Monday, July 30, 2007

ducky's monday blues

Interesting enough, ducky use to like to judge a book by a cover, yellow hair dude – cd/vcd/dvd peddler, smoking bitches – hookers, neatly dressed men – queers and so on. Until one fine day, I saw a dude with a spiky yellow hair and he was a youth pastor. Then at the pasar malam, right smack in the center of it was an old man selling corn, he was yapping away of how sweet his corn was in Cantonese when all of a sudden as he heard the buying pairs asking each other how many corns they should buy, and the old started to talk English like your old school teacher would be doing ! Speaking – wah caya lah lu ! like my malay buddies back in those 90s would used to say.

Through enough, recently I had an interview and this person see fit enough for him to read me like he knew me, and he felt I wasn’t enthusiastic enough to join his big firm, of course I wasn’t enthusiastic enough like a graduate seeking for his first job. I’m 34, and I’m offering my service to you and at all times I will be remain calm and cool even if your roof come falling down on me. So he felt I should dance a little so to speak to sell my self. I just look calmly at him smile a little and sort of thank him for his time in a way.

I guess this is why most Malaysian after hitting 30 or more decides to start their start their own ventures irrelevant whether it would succeed or not. It’s like a way of showing their ex-bosses or people that didn’t employ them what they could have gotten. But too fucking bad Malaysian employers seem to take it for granted that their employees owed them a duty because they pay them a salary.

Your employer can never be your friend no matter how nice they are, they are nice for the same reason you brown nose yourself. It work both ways. When you are under employed you are a slave in a way, when you leave you become a threat to them.

Same way these BN knuckle heads are doing to us. They like us to be under their paws, afraid of them with their Sedition Act, their Internal Security Act, their samseng FRU thugs. Throwing their trump cards whenever we sang too loud, May 13, Islam insulting, King insulting.

The fact of matter that this BN bums are throwing out low punches at us only signify one single thing. Our shots has been accurate. To those responsible bloggers knights we salute you. Soon we will be hanging posters of them in our room and doors courtesy of mob1900 of course.

The General Election will be coming soon, register yourself and vote AGAINST BN.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I dont play that many PS2 games, but there are 4 specific games that i enjoyed, loved and will continue to play over and over again until my PS2 is broken or otherwise.

1. GTA San Andreas
I guess this is everyone all time favourite, no doubt about it, from street brawling to kung fu fighting to taking down an entire Military post arm with an AK47 or whatever you fancy and then to drive a wide range of cars that you can put nitro on and do all crazy ridicolous stunts with motorbikes, planes, helicopter, speedboats and even a bicycle.

2. Mercenaries Play Ground of Destruction
I'm not sure many played this, but if you did, you know what is install for any GTA fans. Instead of cars, now you get to drive a wide range of military vehicles, from tanks to armoured vehicle and even a Russian made chopper that look like that Apache (sorry i have limited military knowledge, unlike my friend kim soon and andrew !) And not to mentioned mind blowing guns like the surface to air missille launcher.

3 & 4. God of War I & II
Between GTA and this, I might choose Kratos as the ultimate man warrior. Game play is simple, kill ! kill ! and kill ! again. Anyone come in your way, unleash your blades and cincang them to pieces, if they are still alive, unleash your other magical powers to weaken them and then finish them off with your mighty blades again.

Ducky writing a game review ? Nooooooooooooo, Kratos the character of God of War is a Spartan, which was the only thing that reminded me when I saw the preview for 300 earlier this year. And when i finally watch it thanks to AXXO, sure enough, it was Kratos all again.

300 was a spectacular film about the Spartan soldiers. In the beginning of the film, a summarize idea of what a Spartan soldier citizen faced to become what he is today. And the fighting scene, might be too gross for some, but for Kratos fans, it was what expected. What do you expect, THIS IS SPARTA !

If you had not known about Sparta or the Spartan Army, i suggest you google it yourself and do some reading. But since all this are Greeks histories and legends, bare in minds that some facts might be fictional or mythicals as like our Hikayat Hang Tuah and Puteri Gunung Ledang. Do read also about the Battle of Thermopylae.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

TV Series 24

I must be the last person on earth to start watching TV series 24.
Just finish watching Season 1, now gong on to season 2, 14 episodes later, and it is better than season altogether.
When i first started to watch it, Jack Buer seems like a real SOB, always bitching about something or someone, a short fused guy with no respect for the law and authority. Doing anything he likes just because he think it is right so.
But as the show progress, you realised that the SOB is just really a mixed mofo. With years of doing intel for the govt, his mind is so fuck up that he starts to suspect every single one.
Season 2 start off with a bang, killing of FBI suspects and cutting off his head, Jack shows why he is the real thing, because he gets the job done no excuse. Season 2 really starts to show Jack characteristic as a soldier rather than a intelligence agent at the CTU.
And btw CTU is just a fictional govt agency. Thou in actual real life such a anti terrorist do exist but not under the name of CTU.
Season 3 is on the way, with Season 2 about to complete.
Wont be too soon when i reach the current season of 6. Heard that Season 7 & 8 is well on the way as well. 24 looks like Alias, but i feel Alias is just a girlie show.