Friday, February 09, 2007

Pak Lah says malaysia is super

It looks like this is the first time ever in Pak Lah administrative office that they are going on with their plan without a hitch for them so far.

2007 was celebrated with a bang.

We had that big sculpture in titiwangsa.

Toll increase was played down by all major newspaper

Telling us that our country has made extremely good progress since the 1990s in economy growth.

People that don’t agree with the Government policy are being sued.

People that reveal so call secrets of the Government are being threaten for imprisonment.

While the rakyat are being told to spend less, the government went ahead to buy a kapal terbang, since the traffic in klang valley is already unbearable.

To beat the traffic jam in klang valley some funny tunnel was constructed but it will not be free.

And to make us all happy, all the major newspaper played their role by putting large prints as headlines “EPF PAYS 5.15% DIVIDEND !”

Wow ! that’s extraordinary, 3% whole percent more than last year ! I’ll be singing all the way to the bank. I believe jeff ooi mentioned something about EPF was 8% then during the 1990s and since the country has progress much compared to then why 5.00%++ ?

not only is pak lah stupid, a sleepy head, a retarded, he is also a fucking LIAR. saying Malaysia has progress so much since donkey years. and for all you know he is using par value for the 1990s figure and then market value for the 2000s, then claimed the IMF supported the methodology.


Thursday, February 08, 2007

So Pan Asian arent allowed to do advert, boo hoo

I don’t get it.

I just don’t get why people are all so piss off over the news that those so call pan-asian look people should not appear on TV adds anymore.

What is so sad about that ?

It just creates more job opportunity for ali, ravi & ah chong, so why all the cursing ?

Why you are not ali, ravi & ah chong ?

Don’t you feel that most of these orang putih mix people seems to feel that it is that god given right to appear on media because they look much better and they sound more professional with an accent or a fake one. And that their thinking are much more broader since they have live in overseas before. Blah blah blah.

What about ali, ravi & ah chong, don’t they deserve the right as well ?

Just because they are not as fortunate to have live overseas, makan bacon & eggs for breakfast, have afternoon tea, exposed to different culture, mixing with a variety of foreign people or breathe the orang putih air ! does that make them less equal ?

Fuck, don’t tell me about demand and supply, if the govt demand of such rules and regulation then the fucking people that create such media would simply comply.

Then what, these ‘cham peng’ will be unemployed ? fuck noooo. Most, (means not all) are comfortably well off, have you ever seen a Eurasian beggar ? fuck no. how about those salesman/women that sell those Rm10 things, have you ever seen a cham peng doing that ? have you seen a champ peng working for peanuts in a accounting firm ? fucking no no no.

This is because most cham peng is not going to sweat it out for a living.

So why are you still cursing ?

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

How qualified is Hishamuddin ?

This is very interesting.

Read from Malaysiakini, “Education NGOs meet United Nations Human Rights Council, special rapporteur, Vernor Munoz Villalobos”

Dr Kua Kia Soong, principle of New Era College owned by Dong Jiao Zong (DJZ), told him this,

1. “Every year, there is increasing enrolment of students (in Chinese and Tamil primary schools), but the number of schools are being reduced,”

2. “students in universities and colleges are being restricted in voicing opinions on current affairs such as education issues”

Wonder what will the BN Govt think of this ?


“The special rapporteur is an independent expert appointed by the UN Commission on Human Right to help states, and others, to promote and protect the right to education. Villalobos is currently serving in the Costa Rican Ombudsman’s office, and teaches at the Latina University in Costa Rica as professor of civil rights. He has vast experience in mainstreaming human rights in strategic planning, especially in the field of education."

Best man for the JOB wont you say ?

how about Hishammuddin ?

from wikepedia,

"Prior to his commencing his political career, Hishamuddin was formerly a lawyer with the large Malaysian firm of Shearn Delamore and Lee Hishammuddin."

emmph, a lawyer, a politician and now an educator ? what do you get ?

a crooked & corrupted future.


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

In the name of the father

If there was one show that I will watch over and over again whenever it is on Astro, is “In the name of the father”

The tagline from IMDB,

“Falsely accused, wrongly imprisoned, he fought for justice to clear his father's name”

Police, judges, political figures, government & country, all corrupted and lies to protect whom ? To protect the wicked, corrupted, liars, pretenders and traitors of the leaders of nations which whom pays for their blood stained living.

While the corrupters and the nation robbers are roaming freely in the country being backed by powerful and rich allies, the truth seekers, the justice bloggers, the joe public are being smacked down by police brutality to scare the living daylights out of their soul, thrown into the jail, sued, summon, and robbed in broad daylight with the ever increasing toll, utilities tariffs, invisible services, import duties, excise duties and any other taxes and duties the government can come up with.


Sunday, February 04, 2007

Fake Leaders

Our gamen seems to think it is one big shot country, representing a false identity to foreigners.

Many people seem to think that the FTA with the US is not a good idea.

On the overall its not a good idea, as it has produce some feedback as to why the talk was so important.

Normally these US people are rather strict and seldom negotiate, but they seems to understand our bumi rights ? And our oil contract with Iran ?

It would seem like it is important to a certain quarters than a whole nation dont you think ?

And the factor on our side which shows what the keris wielding man said was right, that they will shed blood to protect their bumi rights - No Bumi Rights, No FTA talks.

Lets not compare countries or gamen, as that will take us no where, just look at malaysia.

being a member of UN but don’t recognizing UNHCR, given if it was a an Indonesian asylum seeker, the story would be different.

Our petrol prices is the lowest in the region, gamen comparing petrol prices to justify the increase

This is malaysia we have a different idea on freedom, justifying why we lack freedom of speech

The litrak agreement is under OSA top secret, justifying why 4 opposition leaders must be jailed

Water tariff agreement is also under OSA but can shown to investor, to justify the increase in water tariffs

Bottom line, our fake gamen being run by pretending liars and sons of bitches assholes, just twist and turn the so call law to their liking, if it was for their own good, the legal system is the law, if it is against them, by all means crush the legal systems.

And the judges ? Short of understanding the legal procedure you and me can become better judges, as we would actually think before passing judgment. These judges most of the time have already been told what to say, better yet, precedent, one case for all.

I saw this movie on astro that day, 'higher learning' they had this quote,

Without struggle, there is no progress. (Quoted from Frederick Douglas)

What if I continue with this, would it make any sense ?

Without struggle, there is no progress.
Without progress, there is no development
Without development, there is no future
Without future, there is no us

Election is coming, be wise, if you have been voting for the BN all your life out of fear of may 13, then you are the victim, that is some 30 years old incident, yes the tension might be the same now, but we are much matured now, don’t under estimate the malays, not all of them are like what the pretenders leaders of the country portrays. They also has progress much as we had.


Friday, February 02, 2007


News on the opposition leaders being quizzed and charged for releasing the so call OSA documents has got ducky all charged up, and this being friday, it's just perfect.

now its crystal clear. pak lah or badawi or the eunoch PM or sleepy head or whatever name that pleases you is a fucking balless prick. the man, no, calling him a man is too much of an honour. the fucking balless prick is a fucking pussy. that dickhead cannot be criticise. i doubt a backbone can even be found.

dont have the balls to cough up an answer for the toll concession agreement question, just did the only thing his puny dinasour pea brain could come up with, "eer, eer, samy why dont we lock them up dude ?" samy, replied " excelent dude", and he continue jamming his guitar"

it is wrong, it is so fucking wrong to lock up agreements made with private firms to suck up the hard earn rakyat duit. if it is a trade secret, or military thingy, or some whatever really secret stuff, then its ok. here you have more or less all the projects that suck up the rakyat duit into somebody pockets as an OSA. it cannot get any more coincidence than this.

where is the fucking transparency you fucking balless prick has been chanting about, asking us to work with you to achieve whatever so called achievement you think it is. and dare you claim that you still got support from the rakyat.

here is my fucking support for you