Monday, January 21, 2008

Thaipusam = HINDRAF

Finally Thaipusam has been declared a Public Holiday in the Federal Territories.

And everybody can thank only one single party that contributed to that feat.


It has nothing to do with Samy or MIC or Dollah. As far as we all knew, Samy has been begging Prime Ministers for decades for this holiday. And every year he will come out with the same shit that he also had to take leave for Thaipusam. And the BN answer was always that Federal Territory already had too many Public Holidays, and that was that.

And now with the General Election around the corner, low support from the Rakyat, even lower support from the Indians minority, the BN being cornered, starts shoving gifts up our asses.

Next before you know, The Keris Wielding Man, Hishammuddin will declare again that schools are really free and that schools will refund all additional fees that has been charged. To top that EPF comes out with a 7.00% dividend ! FINAS decide to allow some R-Rated movies at the Cineplexes after midnight to married couple only, FELDA will be giving more free land to the Bumis, Petrol prices will be re-subsidise at RM1.33 if the Rakyat gives the BN a 2/3 majority and an even lower subsidy of up to RM1.00 if BN win by a landslide. Other freebies might include a free Proton Juara with every Perdana bought, an air asia ticket to Golok for every MAS return ticket bought to Had Yai and a life time ASTRO subscription with the minimum package of course when you trade in your Vios/City/Sentra/Avanza/ for a Proton.

Talking about Astro, I think I would like to come out with a bumper sticker that sound like this