Tuesday, October 31, 2006

who the fuck is TM kidding ?

i'm not sure whether TM advertised this on local papers, cause i got this off from Forbes magazine.

if you click on the picture, you'll see a larger and clearer picture.

the caption ?

"one company is making a world of difference in the lives of over 1.8 billion people"

"TM-the emerging leader in asian communications"

making a world of difference ? yes TM got that right smack correct, shocking the world with its shitmyx reliability and shit fast speed.

emerging leader ? i though singtel was no 1 all the while, where did TM get this idea of being asian no. 1.

oops silly me, i cant compare shitmyx with what TM sells outside malaysia.

just like its other big brothers proton & mas.

proton is selling triple layer tin cans in england and with leather sits, cd player, sun roof & sport rims at not premium price.

while mas claim to have won numerous airline awards around the world while making shitty losses.

which reminds me of this forbes article on the same issue. with this remark from a judge

"you got a bottom-decimal performer and a company paying top-decimal wages."

welcome to malaysia.

Friday, October 20, 2006

friday pre-deeparaya posting

During the july 2006 tax submission deadline, for all the 31 December 2005 accounting year end, all the professional bodies need to practically beg at the mercy of the income tax authorities to extend the 31 july 2006 deadline to 14 august 2006. this is very practical since the majority of the companies in Malaysia uses the 31 december year end. And after a VERY BIG fuss the lhdn gave in.

And now, for the tax submission deadline of 31 october 2006 for the accounting year end of 31 march 2006, the lhdn has decided to extent this deadline to 14 november 2006 after receiving a letter from the Malaysia institute of taxation for such a request.

Now I doubt that there are a any vast numbers of company with the 31 march 2006 year end nor the Indian community accounting/taxation firm were given this extra privileges cause you don’t see the lhdn extending the june/july/ accounting year end which the submission is due jan/feb which normally coincides with the cny.

This is actually our fucking lazy gamen attitude of working. Which represent the majority of a particular race attitude towards work. If you actually think about it, it is always about the gamen not the rakyat interest put to order. 23 october being a holiday for the civil servant means the bank Negara will be closed, thus all financial institution in the country will also be closed as well.

Remember sometime ago when we won some sports event and they cant even declare the next day a holiday but to be postpone to some Saturday day ? and they claimed that the klse need to be running due to international blah blah blah ? whats their excuse now ?

Even though the dead line of 14 november 2006 is only applicable to income tax submission, it indirectly means that most gamen office will not be running 100% till at least the 1st week of November. So if you got any urgent matter that you need the gamen approval or endorsement I suggest you do it today or else wait till November. Even most of our courier services wont reach anyway until next Thursday.

Short story is whether it is a pak lah or old tun or najib or hishamuddin, or whomever sitting at the PM throne, it is always about them, “government of the umno, by the umno, for the umno, shall not perish from the earth."


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

18% or 45%, ducky think the actual figures was never meant for public eyes.

18% or 45%

i think we are slowly heading towards russian policy many years ago, where they have like 3 exchange rates.

we will use the 18% when we need to claim that the malays are not reaching the required nep of 30%

when we need to show the world how progressive the malays has been since merdeka, the 45% or maybe even a larger figure might be used.

and lastly, to show that we are making progress towards 2020, a moderate figure of anything than merdeka days and maybe 20 years ago like say 22% might be used.

and if you are not agreeable with such figures, you should ask nicely. how do you ask nicely ? i have no fucking idea. there are no guidelines provided just like finas !

ducky thinks the asli report is true and accurate, the other figures which was made out of thin air was never suppose to be question at all. and the asli report was never to be surface. cause todate i havent heard a single logical answer as to how this equation came about. i mean if this figure was actually not made out of thin air, the moment anyone question it, an accurate pinpoint answer will be produced. because it is actually made out of thin air, the method of calculation cannot be produced just yet.

and if you had follow the suhakam inquiry on the bloody sunday, you would soon realised, this magic 18% figure will also be answers in a most mind boggling manner that will not make any accouting, financial, taxation or even valuation sense.

because it was actually made out of thin air.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

malaysiakini on suhakam inquiry on bloody sunday

If you had read the suhakam inquiry on the bloody Sunday fuel protest in malaysiakini, you might be scratching your head in disbelieve.

First one of the FRU officers said that there was no element of violence that happen and was shock to the claim that FRU were beating protesters.

This is not shocking, as our authorities are always denying all sorts of allegation. Or the truth to a certain extent. Maybe he wasn’t there, so he didn’t see any violence.

Come to think of it, our gamen practically denies every single allegations made by any foreign media. Such as, the haze in this country is not as bad as what was reported. We are not mistreating our native ppl. There is little illegal logging in sabah & Sarawak. Our Malaysian Chinese are better off than the malays. My son and son in law has nothing to do with that. We do not have any immigrant problems in sabah. Etc, etc, etc.

But when the other police dude said the following, I was truly scratching my kapala.

“The Malaysian public is not mature enough. Bystanders passing by will be easily influenced and get dissatisfied and irritated with the speakers uttering scathing words about the government.”

“These words will provoke them to join in the rally blindly without thinking rationally,”

“Shouting, chanting and holding placards and banners were gestures of losing temper and these kinds of emotional appearances can affect their judgement,”

Lets recall back when khairy and his gang was protesting outside the American embassy, I believe they were Shouting, chanting and holding placards and banners and not mistaken, there was also fire present, burning flags and effigy. Then they pushed their way passed the FRU to go inside the American embassy. And this wont turned into a riot ! fantastic, I’m speechless.

I believe if suhakam had asked that police dude this question, he would not be able to answer. I though suhakam was doing an inquiry but I guess its only a sit down and listen session.

Monday, October 16, 2006

monday blues

The indon president apologise, so fucking what, is the sky any bluer ? hell no fucking shit. Matter of fact It don’t even look like it is going to go away. It rain like horses & buffalo yesterday and the sky was still as hazy like it did not rain.

Their officials at the embassy has already told us to fuck off since they fault us for not thanking them for providing us with a statefull of Kalimantan oxygen. And neither are they like storm of x-men which can summon the wind and rain.

Their officials at Indonesia pulak said they are flat broke. The only equipment that they can offer is their dick for putting out small fires like bbq & cigarette butts.

I don’t see any point any one making any fuss about the haze anymore, it is and will be an annual affair from now on. No amount of political pressure will even make them move a single inch to battle this hazy situation.

Else we nuke them with 200 tons of pork meat!!!

But if you put all these hazy days together, i doubt it can beat that Takaful chap so call internal memo of non deepavali greetings by muslim.

curiously isnt this inciting racial and religious hatred among malaysian ? then why isnt this chap being hauled up to kamunting yet ?

non action by the gamen only means it approve of it, silently of course.

i cant see any difference of the pope speech, old man lee racial remark against the muslim and this internal memo against the indians. on both occasions the gamen demanded an apology, and when one was given but by not retracting their remarks, the gamen demanded more. the indians in the country should so demand that right.

then there was that perak mufti chap trying to clarify the air on this issue that it is ok to wish your fellow indians happy deepavali but not to join in the celebration or any practice that is unislam.

then i should suggest that all those islam officer in this country that loves to check on ppl berkhalwat-ing or not puasa-ing, to arrest all those muslim that are playing with all sorts of fire crackers ready made or self made as these are very non islamic values. i believe these are cny celebration activities.

so if they cannot refrain their muslim ppl by not playing with firecrackers which i doubt so, please stop making all these ridicolous kongsiraya and deeparaya racial slur.

and if they wont, i just cannot wait for XMASRAYA. that would be explosive !

Sunday, October 08, 2006

todays api reading is only 50 !

friday and saturday api reading were both in the 100 region, but cleared up on saturday evening.

today, sunday, looks as bad as friday and saturday, but the doe is only giving a reading of 50++ !

you believe this doe fellars ? i know for sure high api readings are bad for tourism. so is this a cover up action ?

the moment you touch down at klia, any tourist would have known they have been con !

but there is one i cant make how accurate it is. Jb is giving a reading of 141 at 11am today, but the northern part of singapore which is the nearest part to Jb is having a reading of 80 only. dont tell me the tambak johor makes 60 points in reading difference.

or maybe we dont use the same scale for reading the polution index ?

or malaysia is trying to discredit singapore by saying Jb is at unhealthy level which means singapore also has bad api readings.

or singapore is hiding its true api readings ?

i dont know, as politics are always very complicated.

this is from my house looking out at doe api reading of 50++.

Friday, October 06, 2006

the friday hazy post

Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

It appears to me that you are not interested in combating this current haze situation for whatever reasons. As at to date, I have not read any constructive solution from your administrative office to overcome this unhealthy air from your lovingly neighbor Indonesia other than just casual peeing from the mighty hercules.

To back my accusation of you, I believe there was a cabinet meeting recently to approve 23rd of October 2006 as a public holiday for the civil servant. As a mat public, it appears to me again that taking a holiday is far more important than taking care of serious business in the country such as this hazy problem.

I have no interest to hear you say that you will set up a committee to look into this matter or you will be sending a team to Indonesia to investigate how serious the matter is. The very fact that the entire skyline of Kuala Lumpur has disappear is a good enough indicator that the haze has reached a serious level.

The only team that you should be sending over to Indonesia is the TUDM or the TLDM or the country frontliners nothing else.

If you need to reach the Indonesia president there is always the email or the telephone or just plain old snail mail.

I believe the readings in most places has reached about 100, which accordingly to the DOE is unhealthy level. But knowing well how your administrative office works, some great sufferings has to come to your citizens before you would even bother to lift a single finger to take any drastic actions.

And as usual if i do decide to sent this mail to you, the best that you can answer is, you would look into the matter.

I cannot predict how the Bursa will be doing next year, but i am sure the haze will still be here next year.


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

itu jerebu sudah mali lagi

every fucking year is the same fucking thing.

about before or after around now, the fucking thick cloud of fire burnt smell would make its presence here in malaysia and its neighbours.

every fucking year we would sent some fucker there to make a formal complain. thats all.

then the mother would come back and tell us they are burning their crops illegally in indonesia.

no shit, we dont need to go over to indon to know that, we can fucking smell it here.

so what is the gamen doing this time around ? looks like fucking nothing to me.

pak lah is more concern abt his future as the Pm. his son in law is running around the country doing and saying whatever he pleases.

the old tun continue to make fun of pak lah.

so who the fuck is handling this matter ?

i got a feeling, nobody seems to care abt this hazy situation.

it is strange, you have an ass hole as a neighbour but you dont do nothing abt it.

i hope the haze cover up singapore as well, then we can expect someone with balls to go and fuck this fucking indonesia once and for all, with foreign preasure and all.

i believe last year syed said that it was not good to put foreign preasure on indonesia, as we were good fucking neighbours. i doubt indonesia see it that way.

i see indonesia taking malaysia like a dumpster, export their over populated population to sabah and then throw their fucking haze in our face.

and our gamen just sit there and shakes their ball.

oh yes i forgot, some influential person need to die from the haze before any action would be taken of course. then a committe would be set up to determine the dangerous level of haze !!! and a report would be out in like year. then its next year all over again !!!

isnt that great !

Monday, October 02, 2006

is csi for real ?

if you notice one thing about csi, they seems to be very concern abt the dead more than the alive.

just on a hunch of being a murder suspect, they drag you in and perform test on you. talk abt being fair.

the fact that the dead person was an arse-hole or a sosial nuisance is not consider. the cantoenese term "tai sei" is also not applicable, i guess a csi sees a drunk husband that beats the children and the wife is not encourage, but the moment wife out of anger and frustration of all the beatings she received, decided to pull out a magnum 44 and blow the mother fucker to kingdom come is just blardy murder.

how do you justify that ? huh csi ? must it always be everyone deserve a chance ? and murder is not an answer ? fuck csi, the social shit or a sampah masyarakat that is a nuisance and creates all sorts of social problem if eradicate should be applause, but csi sees it as muder.

how about a cop killer ? or worse still a family killer. imagine this crazy lunatic, comes into your home, pull out a shot gun and start firing away, killing every member of your family, somehow you manage to live out of whatever grace there is left in this world. since a lunatic person cannot actually be sentence to prison as they are not mentally stable, so they might serve in the mental institution whether they are pretending or not. so you are not happy, decided to pay this guy a visit, took out a parang while he is sleeping and hack him into 30 pieces. lunatic dead, you're charge with murder and you go to prison.

how fair is that ?

maybe all that csi horseshit is just entertainment, but i wouldnt know.

but the only quote i remember and liked was from csi miami, when horatio said "hidden for us to find". this is really like the chinese saying "cah tow"