Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Year end post

AhH, the final post of the final day of the final year.

Young folks will be partying all night long on the streets, in the pubs, in someone house, on the beach, in the pool, in the bed, on the toilet bowl, in the toilet bowl, under the toilet bowl, naked, half naked, topless, drunk, dizzy, getting pregnant, getting ass fuck, twosome, threesome, foursome, fivesome, gangbang, beach orgy, pool orgy, sheep fucking, dog fucking, chicken fucking, vomitting through the mouth and nose, blowjob, car racing, bike racing, foot racing, cock fights, pussy fights, and whatever else young folks like to do during this night, please please do it a little further from my home, cause i am married with 2 kidz and i can't be doing that.

happy new year.   

Monday, December 15, 2008

Gods of Genting

Emmph, After Bukit Antarabangsa, why not Genting Highland ?

Well, why not ?

Most major religions disapprove gambling.

All the other attractions are just decorations.

In a region where Casinos are scarce the chances of winning is most probably well below average compare to places like Las Vegas.

And yet every fucking day the most foolish yet greediest Chinese idiots drive themselves up that hill to make money offerings to the Gods of Genting.

Gambling wrecks family, no good ever arises from gambling.

And in Malaysia ? An Islamic role model country ?

Shut down the casinos or just wait for the mountain Gods to cry out LOUD.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Bodoh Bodoh Bodoh

There we go again, one fucker say like that, another fucker together with his party and parties want to make memo lah, sue him lah, road show lah, blah, blah, blah.

You want to really know why we cannot become one single MALAYSIAN ????

Its not you, it is not me, it is not a kampung, it is not an types of schools, its not Indians don't like Chinese don't like Malays don't like Indians blah, blah, blah.

It is the working and not working of 222 folks that seats in Parliament.

The people that we so entrust our country economy, political and social comitments to.

What do they do, they argue about nonsensical things that have little or nothing to do with running of this country.

They are not sitting there for our interest, there are sitting there for their very own interst, the power that they can weild, the contracts that they can gain, the status that they can achive and God know what else.

If all those 222 folks can just sit down for once, throw away their personal interest and concentrate in developing a single nation interest. 

I cannot imagine what can't be achive.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

PDRM - People Doing Rubbish Management

Ducky’s wife got robbed the other day.

Ducky is rather pissed, because the PDRM are a bunch of useless & pointless folks.

There is this fucking stupid way of reporting a crime in this country, after you make your police report, you have to go to another division to report it to another fucker under his zone.

Ours is just a snatch thief, I can’t imagine people with horrible incidents, rape, murder, kidnapped, accidents, and the victims and survivors need to ding dong around these police stations to report it.

Fuck you Najib, change the fucking PDRM mentality on crime reporting. Not us.

Anyone lucky enough to catch a snatch thief, do all of us a favour, kick the shit of this fuckers beyond recognition, then call the ambulance and go home. The police ? What for you want to go ding-dong-ing around. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

800 and closing down

Sell ! Sell ! Sell !
KLCI plunge 50 points at opening bell !
Sell ! Sell ! Sell !
Since you can't short sell.

The drop could be adjustment to Monday Asian market drop as the Bursa was closed for Deepavalli, Pak Lah must be kicking himself on his head, if he had agree to two days Deepavali celebration like Raya & CNY.


But since 10 this morning, the KLCI had recovered some 10 valuable points. Brownie points I think. Now it just around the 815 mark.

So get your charts out and start drawing those resistance lines. If you can find one.

Our new Finance Minister might tell you that it is cheap to buy now.

Yes it is cheap, but it might be even cheaper next week.

Crude oil is around 60 bucks a barrel. Experts says it will drop to around 40 bucks.


Does that mean we get to pump below RM1.92 ?

I don't know, the government seems to be more concern  about the welfare of the petrol stations owners.


Well well what do you know, KLCI is heading south again, 802++.



Friday, October 24, 2008

KLCI free falling

Now that it is below 900, 800 looks not that distance.

In terms of Stock Exchange value, RM10 billion is not really a huge sum of money.

But to put money in a market that has no certainty of a base is kinda like borrowing money to gamble while on a losing streak. 

Valuecap can blow like RM1 biilion in a day. Then what ? Circumstances beyond their control ?

Better buy emas with RM10 billion then blow it up in the stock market.

Do YOU gain anything whether the Bursa is bearish or bullish ?
tell me this does not flame racial tension 

mykmu forum on the topic of UTUSAN MELAYU DI KEPUNG

this was by Sutradari "FRU patut sembur jer mana-mana imigran yang buat kacau kat Malaysia. Sembur dengan petrol, bukan dengan air. Lepas tu bakar dan humban dalam lubang"

Thursday, October 23, 2008

mykmu forum is a hilarious read

On Monday it did deep below 900 before clawing back above 900.
Then Tuesday & Wednesday was like no activity.
Boom! Finally it fell below 900 today, It looks like it is going to stay around this time around.


Is one hilarious website. 
I always make sure I read this site before I sleep, so I can have a good laugh and then tidur.
Try the forum, it is even more hilarious.
Most of the writers seems to be living in caves or the dense jungle of Taman Negara.
As they don't seem to have a graps of reality.
The only reality in their lifes are Melayu are Kings and the rest of the folks (Chinese are call pendatang and pigs and Indians are labeled as keling and pariah) are commoners.
This mykmu folks seems to feel the commoners owes them since they are the land of the soils, originally born and bred in this country since existence. And anyone labelling them as immigrant from Indonesia are told to check their History facts correctly.
I thought the orang asli were the first folks here together with the Indians up north in Kedah.
Most forum topics are written to ridicule all the commoners in the country with ugly racism comments and like the Utusan it seems to be immune from being label as "National Threat" as how our Government like to term it.

Friday, October 17, 2008

You can do it, you can break that 900 line

Ok fuck my last post, I change my mind. 

I hope the KLCI break under the fucking 900 barrier.

Yes you can do it, you can fall below the fucking 900 points.

KNM is still falling, I hope TNB falls as well, those cock sucking son of a bitch refusing to reduce their fucking electric tariffs when crude oil has fallen below USD70 from that fucking high in June/July of USD147.

Die die die you fucking nazis blood sucking mother fuckers. And that goes the same to all those chinese food traders. 

Get ready to TUMBLE !

KNNCCB save by the fucking bell again. 905.

KNM drop 10% & TNB fell RM0.15, just great.

Well there is still next week. 

Friday, October 10, 2008

I think we will do just fine

I don’t know, I find this a little reassuring, prices coming down to terms with reality.

Banks collapsing, exchange rates breaking resistance lines, stock markets free falling to new lows, but in Malaysia, after running on auto pilot during the Ramadan month, the country continues with its auto pilot mode as it decides who is going to run it for the next 4-5 years.

Kangaroo dollar is now around 2.30, sterling pounds following suit to below 6.00, Indian rupees is also at new low hovering slightly above the 7.00 mark however we can’t even get 100 bhat for RM10 and the fucking dollar will be hitting the 3.50 soon enough.

No I don’t read the WSJ or any much economy journal, nor do I understand much of the cnbc squawk box jargon. It’s Friday.

Call it undemocratic, call is race based, call it NEP, call it anything you want. Say we are uncompetitive compared to South Korea, Singapore or even Taiwan.

But right now, all this unfair policies are our resistance lines.

But if it breaks ? I don’t know I only scored 51 on my economics paper.

Friday, September 26, 2008

We are no difference from our corrupted politicians

I have been taking public transport more recently around town, so I hop around in the city trains.

One thing I notice is how selfish and self centered we have become.

Hardly anyone offered any seats to the elderly/pregnant/disable folks.

They can just seat there and not care about those around them, speaking loudly on the phone, talking loudly with their friends, always standing at the front of the doors, blocking the entrance and exits, and silliest of all can’t wait to get in the train before others can get out.

We all talk about our corrupted politicians/leaders how they seem to be putting their interest above us and not bothered about the rakyat at all.

How different are the politician then with us ?

We also ignore the needy people like they ignore their duty to serve us.

We act and serve our own needs like they work for their own gain.

In reality we are no difference from this corrupted politicians we so hate, only difference are the quantum and the impact.

If we really want our future leaders to be responsible folks, then we better change our attitude first. If we don’t change and continue with our tidak apa attitude, we will continue to accept our leaders tidak apa attitude.

Friday, September 19, 2008

They are COMING!!!!!!!!

I thought they would reduce the fuel price..........

But the release of YB Teresa Kok is a good news nonetheless.

As good as the 'unbanning' of Malaysia-Today website, right before the ISA detention of RPK.

In Malaysia good news ALWAYS precede the really bad ones.

DS Anwar, brace yourself......within 24-36 hours.....before Sunday.....something would happen.

Shit! i hope i'm wrong on this.......

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Anwar wants Sep 23 emergency parliament session, but Pak Lah kata jangan.......

Well that was quick. I was expecting Pak Lah to at least drag it a few days for deliberation and then wait last minute to decline it to buy him more time because afterall he is a man under siege.

Now all bets are off. The language of violent oppression is. Because the last best hope of a smooth transition is not going to happen. The best chance to broker a deal has been declined. Its either do or die for BN.

And if we follow the ebb and flow of the happenings since early September, there can be no mistaking that BN is very weary of PR having secured the required number of jumpers to form a majority in the Parliament. (Again it is not important whether Anwar has it but it is vitally important that BN thinks that Anwar has it)

Pak Lah says there will be no more ISA anytime soon. Flip-flop? Or perhaps an even more effective form of oppression could be utilised. A declaration of emergency (Darurat) would make ISA arrest unnecessary.

ISA or Darurat to keep BN in power which one would he choose?

And with Anwar neutralised, the jumpers list would be unimportant....i would even say that Pak Lah hopes that he would not need to look at the jumpers list. By Pak Lah not knowing, the would be jumpers would not be forced to confront BN. The choice is still open to them to continue to be obedient BN followers as if nothing have happened. And BN would manage to survive this near overthrow without any damage, to continue to pillage Malaysia until their next crisis.

Thats why i tend to agree that the list should not come out now. But the list should come out when BN commits themselves in to an(unpopular) action. By making the list public then, BN would have no choice but to confront enemies from within while trying to hold off the enemies at the gate.

So now would BN kindly make the first move?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pak Lah DID NOT call Anwar's bluff!!

Pak Lah said that he would not be meeting Anwar on Anwar's offer on showing him the 'proof' of defections. Which would thereby force Anwar to bring the 'proof' to YDP Agong.

When the YDP Agong then peruse the 'proof', he may have no choice but to call for the dissolution of the parliament and to call for a snap election. But then everybody knows that in the next election, BN would be wiped out.

Which would then give Pakatan Rakyat the Federal government without the worry of the ethical dilemma of governing with 'jumpers'.

Think about it, Anwar knows months ago that Sep 16 is during ramadhan and that parliament would not be in session. And taking advantage of BN being the 'bad guy' (which hollywood shows us that the bad guys are prone to double crossing and backstabbing their own brother-bad guys just so that they would be able to take control of the organisation and rule the galaxy or something) which translate to BN's natural fear of double crossings and back stabbing from within their own ranks, to compound upon Pak Lah's paranoia that he really is under siege.

And with the best way of calling the bluff by moving a motion of no confidence unavailable due to the parliament not in session, everyone would give Anwar the benefit of the doubt and believe what could possibly be just some letters with some signatures on it.

Now, if Pak Lah were to meet with Anwar, he would be able to somewhat ascertain the validity of the list of defectors. By looking at the list of names, he may be able to recall if that someone have been acting strange or maybe look at pak lah in some sort of funny ways or that he had on occasions seen the particular MP winking at someone before and that the MP treats Pak Lah especially nice to make up for the guilt of betraying him.

But no. Pak Lah is too afraid to call the bluff. By being afraid he is actually folding his hand and letting Anwar take the pot. And soon Anwar would go to YDP Agong and again because the parliament is not in session and due to Pak Lah having chickened out, the benefit of the doubt would be given and a snap election would be called. BN would then be defeated soundly and everybody lives happily ever after.

Then maybe a few years later, Anwar would be giving a speech on Malaysia Day 16 Sep 20xx that the country was freed from the clutches of BN because a certain somebody chickened out and did not call his bluff.

Later on his deathbed, Anwar would then let it all out that on that day 16 Sep 2008, he actually have less than 10 MP defectors but because someone is too chicken to call his bluff, he brought down the goliath just by his exceptional poker face and would then give his very stale(at that time) joke of "Tengok ini muka. Saya umur 90 tapi muka nampak macam 60"

But then again, if parliament convenes and vote of no confidence on Pak Lah goes through, Pak Lah would have lost the ability to utilise the power to crakdown on Pakatan Rakyat.

So how now Pak Lah, crackdown now and risk being extremely unpopular and losing the government slowly but surely? Chicken out and risk gracefully losing the the government in a short time? Or meet Anwar and risk being suspected by your own people of striking a deal with Anwar?

See, actually i think BN is overwhelmingly out maneuvered by Anwar and for every move Anwar make, BN is stuck with moves raging from bad to worst. And then come Mahathir which is coming to eat Pak Lah up if he refuse to move.

Sudahlah. If i am Pak Lah, i would quickly strike a deal and call it a day.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Teresa of the Faint Smile

No one knows what happened to Teresa..... after being ambushed in a trap set by the Creature of the Abyss, One-Horn Demon and Rigardo the Lion.

For those that do not know who the Creature of the Abyss, One-horn Demon and Rigardo the lion are, here are some of the pictures i stole from the net.

Rigardo the (kodomo) lion in his non-awakened form

Rigardo in his awakened form

One-Horned Demon also known as the No.2 who will one day take over and become No.1 (non-awakened)

C4 One-Horned Demon (awakened)

Creature of the Abyss (non- awakened)

Creature of the Abyss (awakened)

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Sting or Erik Seidel 1988 WSOP

Ocean’s 11, 12 & 13 was ok.

But my personal favorite is that 1970’s The Sting, Robert Redford & Paul Newman.

I guess in between Newman’s The Sting & Ocean’s 11, 12 or 13, there must have been dozens of films with similar themes, some are more dramatic or more horrific. But at the end they all share the same theme, someone got conned into believing something else.

Such shows are great, I remember watching The Sting, not in 1973 but later, don’t recall when, and I actually bought the scheme until the end, when another scheme was brought up, like the Malays would say it, sudah kena kantoi.

This makes me wonder if this September 16, is what The Sting is all about.

We have Anwar saying all the while he got 30 odd defectors in his hands.

The ruling coalition say it is impossible, but just to make sure they sent some 40 odd suspecting candidates out of the country.

And just like The Sting, the opposition played along and sent four of their troops there to cakap-cakap with them.

Come September 16, Anwar revealed his 30 odds candidates names which for all we know, doesn’t even include any of those buggers holidaying in Taiwan !

We will just wait and see, whether it is The Sting or Erik Seidel in the 1988 WSOP Final Hand.

Monday, August 25, 2008

The last lap for Sodoman

If this was like a boxing match, then Anwar would be like Iron Mike Tyson during his finest moments, as what people seems to indicate.

Ducky personally has no idea how this Permatang Pauh by-election is going to turn out.

From how I see it, it can indeed go either way.

For Anwar, he must win, there is no doing a Lee Chong Wei, I did my best and a silver was all I can do. It is the gold or bust. All the while he is out there preaching that people are behind him, people are willing to switch political party for him, he got the numbers, he got this, he got that, but till very now, no one saw any thing. So to prove some points that he got something, he got to win one way or another.

For BN, the burden or winning is not so great, it was after all a lost seat in the opposition state. But bringing the gold here, would show to the Malaysian Public that Anwar is not that powerful as he preached. And that would do wonders for BN.

I don't like China, I prefer Russia, but as long as team USA didn't win, it works for me just fine. Next 4 years you can bet you are going to see a very much changed team USA.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Thank you, Sodoman!

Thanks to the by-election, the price of fuel is being reduced after tonight midnight. In order to appease to the voters in Permatang Pauh, BN is willing to take a corruption-pay cut by reducing the fuel price for all Malaysians.

With this, lets hope that Sodoman will be voted in with a higher majority and then, maybe, BN would be so desperate that they will reduce it further.

It seems like a win-win situation. Vote Sodoman, if he forms new govt, price decrease. Vote Sodoman, if he does not form new govt, BN would be rakyat-phobic and would further reduce fuel prices. Whereas vote BN, they will increase the fuel price a few months down the road(it happens every single time)

For shit sake it is only a fucking concert !

Malaysian are easily deceived and tricked.

Much as some of us think we are mature enough to understand all this trickery, most of the time we tend to react to news with our reflexes less by our deep thoughts.

Long have we lived in this country blinded by racial and religious curtains.

The banning of Avril either by PAS indirect actions is good enough for the BN government to relay upon its quite message. Vote for PAS is a vote to censorship and end of fun and entertainment.

Young people at heart and yuppies my guess would feel the uneasy feeling of their freedom being encroach upon.

Not that young people at heart with kids and all that are trying to bring up their children with those 70s & 80s loving kindred spirit may find all this hoo-hah as noises.

Does a handful of ban concert so important in your life that banning it makes your blood boils with hatred for PAS and whomever concern that had a hand involve in banning it.

There is more things in life to be more concern about then some chicks singing on stage sexy or not.

My relatives in US told me that kids there have their privacy as to whether they want or do not want their report cards to be given to their parents or guardians.

I have no intention to preach to anyone about freedom of this and that, as I realized in my own life journey, the definition of our own freedom changes as we mature in life.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Devil or the Sodoman

Have you ever actually seen a Mat Rempit doing a suicidal superman stunt on his bike on the highway ?

I have and it must be the stupiest thing I have ever seen in my entire bike riding life.

Not only must you balance yourself on the 2 wheels, you now decide to lie on the bike with practically no balance whatsoever and riding yourself to hell to meet the Devil.

But maybe the Devil is already here, in Permatang Pauh.

So what is it going to be the Devil or the Sodoman ?

Change need to happen in our country for it to prosper further.

Many nations in the world had took that bold step to make that change.

Some died, some are suffering, but many believe if they had not done it they might not know what was behind door no. 2.

There is no guarantee in life just the decisions that we make and accept that make the difference.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Some BIG ass accident in Taman Connaught

I peep out of my office window, and noticed that the highway heading towards the city was pretty damn slow.

So I check Malaysiakini and PPS thinking it was some roadblock again. But found nothing.

So during lunch time I went down and still notice the traffic heading towards the city was still very bad, so I decided to ask some of the kay-poh traders downstairs.

Apparently, according to them, from whichever sources they got it from, a big long ass trailer, coming down from the Taman Connaught MRR2 exit lost control and ramp straight ahead into the steel divider bringing along with it a handful of cars, some say 7, some say 8, and finally slamming into the concrete wall of Giant CMC.

Some say many people died, star-online said 2 with many injured.

No pictures as eventually, many other more famous bloggers might write something about it with pictures.

Thinking about the accident, I might actually died today since I passed by there everyday to work, but by luck or whatever unseen natural forces, I was late/early and was lucky.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Jack Bauer was in town !

Over 10 police personnel cars came zooming in, with dark non JPJ approved tinted glasses, some in ski mask and some in ladies stocking, so some people thought it was a robbery, some thought it was Osama making a grand entrance, they were all wrong. Then with all this commotion going on they stopped a car and yank out an old grandpa, lock and load, then there was silence, I though I heard this from the Cap Tiga Unit agen Johan Bawal, “Anda akan memberitahu saya apa yang saya ingin tahu, soalnya ialah betapa sakitnya anda ingin rasa”

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I thought Mr. Minister kick Saudara's ass

I decided to check on as many blogs/site & comments on last night debate.

Sure enough, majority of the readers & writers felt saudara Anwar slaughtered the Minister of Information word for word.

But ducky disagree, ducky felt, the Minister came to do a specific job and actually did the job mighty well.

Both men had specific agendas on their mind.

Saudara to highlight the corruption practice of BN by simply having the excuse of a fuel debate. Mr. Minister on the other is to remind us what saudara used to be and that we should be very afraid of him.

Given saudara’s extensive experience in public speaking and all sorts of ceramah and lectures in Malaysia and abroad, ducky wasn’t really impressed. Mr. Minister whether he had the experience in this kind of field, I have no idea, but ducky thought he did held himself pretty well, like how the Russian kick the Netherlands ass.

Simply put it, saudara has too many skeletons in the closet, and people with too many interesting past can’t really impress other more intellectual people unless they really start doing more action then talking. Err, I mean the other kind of action.

Monday, July 07, 2008

The Government is willing to let you die, are you bold enough to do the same to them ?

For 50 years they ran this country like their very own backyard.

Plundering all the natural resources of the country for their personal benefit and wealth.

Initiate mega billions projects only to be benifitted by a handful of individuals.

Set up 100s of companies to suck our nation wealth even further.

Its like the Free Mason story, from Rahman to Razak to Hussein to Mahathir and now to Badawi.

And when borderless transactions and free trades started eating into their coffers until it dry up did they leave ?

Hell no, they formulated new ideas to generate more cash for themself, reduce subsidies and increasing tolls and parking rates just to name a few.

And while they continue to rape us blind, what did we do ? We revolted against them. we took over 5 major states and we even capture the capital state. But did they leave this time around, after being beaten up so drastically ?

Hell no, they reduced more subsidies and increase more rates. Robbing us in broad day light now.

And what did we do ? We revolted again, this time in more numbers, louder voices, what happen then ? dominoes effect on prices on essential goods start escalating. Taxi fares up, food price up, housing material up, every damn thing under the fucking blue sky when sky high.

And what the fuck did we this time around ? Nothing. absolutely nothing.

And what can we do ? Honestly nothing. You know why ? Because we are not as brute and heartless as them. They are willing to stop at nothing to continue to stay in power. Absolutely nothing, if you dare them, they will do whatever necessary to bring you down legal or other wise.

I dare say I an brave enough to attend a rally, maybe be sprayed by a laced water cannon, but not being beaten by the FRU, kick or assaulted. Not lock up in Sg. Buluh or ISA. I am angry and pissed as you are, but I have kids and a wife. Who is going to look after them ? I got to worry about their future and mine too.

Unless you are ready and willing to go all the way against them, I don't see any end to the current conflict. Like most elderly people would say, just migrate.

News on use of military in our streets seem to shut some of us up. I have seen FRU, they look pretty nasty, but at the end of day, they are to protect and serve. The army on the other hand, kills for a living.

Call me a coward, if I so deserve it, but if you truely look deep into it, thats the fucking truth.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Stop paying balance of your taxes please

I understand some quarters of the blogging community have decided to go on strike on dis-satisfactory on the government rules and policies, ducky not wanting to be left out, decides to go on some form of strike as well. "stop paying your balance of tax" or simply delaying paying your balance of tax strike.

If after the April or June Tax deadline of tax submission, you have some balance of tax to pay, don't bother, don't pay them. I didn't pay them. Are satisfied with your present government ? No ? then don't pay the balance of taxes lah.

Penalty ? Court Case ? Imprisonment ?
Fear not, from a person who practice tax, these procedures takes at a couple of years before it finally happens. Just ignore all their threats letter until they finally decide to really get real nasty on you like a court hearing date. Then you slowly slumberly go to your tax office to meet the tax officers, tell them one hell long of a story with proof of this and that why you cannot pay your RM?????? tax and ask for an installment payment.

Ok disclaimer, but if you constantly need to travel in and out of the country, then it is better to have a clean sheet, as those fuckers will tagged you up with the Immigration and Police department, then you can kiss your passport goodbye.

All else, it should be good to avoid paying your balance of taxes for a couple of years.

Good, now you also can go on strike.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Providence and Poetic Justice

Within the next 3 months, the Pakatan Rakyat will form the federal government. So say the charismatic DS Anwar, the PM-in-waiting. Here's hoping for better times ahead for Malaysia.

But of course PR is not home free yet. There is still the matter of how they are going to set in motion a smooth transition of power. The final hurdle so to speak. What BN could do and Rashit have threaten many times is that with the jumping of MP's from BN to PR, Pak Lah is going to call for a snap election. I understand that calling the snap election is the prerogative of YDP Agong. But our YDP is supposed to be apolitical and hence may actually call for the snap election if BN were to lose their majority. With the snap election a whole new round of cheating will be done by BN and perhaps even a lockdown on the opposition before the polls.

But fate it seems might have a sense of irony. The answer to the solution of smooth transition may be the very person that made sure our PM-in-waiting was knocked off the waiting list more than 10 years ago. And now the very same person is going to do PR a favour.

The Tun with his unrelenting call for Pak Lah to step down may just get his wish when UMNO were to push Pak Lah out of office anytime from now till December. Already the Tun have secured a retirement "promise" from Pak Lah. But still the Tun is pressing on for an immediate downfall of Pak Lah it seems.

But lets imagine that Pak Lah have to resign or retire from President of UMNO and hence the President fro BN and the Prime Ministership. The YDP would then appoint someone who have the support of the majority of Parliament to be the next Prime Minister.

Now....if at that exact moment where Pak Lah is forced to resign/retire, the jumpers comes in and declare their support for PM-in-waiting or DS Wan Azizah, The YDP Agong might just put PR into power.

No fuss, no snap election.

Lets recap,

1. Tun > Pak Lah

2. The jumpers jump
3. YDP appoints Mr. or Mrs. Anwar
4. Victory!!!

But even with hindsight that the current political scenario were to play out like the above, would our Tun have kept quiet and not try to unseat Pak Lah? No way in hell. If the Tun suddenly were to keep quiet, mana mau letak muka?

Friday, June 13, 2008

Stupid rebate idea

Fuel rebate for cars with engine capacity 2.0 litres and below ???

Does it not make you wonder, how on earth did this stupid mother fuckers came up with such a ridicolous idea.

Picked from the cheebai star online, eg, a

1. BMW Z4 2.0i ROADSTER (CBU) - 348,800.00
2. MERCEDES-BENZ SLK200 - 468,888.00

Go imagine, you lining up there to collect your rebate, next in line is dollah or maybe some royalty !!!!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

4 June Celebration - "Hari Kelahiran Pukimak Negara - Pak Lah"

Fine it is inevitable, for the Government to absorb the petrol prices forever.

Market prices, fine, bring it on. Lets not wait till August, or tomorrow, give it to me now.

A dual increase in price will only make the mother fucking chinese traders/hawkers increase their prices whether it actually affect them or not. So I say increase it once only.

And since the Government insist on market prices, I would also want to buy a car at prevailing market prices.

Can you do that ???? Of of course you can't, cause whenever you take any policy and start comparing with world standards, you only pick what you want to pick and nothing else matters.

You know what, we should have a "Hari Rasmi Ulang Tahun Kelahiran Pukimak Negara" every 4 June to celebrate the country's first hybrid Pukimak, Pak Lah.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Change your SG to OG

Minyak naik, no problem.

Toll naik, no problem.

Electricity naik, no problem.

Makanan naik, no problem.

Really, no problem. You don't need to change your lifestyle. You just need to improvise.

If you makan gaji all the time, then this should be good news to you.

First you go to your Income Tax branch.

Your Tax file no. should be starting with SG, just tell them you want to change to OG, because other than makan gaji, you now have some side business generating some income that you would also like to report, being a good citizen you are.

So with a OG, you are all ready to start whatever business you want to. Make some small turnover, like say RM1,500 a year, then the wonderful part, your expenses.

In your accounts you would have your,

1. Petrol claims
2. Tolls receipts
3. Your dinners/lunches - this will be call entertainment
4. Wages - money you give your spouse/parents/children
5. Medical - spouse/children bills
6. Motor Vehicle maintenance - routine service and maintenance
7. Computer rosak, TV rosak, tukar lampu, this and that - Upkeep of office equipment.
8. etc etc

Now the Tax part.

It is difficult to distinguish a sole proprietor expenses with his personal expenses.

So to make it easier, you would need to add back 1/3 portion of the total expenses claim.

So at the bottom line, instead of just paying for bills, you now, utilise your expenses as a business expenses. And if your expenses is more than your income, which is the sole reason we are doing this, you get to set off that loss with your SALARY Income ! Isn't that wonderful !

So this Ducky's way to tell Pak Lah, FUCK YOU TOO for 4 June.

btw, if you kena tangkap by LHDN for tipuing them, then too bad lah. You just need to pandai-pandai play with the figures and be consistent with % and keep all your receipts.

The vengeful Government

This is what an immature or kurang matang government does when they have kalah in an election. Instead of trying to win back public confidence and trust, they decide to teach us a fucking lesson for ditching them in the poll booth. From police brutality in residential conflicts, no to minimum wages to increase in minyak price.

There is only one thing in my mind right now, lets burn down putrajaya.

Anyone know how to make a molokov cocktail ?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The world is not Malaysian.

Ha Ha damn fucking deserve to lose those pulau pulau kecil off of Johor straits.

It would be fucking ridiculous if we had won the case from an international point of view.

No I am not pro Singaporean.

Simple reason being, I work in the management firm line, and we deal with government officers every fucking day. From missing files, to pergi kursus to boss tak ade and main sukan and all those fucking excuses, they deserve this.

The government seems to think that the world think highly of them for whatever reasons and that they can somehow treat this foreign folks like they treat us with tidak apa attitude. Now kena tembak oledi, no bukti, no nothing and want to challenge with people over rights of a piece of land. Porahhh.

Mari-mari tepuk tangan.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Give the PM post to Sabah & Sarawak, chances are we can have a new Government like esok!

First they lost their 2/3 majority.

So they decide they should revamp and rebuilt.

2 months later, other than a few changes in the cabinet, everything seems to be the same again.

Hindraf 5 denied freedom.

ISA is still relevant.

Our children is dying in National Service.

Minimum Wages is not feasible.

Nobody in Malaysia is being marginalised.

BN is still very relevant.

I am very confused, either the Government is extremely arrogant and bold or completely ignorant of what is happening around them.

Or maybe a third option, they seem to know something we don't know or we will never know. Like winning big in the 2013 election.

Arrogant, bold & ignorant seem to be more likely.

UMNO can tell the Royal State Rulers to fuck off, but when an old man in wheel chair does it, that is blardy treason.

UMNO can hold illegal rallies with FRU present standing like a fucking log. Anyone else does it will be kick into the fucking jail house.

SIL & gang can burn effigies of any damn thing, create some chaos, rally at some embassy, push FRU offices, and what happen ? nothing. Anyone else try pushing a FRU officer before ? Chances you will be knocked so fucking unconscious, lost of memory very likely.

Come on lah, just give the fucking PM position to the Sabah & Sarawak folks, they will just jump kapal like very now. Simple maths mah, no Sabah & Sarawak, no new Government. Got Sabah & Sarawak got new Government. They make it happen, they deserve it. Why do you think then Sabah & Sarawak is still thinking ? They are thinking of the reward and consequences. Is it worth it ? BN gave me a table by the Kitchen, what will new Government give me ? slighty further away from the kitchen ? If Anwar is really serious, he should not want the post of PM for himself, NOW, maybe later, when orang Melayu sudah lupa.

Ducky support Draft Kuala Lumpur City Plan 2020

Bukit Gasing, Federal Hill & Bangsar folks came with legal advisers to take a look at DBKL 2020 development for Kuala Lumpur.

MSM reported they were pissed that their so call untouchable land will be rezone and develop.

Personally I agree with DBKL taking that part of land and building whatsoever they damn pleases.

It is high time this bunch of people start living like the rest of the people in Kuala Lumpur.

Either a pasar malam or a low cost flat project right on your door step.

I read somewhere that they even mentioned something about low density rights!

My so called Condominium then was built with a Bukit Jalil view. Now we have 2 rows of 23 storeys PPR, further down the road there are another couple of PPR.

If it is the low density that you are looking, try building your bungalow somewhere between Kuala Kubu Baru to Raub or Bentong.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Do away with BN and Minimum Wages might just see the light

Every time MTUC demands for minimum wages, the answer is always NO. There is always an excuse, lame reasons and most of the time illogical answers.

There seems to be something more than just money. For 40 over years MTUC has been trying to get minimum wages but yet seem to fail. Maybe MTUC wants to fail, maybe it is just a ploy, to deceive the millions of workers that it represent, that MTUC is doing something, just like the BN government. But in actual fact, nothing.

How can it logically be asking for minimum wages for over 40 years and yet fail and yet they do nothing about it. Make sense right, if you are not happy with your boss, you fucking tell him in his face or you quit and get a better job. This MTUC no. Try for 40 years fail, lets try another 40 years. The sum just doesn't adds up.

It is just something not acceptable anymore. Even poorer third world countries in Latin America or nearer here, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia or Vietnam, do have minimum wages. Yes those minimum wages might not meet certain international standards but it is still a minimum wage. You see the logic here ?

Reason for this, most government fear their citizens, fear of the citizens revolting against them. Here it is the total opposite thanks to ISA. The BN trump card, it will never be abolish as long as BN rules. It is a quick YOU SHUT UP card. Lose an argument, no worries, just throw in your ISA card, 5 HINDRAF leaders in Kamunting.

With escalating food prices nowadays, I pity those trying to meet ends meet. Trying to raise a family with a couple of hundred of ringgits a month. Inflation my ass. We have the money to burn rocket fuel to space but no money for minimum wages. We have the money to sponsor a Formula 1 team but no money for minimum wages. We have money to sponsor a football team but no money for minimum wages.

Both Thailand & the Philippines minimum wages are around RM600-700, maybe MTUC can lower their minimum wage demand from RM900 to around RM600-700, to standardise the minimum wage in the region. Unfortunately Indonesia's minimum wages is about RM300-400 only.

Alternatively, the only way I see minimum wage to be accepted, is to do away with BN and let the other guys run the country since the other guys have people that actually advocate for minimum wage rights.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

What the fuck is wrong with you people ?

Ahh, I think it has been a while since I wrote anything.

Lets see. Parliament sessions has started again.

But first thing first, there seems to be a lot of people out there, maybe only people that read and write blogs/websites/etc only. That seems to think BN did a hell of a good job actually. How did I came up with such a conclusion ? Well there is the usual, lets give the opposition 4-5 years and see how they fare, if they fuck up, we will just vote the other guys back in !

And then there is the other part in which whenever the oppositions started to have some small disagreement or conflict of interest, the people that voted for them, starts to regret ever voting for them.

And lastly, the worst kind, people that feels since they voted for the opposition and with their help, the opposition manage to win many seats, so the opposition better listen to them, or else back to point no. 1, vote back BN.

I have no regret whatsoever that I voted for the opposition. Even if they fuck up or not, I won't regret a bit. BN had never did me any favour as long as I can remember, so what the fuck do you want to vote back BN, just because the opposition cannot work together ? Think think think dickheads, BN ruled for 50 long fucking years, whatever differences in 50 year, they have learned to accept without asking.

This is 2 months, what the fuck do you expect ?

Put it this way, 3 different parties mean maybe no toeing the line.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Prophecy or Mind-games?

Have you heard of the term a self-fulfilling prophecy?

DSAI made a "prophecy" that BN MP's would jump in sufficient numbers for PR to form the federal government.

I do not know whether this is true at this time or not. But the beauty of such mind-games is that with the help of BN itself, the "prophecy" may well end up fulfilled.

Remember that as soon as there was a mention of BN MP's jumping ship, BN was so scared they sent spies to BN MP's to make sure that they wont jump.

And then of course the BN MP's regardless of whether they wanted to jump or not, was quite pissed with those snoops. So pissed that loyal MP's are now considering a jump?

Perhaps after reading into the reaction from Federal BN regarding the threats of jumping, East Malaysia's BN MPs saw the opportunity to pressure PM for more representation from Sabah and Sarawak.

But alas, PM saw their bluff and was able to prevent East Malaysia gaining grounds in federal govt. But after this "setback" how many of this East Malaysia BN MPs are contemplating to jump?

Now recently DSAI made a statement that the BN MPs are ready to jump within this few months. And then followed by a statement that DSAI would become PM within 3 years.

Now what would BN do in the face of these new revelations? Do they step up the surveilance within this 4 months and risk pissing off the BN MPs to the stage where they will be forced to jump, or would BN just ignore this threat and give DSAI a free hand in negotiating with BN's MP?

And what is the 3 years time frame to become PM when DSAI mentioned that BN MPs would jump within this few months? Is DSAI's 3 years statement made to throw BN off guard to make them think that they can have a lesuirely 3 years to come up with a defence instead of 4 months?

The beauty of this self-fulfilling prophecy is that PR may not have any jumpers from BN when DSAI first made the statement. PR may not have the jumpers even now. But depending on BN's action or inaction, PR may have it by 4 months time.

And this has become quite entertaining and im sure we Malaysians would want to know the outcome of this political drama barring any later plot twist and further revelations, would hope that this drama would end soon in 4 months time. I'm personally hoping that this is The Return of the Jedi instead of The Empire Strikes Back.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Lets watch something else now

Well, like all reality shows, you need to have a game plan, and you need to plan your moves correctly, else you get kick out.

Same goes for American Idol.

You don't have to sing amazingly if you are already talented like my personal choice Michael Johns and David Cook. All they need to do is just give 70-80% And I guess that was what they did, but last night, they gave 100%.

Have you ever heard Billie Jean sang like that ? Briliant, just briliant. If that was the final, Michael would have lost.

How I see it goes, it is something like Hell's Kitchen Season 2, the one that is currently showing on AFC. Virginia is a bimbo and has big boobs, but she made it through the finals beating Keith, which was a no-brainer. But what to do, Gordon liked her.

Leng lui contestants always gets away with murder, Kristy Cook is still in AI7, and last night they kicked out Chikezie ????? see what I mean. Well it is all about ratings and sponsors.

Popular vote contestant, small kid David something, seems to be showing his age disadvantage now. Breaking under pressure.

Top 3 ? Michael, David & David. And if they learn a lesson from Taylor Hicks, rocker David would be too a genius for them - difficult to agree i would presume, Michael looks natural, but small kid David seems to have won the popular choice award already. It is not whether how good you are, it just how popular you are with the majority of people watching you. Malaysian Idol 2 winner Daniel something was an excellent example.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Actions speaks louder than words

Both Barisan Alternatif and Barisan Nasional claims that they have around 50% of popular support each. There is no arguments about BA, but for BN, it would be more like 10% popular support, 10% postal votes, 10% phantom votes, 10% government servants' forced votes and 10% outright cheating.

It is not called a disaster for BN if they really get 50% popular votes. It is a disaster for BN because they(BN) knew that without all this cheating, they would get less than 10%, more or less popular votes.

And here we are at the crossroad of malaysia's political uncertainty given that BN's MP are ready to jump ship, we can hear some grumbling about respecting the peoples' wishes and that the people have voted for BN, etc..

The reason that most BN MP's are voted in is because of cheating by BN. Without it, most of them would have bungkus and lost their deposit even.

To the BN MP who would like to jump ship, there would not be any backlash from your constituency it may even be your moral obligation to go over to BA. By going over to BA, the BN MP could count on among others(many others), the parents of children forced to go to the death trap called national service, the users of toll who gets cheated of their hard earned money, paying for utilities such as water and electricity at inflated prices and so on....

The BN are now doing an "autopsy" for their election loss. The BN leaders themselves say that it was a very bad result for them. So much so that some of them are even refusing cabinet posts. BN does not sound like someone that have won 50% popular votes. In fact they sound more like they are fearing for their political career. Only they themselves would know how much of the claimed 50% of popular votes are actually real votes. But you must take it from them, look at their actions and see for yourselves, their very fear of malaysians who have had enough and ready for a change of government. Their very action speaks louder than whatever rhetorics and propoganda that they could put into words.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The 12th General Election - Malaysian best movie of the century

Forget about Jangan Pandang Belakang, Impak Maksima, Cuci or even Duyung .

The best Malaysian movie made or better yet, RTM & SPR made for 2008 is non other then the 12th General Election results.

It has all the categories sum into one fucking long show, from suspense (Perak's State Candidate seats when BN trailing closely) to drama (Koh Su Kun press release on handing over Penang to Opposition) to comedy (Samy losing) and non-stop action packed (All night long).

I would't mind watching a repeat if that is possible.

The only thing lacking in that long show was the expression by those losing BN candidates or even better the Menteri-Menteri Besar and Chief Minister of each losing State, especially in Penang and Selangor.

Else the 12th GE can even stand for best acting by an individual.

Its like FIFA World Cup meets Jerry Bruckheimer meets The Godfather.

And since it is such a BIG thing, a song to mark the changes should be sung like Scorpion did in The Wind of Change by great Malaysian artistes known by all generations of Malaysian like Zainal Abidin or Ramli Sarip or better yet, Ella like when she sang for that 1998 Malaysian Commenwealth Games theme song.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

It will take more than 5 years, BN had 50.

Tak nak pakai songkok, salah, dipanggil pukimak.

Nak MB Cina, tak boleh, salah, tak respect Sultan.

Nak 8 kerusi, tak boleh, salah, cakap tamat pulak lah tu.

Kalau macam itu, next election, you orang main je lah. Kami simpan Penang, you orang boleh belah-belah satu Malaysia dengan BN.

Cina je yang salah. Kalau PAS & PKR yang menang 18 kerusi itu, sure semua dok diam. That time sure kata, we follow the rule of democracy, winner takes all.

Yes I know, baik I balik China je lah.

What is NEP?

Please note that the above title is not meant to be a question. If you came here armed with an answer, sorry but please hold on to it first and let me indulge you in something which is on my mind about NEP.

To me, a working class chinese, NEP is RM0.57 per meter cube of Syabas supplied water (Selangor& K.L). NEP is also about foreign cars priced beyond ordinary malaysians reach. NEP is about paying extra for daily necessities and etc. But is NEP any different for all Malaysians?

Pak lah probably pays as mush for water as me. It is a fixed price.(for under certain amount of m3, when more are used, it is RM1.92) No matter if you are the prime minister or poor malaysians of all races, you will pay RM0.57(in Sel&KL). And i assure you why we all, regardless of age, gender, race and social status, pays 0.57 per meter cube, is because of NEP. Why are malaysians, including the poor, including bumiputra poors, pays 0.57 just because of NEP? Without this water NEP we would have paid 20-30 sens instead of 57 sens. Is helping a few bumiputra to become a billionaire more important than helping the poor, which includes bumiputra poor? I personally have no problem paying water bills. Instead of RM8.00, i pay RM14-15. But are the poor willing to pay for this NEP?

And then comes the AP. How many times have you read in the newspaper when there are fatal accidents, the victims are usually driving in some locally made cars? What more 9 out of 10 of the accidents the victim are malays. Why should we support mediocrity in locally made cars and price the imported cars out of reach of every Malaysians? NEP? Would the victims especially the malay victims support this NEP?

Rising price of necessities, all because of cronies, corruption and wastages of NEP. These are being paid for by all Malaysian, again including the poor. If the price of roti canai is 80 sens for me, it wil be 80 sens for Ah Kau, 80 sens for Muthu and 80 sens for Ali. And yes even Ali needs to pay 80 sens.
NEP, which is to enrich a handful of bumiputras, are paid for by all Malaysians. And i need to stress the point that even poor bumiputra Malaysians pay for NEP.

To pay for the NEP, to me, it is like buying a AMD insted of INTEL and drinking ais kosong instead of teh tarik. But to the poor who similiarly needs to pay for NEP, they probably pay for it by skipping a few meals and a few doctor's appoinment.

Andi really need to stress that the price i pay for NEP can be illustrated as drinking ais kosong instead of Teh tarik. And i am quite sure anyone who can afford a computer or can afford internet, pays the same price i am paying or if you are rich, you may not even notice it. But to those poor that cannot afford internet access, cannot afford to buy a computer, they are probably paying the price by skipping a few meals.

BN and especially UMNO have been telling lies for so long that they even lie to their own. The fallacy that all or most Bumiputra would benefit from NEP is just not possible. The economic pie is just not big enough. Even in Uncle Sam country, the largest economy in the world, you could find homeless people.

And to DAP and PKR, i would just like to say that in Malaysia, to stop the NEP is political suicide. Even the mighty BN could not survive if they were to stop NEP. Lim Guan Eng and Tan Sri Khalid are either visionaries or plain fools. Lim Guan Eng is an accountant. Tan Sri Khalid is a former CEO. Most DAP, PKR and PAS leaders are lawyers, doctors and professionals. These guys are perfectly capable of absorbing the effect of NEP. Why should people like them fight NEP and risk their reputation and political careers, not to metion ISA? Why should Anwar who is rumoured to be very well to do, risk coming back to Malaysia? Why did Lim Kit Siang who have fought this system for 40 years while getting demonised by the Malays, the Chinese and the Indians, even bother to still pursue his political ideals?

Why would any politician in the opposition risk ISA to fight for what they believe and to fight for the poor? And please remember that the states that was captured by the opposition are the so called "rich" states. It would not be too far off to say that the people who have voted for you, are in the majority, not really effected by the NEP.

And to the handful of Malays who stand to benefit from NEP, please ask yourself is becoming a millionaire through NEP worth having asking the poor to skip a few meals just so you can achieve your dream? And these poor which would invariably include a large portion of your own race?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

They are coming out of the closet!

i guess this should be part 2.

During the run up to the elections, i tried to convince my friends to pangkah PAS just because there was a winds of change and that they should just send BN packing.

Once the opposition smells victory by pushing back BN in parliament and states seats, there are people who comes out and declare that race based politics is over and new begining etc.

And then everywhere i look there were "advices" offered by people/bloggers to the new Barisan Alternatif/Rakyat on how to run the states. But i must ask those people, what makes you think you can dictate what a political party does or not do? No offence intended, but who made you the advisers to the political parties? But this is of course expected. What i did not expect was....

And then yesterday LKS made a remark that they do not support PAS candidate as MB. My first reaction and also most peoples reaction was that he should have discussed this behind closed door and come to a compromise with other opposition parties. But at that time i came across a new type of blogger. These bloggers are what i called Closet Racists. They were the ones who cheered and extolled the virtues of non racial policy but at the first opportunity they get they go after the first chinaman they see. LKS did say he would be agreeable if a PKR assemblyman becomes MB. The candidates does include a PKR malay. But does the closet racist see this? No, they just come out bursting from their closet.

To appease the closet racist, LKS appologised to the Sultan and Regent. Thought that it ended there? Far from it. the closet racist is still out for blood. Maybe the non malays did the right thing in least they did not need to deal with a closet racist. They dealt directly with BN who is an open racist. Better the devil you know.....

I dont know what is going on behind the scenes but now i personally have told my friends who voted for PAS that a PAS MB shouldnt be that bad because i imagined all PAS assemblymen to be like Nik Aziz but this image was quickly dispelled by the latest revelations that state PAS have a high degree of autonomy and not under the purview of HQ PAS plus the rumour that PAS assemblymen in Selangor would jump ship if they did not get some senior post in the state govt. I am now getting ready to kena from my friends because of this.

So what now? Would Perak PAS jump to BN if they are not given any post? Heard that Selangor Deputy MB would be from PAS. Probably to appease PAS from jumping ship. The next round, I would only urge my friends to vote for PKR and DAP or some State PAS that i can trust. Definately not Selangor or Perak.

An opposition pact was a real possibility but, well, it was good while it last.

You have no fucking idea what you did on the the 8th of March 2008, right ?

Part 1

On the 8th of March, many people just went to the polling station to marked "X" on some pieces of paper. But I think most of them have no idea what they were doing at all. All they knew was they had to get rid of BN. Period.

The Malay felt that the UMNOputras was cheating them.

The Chinese felt that the MCA was just a useless pet dog of Pak Lah.

And the Indians, well the Indians were all fired up since the HINDRAF movement.

So, this millions of people went to the polling station with all this pent up anger, and they voted. They all voted for the oppositions. There were no longer racial barriers, the Chinese voted for Moon & The Eye, the Malays voted for the Rocket and the Indians voted for anything on that piece of paper other than BN.

It is like when you are pissed with something, you no longer see the whole picture, you only see and hear what your mind at that moment of time wants to process. At that moment of time, BN sucks, big time. Nothing BN does matters anymore. Your mind was set, one agenda, hapuskan BN.

So we have this historical election. BN was shocked beyond belief. It is like losing a sure bet. Same goes for the opposition, BN head upon the silver platter. That would be like winning a 25-1 Quinella odd.

Now that the opposition has won many many seats plus many many states, these people are not that pissed anymore, they start to behave like the old typical Malaysian. The BN Malaysian.

Like that how to maju ? Malu got lah.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

You want BN out yes ? You want change yes ? But you cannot accept a Chinese for MB ?

Sudah mula lagi x 2.

Lets keep it simple again.

PAS won majority seats in Kedah, PAS Menteri Besar, fine.
PAS won majority seats in Kelantan, PAS Menteri Besar, fine.
PKR won majority seats in Selangor, PKR Menteri Besar, fine.
DAP won majority seats in Penang, DAP Chief Minister, fine.
DAP won majority seats in Perak, DAP Menteri Besar, fuck off, PAS fine.

And we have bloggers all over the blog sphere condemning DAP for being greedy lah, falling into BN trap lah, selfish lah, forgetting their mandate lah, blah blah blah.

Just stop and listen to your self. Falling into BN's trap ? Then what the fuck are your posts and comments all about ?????

Yes, you, me and 5 million other people voted for the BR, yes, we got the power to decide who we want to govern us, but this is inter-parties decisions, by the very right DAP has 18 seats, PKR has 7 & PAS 6. You put 6 & 7, you only get 13. And furthermore, you that person that decides which state government you want to govern you, chose DAP, a race base party, what the fuck are you so fucking upset now.

Now I can read endless posts on this nonsense.

You imagine lah, you and a group of friends create a group study before STPM, everyday you guys study together, test each other & help each other. Then STPM results was announced, you got 5a1, the rest of them got 2A lah, 3A lah. But guess who got the Petronas scholarship to Amerika ? That friend of your with 2 biji A. You tak frust ke ? Telan sahaja ke ?

If you ask me, this is the mentality that BN want lah from you people. Say want change, but cannot accept a Menteri Besar of a different race. If you cannot accept changes, best you stick with BN and let them screw you over and over again.

And the Perak's royal decision does raise some eyebrow, if it is a malay chap you need, then why not PKR ????? tak suka Prime Minister in waiting ke ???

Ini Malaysia kalau you tak suka, you can go fuck off.

OK lah everyone had read enough of all this already, reasons by BN lost, reasons why BR won, Top 100, Top 20, Top 10 reasons, Election analysis, blah blah blah.

I will keep it simple, The Rakyat won. Now the BN & BR must listen to the Rakyat. Perform or fuck off.

BN or BR you have no right to threaten us on any fucking issues racial or religious. We will decide who we will vote for base on your performance and non-performance.

The Rakyat won, we should no longer call ourself, Malaysian Malay or Chinese or Indian or lain-lain. We should only be refer to as Malaysian, period.

Ini Malaysia dipimpin oleh Rakyat Malaysia, kalau you tak suka, you can go fuck off.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

BN Post Propaganda News

Dah mulalah tu.

Post Election BN propaganda.

On the TV & on the print media.

Suddenly every fucking small incident is somehow reported by the MSM as causes unknown and possibly related to the outcome of the 12th GE with a hint of incitement.

Do watch berita on TV3, yesterday some small tiny place got bakar besides that MIC centre and some breaking-in in some tadika in Kedah, made the news, with reasons unknow and cause of fire also unknown but could be related to the results of the 12 GE. This is outright inciting certain quarters to feel uneasy. Before this GE, the media would report on incidents as still under investigation or something. Now, it is causes unknown. They are baiting people to think of the worst case scenario. I would really like to know if there were any instructions by the pihak atasan, meaning the person who will most benefit if there is an emergency.

To be leaning in BN's favour is one thing, now they are trying to instill hatred and incite communal feelings. There is a no newspaper on Tuesday, maybe there should be a switch off the TV day or something.

Cleaning up Selangor Govt.

This cleaning up of Selangor govt would be a hell of a ride and if Barisan Alternatif does intend to clean it. First few things that pops to mind are

1) Puncak Niaga
2) Toll
3) Kempen-kempen to beautify______

The first one would be the water thingy. In Selangor and Federal territories ex-Labuan, home users pay around 0.57 per meter cube and 1.92 per meter cube when exceeding 20M3 per month. In this case, i know i would be riduculed, but i just have to say that any amount above 0.10-0.20 per meter cube and millions would go to somebody's pocket(at current charge, billions goes to somebody's pocket). But let the people be the judge. Lets see how much the water tariff looks like after the new state govt settles in.

The second thing would be toll rate for non-federal roads. I'm not too sure whether toll highways are considered federal roads or not, but even if it is, the new state govt could build better alternative roads. Preferably right next to the current tolled roads.

The third thing must or rather absolutely must be stopped. There are some division heads of the previous government's company which does almost nothing but beautify the river. Im not too sure amount the amount but if i have to guess, it would be hundreds of million per year just to "beautify the river" or "beautify the ____town". It remains to be seen what would happen.

But if PKR govt actually stops this, there may be retaliation by the federal govt because their cronies rice bowl would be smashed.But as days goes by, it is becoming likely that the political will of BA to stop BN from sucking the people's money, will not be as what we would have expected. Given that the Federal Govt have all but stopped their attacks against BA, i got this feeling that something is being negotiated. But you may never know, because on BA's side there is a man who claims to have been wronged by the federal govt and was jailed for 6(?) years. And i understand that this man is not the forgive and forget kind of person.

Well let us just wait and see.....

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Dah Kalah, Kalah Lah

Seeing how congested streamyx was yesterday, We at ducky decided not to post any updates on the 12th GE as Malaysiakini, dap-election, the-star-on-line, harakahdaily was already doing a fantastic job in bringing us all the update, especially Malaysiakini. Clap-Clap.

Furthermore, this is the first time that internet connection actually had an added advantage over the local media.

Those that already been keeping updated from Malaysiakini, would already have realised that the opposition had taken Penang & Kelantan by 8.30pm, Kedah by 11.00pm, Selangor by 12.25am & Perak by 1.50am. Where else all free TV & Astro 501 & 502 was still announcing BN's victory in Sabah & Sarawak.

If i am not mistaken, Penang was the first state that was announced taken by the opposition as Dr. Koh has already called for a press conference by 10.30pm. So there was no point in hiding that fact.

Tahniah also need to be given to SPR, to withheld the results of the 12th GE especially the lost of Kedah, Kelantan, Perak & Selangor. My guess if SPR had made results announcement as they are being received, eg the lost of hot seats, the lost of Penang & Kedah, Sunday morning might be a little different.

And of course all those that made the wind of change blew a little harder.

My sympathy to Dr. Koh, if you had watch his press conference last night, his poker face told it all. It was like he had "sei lou tau" already. I guess that is what happen when you play with fire.

Those MIC & PPP guys tak payah cakaplah, time to bungkus.

This photo from NST somehow sum up what happen on tangga lapan bulan tiga, dua ribu lapan.

Friday, March 07, 2008

The battle for middle earth.

Time to wrap up.

If the opposition wins more then 1/3 of parliament, then we, malaysians would have achieved our mission. Anything more would be a bonus. Without 2/3 majority, BN would be unable to hold on to their axis of corrupted.

Lets look at it like this, BN is like a medievel knight on horseback. He could ride out of the castle and ride in to the village to slaughter anyone with impunity. Just so you know, medievel horseback armoured knight is almost invincible in the medievel age. Think of it like a Level 99 Dark Knight that can cast cure on itself, slaughtering 1000 level 1 peasents. But then, if you unhorse the rider, which is what will happen if you deny BN 2/3 majority, it would be like a level 10 Wizard cast a curse on the Level 99 Dark Knight which halfs his speed, attack, defense, magic resistance and his ability to cast cure. If this were to happen, The 1000 level 1 peasents would be joined by another 200 or so peasant to come and slaughter that Dark Knight.

Now this 200 or so Level 1 Peasants are under control and basically enslaved by the Dark Knight. They are otherwise known as the government servants as in they serve the Dark Knight. They are basically held at gunpoint to do the Dark Knight's bidding. In 24 hours time, the enslaved Peasants would be unleashed and asked to go to the voting stations. With a very heavy heart they would have to do the Dark Knights bidding. With the 1000 or so peasant still undecided on whether they should try to unhorse the Dark Knight or just do nothing and be slaughtered by the Dark Knight whereas the Level 10 Wizard still requires time to prepare the spell, the 200 peasant would have no choice but to vote the Dark Knight.

So lets vote for the Level 10 Wizard, the Barisan Rakyat. And it doesnt matter if you are Elvish, Dwarven or Halflings. Just do not vote for the Dark Knight.

This is not 1969, we have very fast means of communication, SMS.

Last few post before we at ducky berhenti buat sementara.

OK there are rumours going around that some shitty things might happen after election whether BN win or lose. (No need to elaborate OK)

How I see it, this is not 1969. We are much mature now. And we have very fast means of communication. SMS.

If by chance story of Chinese beating Malays or vice versa got passed onto you, as a person who has the means to spread this story, you should be very careful in your next decision. This is what I will do.

I will rebuke that story and I will say that I was there and it wasn't Malay vs Chinese, it was some Indonesian vs Chinese/Malays. If you like the Indonesians, make it Nepalese, Myanmar, Indians, Pakistanis or Bangladeshis.

Whether you believe in that May 13 book written by Kua Kia Soong does not matter. What matters most is peace after election. BN will make sure there is no peace if they were to ever lose that 2/3 majority. Chaos is BN only last hope of survivor. And the told you so will be thrown at us.

It is time to stop reading & listening, It's time to think. Will it be the Red pill or the Blue pill ? Neo, its up to you and you can't swallow both!

Gentlemen start your engine !

Selamat datang ke post-post terakhir ducky.

Masa hanya tinggal lebih kurang 20 jam sebelum acara kemuncak kita berlangsung, acara ke12 kali Johor Bahru-Bukit Kayu Hitam 848km undi-mengundi!

It is this time of the hour, that the final preparation are taking place.

I didn't know school was closed, really. My neighbors kids was at home.

Anda telah mendengar ceramah-ceramah parti pembangkang.
Anda telah melihat dan mendengar iklan propaganda-propaganda di TV & di Radio.
Anda juga telah membaca surat khabar cetakan tempatan.
Anda yang berinternet telah juga membaca berita-berita blog dan website terkemuka lain.

Are you ready ladies & gentleman ?

Apakah jawapan muktamad Tuan-tuan & Puan-puan ?

The Red pill or the Blue pill ? There is no third choice. You have to swallow the Red or the Blue. You have to swallow just one. (God damn it, it's not cum lah, just swallow and get it overlah)

Is that your final answer ?

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Component party's blues

Being a component party in BN such as PPP is like an "anak angkat" as described by Kayveas. But is party like Gerakan any better off? There is already a rumour that the next CM of Penang would be from UMNO although i dont believe that to be true but history, at least favour the rumour. Remeber Sabah? There was supposed to be a rotation of CM in Sabah but the current CM was already the CM even before Pak Lah became the PM. And that to me was like an eternity ago.....or to pak lah, 10 minutes ago.

But coming back to our Kayveas from PPP, the most memorable quote he had made was that he threaten to quit politics because he also have maruah. All this because Gerakan and PPP have to fight for bread crumbs like Taiping. But that was weeks ago and Kayveas is still around and got his parliament candidacy but Lim Keng Yaik have quit politics or so it seems.

So in one corner, Kayveas got maruah and he would not back down and then on another side, Gerakan is going to lose their right to contest in a parliament constituency. On top of the unconfirmed rumour about Penang CM going to UMNO, Gerakan is in a hell of a pinch.

But being the referee, Pak Lah have to solve this problem. On hindsight, i would believe that the way he solved the problem was he go for the maruah guy.

To make it more clear cut, we only need to look at what Lim Keng Yaik said about Anwar.

Lim Keng Yaik said that when Anwar was the Education Minister, Anwar tried to some hanky panky to the vernacular schools. And that would be like at least 15 years ago. But did Lim Keng Yaik threaten to quit because of this because he have maruah? Nope.

He choose to remain quiet about this and went on to serve at least 5 more years together with Anwar, which Dr. Lim have alledge to have been an anti-chinese. But when Anwar became the DPM, i vaguely remember that Lim Keng Yaik still shakes his hand....still sing praises to Anwar.... where is the maruah?

And you know what? I think Pak Lah have made the correct decision. The Taiping seat candidacy rightly belongs to PPP.

But since the Dr. Lim is in such a talkative mood, we must ask him on whether there are any expose in which he wished to tell Malaysian. Or do we need to wait 15 years for him to spill the beans on Najib? or Hishamuddin? or Abdulah?

So which minister is Dr. Lim gonna cucuk belakang next? er... when i say cucuk belakang, i meant it in a political context.

On a side note, i just would have to mention this, have anyone notice that there is a pecking order in BN on who can angkat bola on whom? Because Dr. Lim potrayed Najib as the saviour in this vernacular school issue and i am quite sure he also angkat Anwar's bola when Anwar was the DPM, and hence Gerakan carry DPM's balls and MCA carry PM's balls. Please, anyone noticed this?

So lets do Gerakan a favour. Give them maruah. Wipe them out in this GE and save them from the humiliation of carrying the DPM's balls.

1999 & 2008 are 2 totally different thing.

I have been watching DSAI videos on utube and I just have to raise my hats off to him, he is quite a speaker. Remarkable speaker, I wonder is there any politician that can match him in public speaking.

But one thing I am not convince though after attending DAP ceramahs, many Chinese voters still fell DSAI as that rioting guy in 1999. That is how they still portray him and BN is still cashing in on this.

Mahathir himself was expel from UMNO many years ago, our Bapa Kemerdekaan joined Semangat 46 in those days together with Hussein I think. When Mahathir was the 4th PM the Chinese didn't like him. He was seen as pro-Malays then.

Clinton had a sex scandal, Hilary is running for President. Everyone hated the Nazis then, people seem to like Schumacher & Scorpions just fine.

Like orang tua kata, itu cerita dulu, dulu lain, sekarang lain.

Everyone is given a second chance in life, It is how we do it now that matters.

Bogey man and fall guys

Just read about the news report about EC chairman's house got vandalised.

And then i also came across a new report about keadilan's Bilik Gerakan got vandalised.

Now if it is not too far fetched, i always like to make connections. Mind you it is just connections. I also believe in coincidences. But what are the incidences that we should look at?

1) for making the u-turn from using the indelible ink, the oppositions make it a point that the BN was behind this. The BN is cheating they said.

2) for making the u-turn from using the indelible ink, UMNO expressed their regret for the EC not using the indelible ink. At the same breath, they also say that they supported it.

3) for the u-turn business, MCA expressed disapointment in the EC's decision.

4) for the u-turn thingy, MIC supported the EC's decision.

So from this instances i would deduce that the opposition blames BN for the non-usage of indelible ink, whereas the majority of BN expresses their regret and have washed their hands of this business.

And then i turned to past precedences, 10 years ago, when Malaysia economy got hit, BN knows that they are in a fix. What they did then i believe was to arrange for someone to take the fall. That someone as we know was Anwar. I still believe that Anwar got kicked out because BN needs a fall guy.

I can almost believe that when BN loses 2/3 majority, there will be a massive witch hunt. Fall guys are going to be identified and be asked to take the fall. Only if the fall guys are prepared and have planned their retreat strategy would survive this arena.

Are you prepared?