state of the art computer to spy on all us bloggers. Better still steam and sauna room, complete with towel girls. Or is it some covert operation happening in Malaysia by the usa or some terrorist group we are not being told of.

I think the post of umno youth president and deputy seems to be the best position in this country. You can insult others, but others cannot do the same. For once I thought the Mca dudes are starting to grow some balls, but its just marbles I guess, the actual testicles are still being harvest. strawman argument by hishammuddin ?

You read that blog with his deep malay wording addressed to the king asking him to sack pak lah ? that’s some deep shit huh ? he must be interested in some free lodging in kamunting or sg buluh.

what the fuck are you doing pak lah ? wake up lah ? you have been sleeping for far too long. wake up and smell the shit. i think it is already knee deep. if you wait any longer, you'll be swimming in a pool of shit and spitting and swallowing shit as well.

please clean up your shit.

ok quick poll, if pak lah cannot do the job, who can ?

i vote for that cunning, sly and arrogant dentist, khir toyo.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

pak lah wake the fuck up !

Question to the person that is running the country at the moment, as whether it is Pak Lah, his son in law or even maybe still the old for all we know.

Where the fuck is the country heading towards ?

I think our country is really fucked right now. We are no where near the Singapore republic, Thailand attracts more foreign investment than before we can even say selamat datang. Vietnam is opening its economic doors, soon enough it will another China. That about leaves us with the Philiphines and Indonesia, what a fucking bench mark. Maybe even Myanmar or Laos.

As you all know, Malaysia benchmark is one that compares with a weaker nation not a superior one. I believe both Taiwan and South Korea started their developing country about the same time as we did, look where they are now ? light years ahead.

Our LRTs which only appear in the late 90s, which Singapore has been using since early 80s, connect to practically no where. A useful transportation that reduce traffic congestion, that is somehow built conveniently along the path where the majority malays lives or where nobody lives at all. Outside my house window I can see 3 different track, lrt, ktm & klia/central. Which dickhead thought of this ???

As most developing nation concern itself of how to become a fully develop nation, Malaysia on the other hand pride itself for retaining a loss national carrier, a poor quality car, retaining its bumiputra status, an Islamic nation, an Islamic protector, welcome doors to millions of muslim buruh kasar from indonesia and filipina that creates problems, get the fuck out policy for non-muslim professional white collar workers that contribute taxes to the country and everything under the sun that does not contribute to the nation building of the country. Even if so, it is only for the main cause of gaining more power and money for the selected few.

As the years go by, I do not see my future in this country at all, it is and will forever be a malay land, which only has interest in promoting itself through only a few thousand handful of them. Why be a second hand citizen in your own country when you can do it elsewhere.

I know everything look fine and dandy right now, but I doubt it will last, as our leaders has no intention to move forward as they are afraid of losing what they have gain through all those long years. It has always been about them and it will continue to be about them.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

stop and listen for a change

a little holiday with nature always change our view of how we have been seeing things. or maybe it is because during this little trips with nature we shut off our handphone, stop watching the tv, stop listening to the radio, have no internet connectivity, in other words we have gone back to nature and watch and listen to what nature has to say.

and what did nature say ?

close you eyes and listen.

Friday, September 08, 2006

i also want to be a MP lah

If financial instruments officers were caught mishandling the company’s money they go to jail as this is a serious crime.

But what happen when state level officers miss-uses funds specially allocated for the poor ?

Nothing. Nobody goes to jail or prison.

If the Securities Commission realized that your Company shares are in a suspicious state they haul you up to the SC and begin questioning you, together with a present of a policeman maybe. After that maybe the Bursa might even call you up to explain of the suspiciousness of your Company’s shares.

But what happen when a GLC does all of the above ?

Nothing. You can even have some senior SC or FIC or the PM to say, it is OK, as it is done for the good of the rakyat.

If you have unsettle traffic summons you will not be able to renew your driving license and road tax.

But what happen when a MP has unsettled traffic summons for years ?

Nothing, driving license and road tax got renewed as well. No policeman came knocking at their doors and they didn’t get handcuff and they didn’t even need to appear before the court.

If you joined in a protest of some sorts with the present of FRU, and you try to break the FRU line, chances you be having a bleeding head or broken back.

But if you are the son of a certain leader, then you can push the FRU as hard as you like, so that they can leave a small little gap for you to crawl through. Broken bones and bleeding head ? No of course the FRU like to be serving in vladisvostok for the rest of his life.

come next election, i think i would like to contest under the MCA seat in Taiping. Can ah ?

Thursday, September 07, 2006

lets beat the traffic lights, its only Rm50 for kicks !

The very reason why traffic summons are to be high is to deter ppl from breaking them. Unless of course you are bolehland vip & vvip. Then it don’t mean squat. High traffic summons are there because our country has a rather quite high mortality rate involving traffic accidents annually. And this rates jump up quite significantly especially during those hari raya & cny festival.

Lowering traffic summons with or without consulting the transport ministry is irrelevant as because it has to be the dumbest idea these policy makers has ever come out with. With the excuse of reducing the rakyat burdens is even worst than lowering the traffic summons alone.

From tax point of view, fines and penalties are non deductable items as plainly explain in any tax reference book, expenses paid for breaking the law cannot be a dedutable item. This is very clear and easily understood.

So from how I understand this reducing the rakyat burdens is to encourage the ppl to commit more traffic offense, which in the first place is already being done without any punishment (double parking, illegal parking, overtaking on corners/double lines, illegal car modification, etc). and to curb bribe offering among the traffic offenders ? come on lah it will just be a simple mathematical recalculation, for what a Rm50 can do, now will be reduce to either Rm10-Rm30.

If there is any reduction, then it should be just to clear off outstanding summonses by 50-70% just like what those Mp got.

Actually present rates are quite low if you ask me, to deter traffic offenders, try increasing the present traffic summons from Rm300 to Rm1,000 at least. Then that make sense. To curb briberies ? installation of video camera on the dash board of all traffic police cars. Ya lah I know dream on. A waste of more of the rakyat money.

Monday, September 04, 2006

fucking budget 2007

Well I just like to assume that I was misunderstood in my previous post. And I wont comment on that.

Fucking budget 2007. Goodies to the poor and the rich.

Once again the budget under pak lah bring no goodies to the medium income earners maybe for that no exam fees. I don’t really remember how much was the school exam fees, but I don’t really think it should make a dent to the medium income earners, as most medium income earners don’t have that many children as well.

What that was wish for that the life insurance / epf be increase to Rm8,000 did not happen, is this to be left for election year ? if it is true, then I will personally spread this news around. Fucking Bn blood suckers.

We know why life insurance relief cannot be increase, we don’t buy takaful !

And to make matter worst, the tax rebate of Rm500 for the purchase of computer has been withdrawn and replace with a Rm3,000 tax relief. The difference is of course a lot.

Medium income earners taxable income are mostly in the range of Rm20,000-Rm45,000, unless of course have bad tax planning. The tax rate for this tax brackets are 7%-13%. Which means instead of a tax rebate of Rm500, the most you can deduct for a Rm3,000 computer is 7%/13% X Rm3,000 = Rm210/Rm390.

But to top it up the civil servants will be receiving bonuses for all the fuck up and time wasting job they did. Working for gamen Its like freaking holiday. 30 days annual leave, 5 days work, 3 hours lunch break on Friday, morning tea break, afternoon tea break.

I work in a accounting firm. We are the ppl that have daily transaction with them. Be it the custom, income tax, business registration, company registration, immigration, local authorities, etc. you name it, we fucked them before. you think they deserve the bonus like those ppl they interview on TV ? ask me I’ll give you a shit load. Its even Friday and I already have to start fucking the gamen. Fucking aye.

doing tags

Six random facts abt myself

1. I look younger than my age. The casino at genting check my ic until I was like 25
2. I am from taiping
3. I used to ride my bike till 180km/h, till it broke, now I drive at snail pace.
4. I don’t like to wear safety belt
5. I rather be fine than to bribe the authorities, but my wife the accountant felt a Rm50 bribe is better than a Rm300 fine. (the fine is for not wearing a safety belt of course !)
6. I used to rare dwarf hamster, until I realized it was bad for my health.

i will not tag anyone.

Friday, September 01, 2006

we dont want a new gamen, we just want them to be responsible.

this past few days the pps has been full of posting on merdeka, both for and against why there is a need to celebrate.

but surprisingly there seems to be more bloggers welcoming the merdeka celebration than those who felt there is nothing much to shout about after 49 years of independence.

some of felt that under the colonial rule, we might be better off, which i would agree. but i doubt our malay brethens who benefit much from it. which we wont go further into.

since there is much sentiment to celebrate another year of independence especially from the blogsphere, i realised as much as we F the gamen, somehow there is a level of acceptance by most ppl, that the present gamen is not really bad.

i dont think we want a revolution to bring down the current gamen. i dont think we want another may 13 incident and i dont think we wanted colonial rule as well.

yes malaysia gamen is corrupted, but which nation is not, maybe those scandinavian countries are not, but most nations have some level of corruption, but the only difference is the level of corruption and the acceptance level by the rakyat.

malaysia is not as corrupt as lets say, philipines, or indonesia or india or china or say south america, ok maybe we should be comparing against better developing countries. but maybe there is a need of some level of corruption to keep a balance of some sort.

i dont think we are asking for 0 corruption in this country. i think what we want is some level of accountability and responsiblity by the authorities. to admit their mistake when they have done it and to seek the rakyat for forgiveness. to be transparent in implementing project rakyat which the rakyat can gain full benefits from such development. not ample of white elephant projects which only benefitting those that construct it and the usage is irrelevant like all those rakan muda complexes.

i dont think the rakyat are asking alot. i put in more than a months work to be pay for a month salary, why cant the authorities do the same ? i am not rich nor am i poor. i am at the level where changes in gamen planning affects me one way of another. there are many of us in the same situation. maybe if the authorities were to be in our position at the receiving end, then they would understanding why we rant a lot of anti gamen sentiment. not because we like but it is affecting our livelihood and our family.

i have a merdeka wish, i wish that the ppl in power of the gamen, look back at them self when they were kids and all those fond and sweet memories of their kampung and school life before they start implementing new policies and developments for the nations.