Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The law is the law!

Latest news!!!! We have all apparentl
y been fooled by a clever opposition ploy to create a distrust in the judiciary, so says our law minister. You, me, 1000+ lawyers and probably millions of Malaysians are fooled and would have continued to be fooled if not for this latest insight by our genius minister. So i urge everyone to closely follow this genius of a minister's speech very closely as i got a hunch that in this few days, he is going to show us his genius again by revealing the colonels recipe of 11 secret herbs and spices. Genius!!!

A quick pop quiz to start of this post. Remember the guy who said this " Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid" repeat 10 times or so...

Yes the same person who with this magnificent gift of the gap also said "Racist, racist, racist" repeat 30 times. With his ocean of eloquence, it is dissapointing that this time, he only manage to say " the law is the law". He did not repeat this 10 or 20 times. He only said it once.

I have this theory that when he do not just repeat what he says to reinforce his message. I think for every "stupid" or "racist" that he said, he is refering it to a specific person. Meaning there was 30 or 40 stupid and racist in his vicinity or at least within earshot that he was trying to point out.

But coming back to him saying "the law is the law", by using my theory above, he was only refering to the poor girl's parent. It would be different if he has said "the law is the law, is the law, is the law" repeat X number of times. In that would happen, i would suspect that he would also instruct the AG to prosecute the politicians who did not pay duty for cars purchased, the politicians who did not settle their traffic summons and especially the corrupt politicians.

And thus he spoke "the law is the law". Which would have the meaning of the law is the law only to Nurin's parents. I take it from him that there is a law against parent negligience and that law would be used against Nurin's parents. The malay saying Sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga would be very apt in this case. But what if this becomes a policy? Would someone be charged for indecent exposure if that person was escaping from a rape or was raped but managed to escape in torn up clothes/naked? Would a person be charged for littering if that person was shot in public(the assumption that blood would be on the floor)?

Looking at the facts, an 8 year old going to a public place at night, in the neighbourhood can hardly be called parental negligience ( at least to me it is not. Please i don't want to debate this. Leave it as to each his own view). Heck at her age i did the same thing. Granted that the streets are a lot safer then.( who do we have to thank for making the streets unsafe nowadays)

Lastly, this guy is so powerful that even the yang amat arif calls him up to confide in him certain important issue, but he is not that powerful that he alone can instruct AG to prosecute someone(can he?appreciate if someone can shed a light on this). What i know is that the AG has the power to almost arbitrarily prosecute someone, or he could get instructions from the Cabinet to prosecute someone. So if Nurin's parents got prosecuted, they got the whole cabinet to thank for.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Start having a kid or just shut the fuck up

We have stupid ministers and we have really stupid ministers.

But that loud mouth Nazri must be the stupiest among the lot.

Taking action against parents that neglect their own kids ? And who is going to set the guide line ? Are you sure you want to do that ? The majority of folks you are going to upset are your own kind.

We Chinese have either 1 or 2 kids. Maybe some 3 or 4. We are not like your kampong folks that waste not those so call precious drops that you need to conceive every single drop of it. With a family of 6 or 7 is very very very difficult to control and care for.

You want your kampong folks to walk every single one of their kids to school and sundry shop and errands ? Then I suppose you Mr. Nazri make some time out of your free schedule to visit them in their kampong to plant those vegetables or padi or plucking the coconuts or cutting that sugar cane or that whatever that they do the whole fucking day and get paid little more than what you make in a day.

I suppose you have no idea what it is like to take care of kids nowadays. And if Mr. Nazri thinks kids are like what he was when he was 4 or 5, dumb and dumber, I wouldn’t blame him, as his intelligence has definitely not grown much since then. Maybe he is a little smarter then that kera that climbs up the tree to pluck coconuts.

And for those other people out there, rich and have plenty of servants and nanny to take care of their young ones, or those not having any children or the worst kind, the kind that sent it to their aged parents to care for their young ones and any fuckers for that matter, just shut your fucking mouth.

No you have no right to say nor comment on any matter concerning children cause you have none or you are not taking care of one and you have no idea the kind of stress and pressure parents nowadays faced. I have all the limited right to comment because I have 2 kids of my own.

So I suggest before you start to following Mr. Nazri footsteps I suggest you hang around folks with a couple of kids for a day or two and see how tiring it is to take care of kids nowadays.

And if you think it is a piece of cake, by all means go start one, and would be very sure you will be supporting my post in 1 year time.

So go fuck off and get a kid.