Wednesday, January 31, 2007

50 years of horse shit.

Instead of trying to come out with a solution, the people that was responsible of publicing the toll agreements are now being threaten to eat ikan kembung for the next 10-20 years.

Lets look at it in a simpler way, this high figure political dude killed someone in his home, which is situated in a high security area, which the public are not permitted to enter. Lets so happen some Hero manage to creep into this dude home and manage to record the killing action on tape. So the Hero put the recording on you-tube for all to see. The dude found this out and decide to throw this Hero to prison. So he charged the Hero on tresspasing on high security area, which is punishable by death. The court naturally agrees, as this is a high politically figure. How about the video recording, of course a committee will be set up and look into the matter. case close.

Its the same damn way of doing away with bloggers, let the PM claim that all bloggers spread lies about him and the PM does not lie. he is GOD, he never lies, he just misrepresent the truth.

Lets take that aeroplane story, he said it was not for him, it was for govt staff. is he not a govt staff ? The boat story, he did not buy the boat, true, the govt bought the boat for him.

This is a funny year indeed. Because the country is going to celebrate 50 years of independence, which i have no idea why. Cause the reality there is no reason to celebrate, the rakyat mood i'm quite sure has not been as low as now. Every damn thing is expensive, but the govt seems to believe other wise. unlike the rakyat, the govt seems to be living in a bubble, which has no sense of reality. they do not need to pay, cause they re-imburse only.

So instead of trying to make things better this year, they will wipe out all elements that are against the govt and only the spanking clean will be left to show. Its like a showroom, everything boleh, anything tak boleh will either be in sg. buluh, kamunting or dead. This is how the govt is going to celebrate its 50 years of independence.

I believe there is a competition to create a 50 years celebration logo, here is mine.

Friday, January 26, 2007

NS should be suspended

The NS training into the 4th year ? and with some 17 casualties.

That would make about 4 dead every year. With intake of about 40,000, that means in every 10,000 teens, 1 will die.

And it is still being allowed to operate ?

Why aren’t the parents objecting to this.

I know for sure, if my kid was selected, I won’t sent them there.

There is no assurance that they won’t die.

And if there is, all they can say, is that they will look into the matter and are truly sorry.

Well sorry is not going to bring my kid back.

Francis Paul said in Rentakini that, at least those American boys that went to Iraq knows that they might die.

It’s like a Russian roulette, NS is compulsory, and if you refused, they will try to sent you to jail, I suppose, and if you attend NS, chances that you will die 1/10,000. Small % you say ? 4D Nos. 0-9999 = 10,000, there is a winner every time. Think about that.

And now they get to play with guns. Teens with guns, not a very bright idea, teens in cars are already a bad idea. As you know, the tax payers are footing the bill for all the ammunition that is being fired. If trainees can get drown because of lack of officers in charge, being shot down by a stray bullet is also very likely.

And furthermore bullet being super fast, try stopping one with your hand ?

And of course the guns are the attraction now for NS.

Think about it for a while, you raised your kid for 18 years then obediently sent them to NS, BANG ! They are dead, you want to raise another for 18 years, you’ll be at least 50 years by then.

The government never wants to be responsible for any damn thing you know that, but to gamble with my kids, I say TAK NAK !

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I've just heard of Penangfon, have you ?

My last streamyx bill before I was cap showed I used 79Gb of data usage, now with a cap usage, my data usage is 43Gb. Can someone show me a data usage for RM66 package ? I’m seriously thinking of switching to Rm66 since my Rm88 package is cap.

And for new users, please refrain from getting the 1Mb deal, it is horseshit. Just take the 512kb deal, course that’s the real deal.

And I’ve just recently heard of Penangfon, fibre optic cables at 2Mb for Rm60 at month ! It’s that for real ? any users care to share that truth of that.

In the company profile it claim to be part of Rimbunan Hijau Group, isn’t that the rich sarawakian timber tycoon ? and they also mentioned this “…….and later on nationwide roll out…” good news to us, bad news to streamyx.

This reminds me of my monthly letter to streamyx, I have been writing to streamyx monthly now since I have been cap, telling them how shitty they are and any fucking thing I felt like saying at the moment, and they reply ! I guess I’ll ask them about penangfon this time around.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Independent Candidate

Yesterday, the Penang CM made a very true statement during the by election for Batu Talam.

"Every vote counts and voters must think rationally to avoid making a decision which is detrimental to the future of the country"

"If they make a mistake in choosing the wrong candidate, then they would have wait for another general election,"

- Which is very true, just look at our very own chosen PM, Pak Lah not even elected but hand chosen.

He said the people should not be taken in by promises or his agenda to fish for votes.

- And the BN don’t fish for votes ????

"The Opposition will not do anything for the people but appear when the election is near.

- And the BN appear every fucking time ? why don’t we check their parliament attendance first.

"On the other hand, Barisan's representatives are always there to assist the people in resolving their problems," he said, adding that should the independent candidate win, it would only benefit himself as he would receive a fixed salary from the Government.

- Ooh, and the BN candidate does it for free ???

Personally ducky feels independent candidates are the best as they don’t need to “toe the line” as the nazi guy has rightfully said before.

Monday, January 22, 2007

The right thing to do

I’ve been watching House MD lately, season 1, 2 & 3.

At first I thought I was fascinated by their vast knowledge of diagnosis, symptoms and illnesses, but soon I realized what keeps me wanting for more is Dr. House lack of respect for authority and procedures.

In which Dr. Cameron sums it up quite well, “I thought you defy authority to heal people because you care for them, but I was wrong, you defy authority to heal patients because it was the right thing to do”

Yes, because it was the fucking right thing to do.

Much as it is just a medical TV show, but it strives to educate us something, that the world needs more people like Dr. House that will go that extra mile fear not of litigation or arrestment just to do the right thing.

Back in our Malaysian soil, 2 well knows bloggers are being prosecuted for the same course, doing the right thing.

Many of us including me as well, lack the ability to stand out of the crowd to make a difference because it is the right thing to do. We fear of what the society might think of us as geeks, aliens or weirdo.

So instead of championing these two heroes, our local print, notably NSTP decides to prosecute this doers of right, so that others will not follow in their footsteps to promote justice and the TRUTH.

Personally I think NSTP or any other media print in the future should pulled back their litigation attack, because on the first instance, they are not reporting half the truth to us as well. They are only ALLOWED to report what deem to be the best interest of the Govt. No matter how you look at it, telling a half truth is nothing more than a lie. And a lie is a defamatory in a way. So can some smart ass lawyer advised us public people how to go about sueing the print media for reporting half truth.

And lastly, the people that call themselve journalist, that writes for the print media, how can YOU let others tell you what you can and cannot write. I guess your dream of making a difference has come true, a dream of lying to the Malaysian rakyat.

Friday, January 12, 2007

friday ranting

today i was listening to my usual morning radio, and they were complaining abt malaysia slow many millions procedure and approval. in short many red tape with many assholes.

i'm sure if you had visited a gamen department you would encounter some problems. usual rantings are file missing, officer in charge not around and the famous kursus.

but once in a while you would hear something which personally i think should never even be mentioned.

'dia pergi main sukan'

yes gamen dept likes to have inter dept/branch/office/ministry at the expense of the tax payer. normally they would just drop what they are doing and main sukan.

ask when they we be back, 'bila minggu sukan sudah habis !'

so the next time you get a letter from any gamen dept asking you to pay or show your fucking face in their fucking office, you can tell them this, 'tunggu sampai EPL season habis !'

since BN is going to win the next GE as usual, why not we just boycott it !

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Public transportation over toll roads

Every time you hear the traffic report on the radio, you can always hear this,

1. Sunway toll towards Motorola is always jammed up
2. Besraya Highway officials say that traffic is still heavy at the Tai Thung intersection – City
3. And that the penang bridge is also fuck up, so please delay your journey.

As you can see the logic behind the toll protest last Sunday at sunway.

Besraya highway toll which begins in front of salak south has been jammed since ppl has been using it and the side effects of building that smart tunnel along the seremban highway also has increase the traffic flow quite tremendous.

And that penang bridge problem ? during Christmas, some of my penang relatives were saying how the traffic dj told them to delay their journey to the island. Their respond was WTF ! WTF ! WTF delay the fucking journey ? what kind of fucking answer is that. Might as well swim across.

Bottom line is this, no matter how many roads are built, the traffic will always increase many folds and it will never be the other way around. Never.

Tolls roads as you also know is the alternative way for those corrupted sob to rob us in broad day light.

And If the gamen ever was honest in tackling the traffic problem, efficient public transport is the only answer.

Just think of it for a second, take all the money that the idiots has already used to built all the fuck up highway from then till now, plus all the so call compensation, add them all together, I’m sure we could already have state of the art fully subsidise public transport from johor bahru to bukit kayu hitam.

But what to do, Malaysians are a bunch of idiots, for 50 over years from the days of tunku till badawi, they have been robbing us blind. But we just continue to vote for them for the fear of the may 13 incident.

And indeed it is a racial thing. The Chinese being totally selfish, the malays being not wanting to lose their rights, the Indians which never had any rights and yang lain-lain which nobody cared !

The general election is near, is time for you to make a decision, will you continue to let may 13 be a fear factor or will you face fear in the face and prove that fear is not a factor. (Yes yes I rip it off from fear factor).


Sunday, January 07, 2007

protest ? nobody got hurt ! wtf was the fru doing ? wtf !

Ok, this toll protest looks a little like the wayang Tian Chua has been telling us like in the litrak agreement with the gamen.

Protestors were there, leaders of all sorts were there, but what was missing during the 1 hour long ! speech was the jackass telling ppl to bersurai because this is an illegal gathering and they are given some minutes to fuck off before the FRU releases their deadly water canon.

Speeches after speeches, (I got bored, its like all talk with no action.) I think it was @ 45 minutes, ppl cheering on TOL – Tipu Orang Lagi, samy turun, hidup rakyat, etc etc etc. but no action !

So I pack my bags and left, to be only stuck in a traffic jam, since the protestors has started to march into the highway, then from a far I saw those famous red helmets dude, the fru has arrived, so did anyone die or got injured ? according to malaysiakini it was peaceful.

Come to think of it, doesn’t it look like the kind protest khairy and friends did last year, and the FRU personnel did not even raise a baton !

I’m curious, as to whether this is a wayang, or that it was held at a very public place, there was a lot of vehicle traffic, there was residential, shoppers and a lot of foreigners since this is vmy 2007 !

And actually it was in the paper announcing the venue and day and the news actually covered it !

General election is indeed coming.

That is why the gamen announced that there will not be any fuel increase this year as well.

All the signs are there. 2007, VMY or is it a distraction for a feel good feeling from the real agenda, The General Election.

Well the only consolation I got from the protest, was an anti toll car sticker, “tol naik tolak BN” and I saw jeff ooi in person, you cant miss him, about my height and he was In a green top, with all his equipment around him.

pictures ? well jeff was there, and his camera is much bigger !

Friday, January 05, 2007


Long ago all toll roads in the klang valley only cost Rm0.50.

You remember the cheras toll, jalan kuching toll, jalan genting kelang / jalan pahang toll and still existing taman connaught toll.

All these toll roads were highly utilize as it only cost Rm0.50.

What happen in between that makes a toll road cost Rm0.50 to Rm1.00++.

Something somewhere someone is getting greedier, what used to take 10 years for some mofo to become a millionaire now takes 1 year.

The rakyat are always duped to believe that toll roads reduce traffic jam, but this is not the case anymore. As toll roads are only constructed after a jam arise, in which the duration while the toll roads are being built itself creates more traffic jam, and all they do is stick a sign board saying ‘terima kasih atas kesabaran anda’

And to fuck us more, upon completion of the toll road, we are still stuck in a traffic jam after paying for it, which comes back to square 1 again.

And as always alternative roads are always provided, but to only a certain extent.

Lets take something close to where I live.

The Besraya Highway, form Salak South to Seri Kembangan. Rm1.30 each.

When the highway was first constructed, everybody was against it, why ? because there is already an existing road and why must anyone pay toll just by driving out of their driveway ? Its just day light robbery. But being under DAP territory they don’t give a fuck. So they built the damn highway. Upon completion, as in the blueprint the had to built the alternate road.

Know what happen next ? everybody, I mean everybody used the alternate road, the toll road was not utilize at all. At any time there was only 1 toll operator at work, and most of the time he/she would be sleeping, as there were no traffic at all.

So months past by, with little or no toll collection, they barricaded the alternate road with no reason. The next day, the residents took a bull dozer and bull dozed off the barricade, don’t fuck with kampung folks ! that didn’t deter them. They smash up the alternate roads and constantly have police hanging around there to look for trouble. Not giving up, ppl continue to use the smash up road. Toll operators got fed up, totally destroyed the alternate road and permanently seal it off.

Today another alternate road came around, but it is so much further.

Has anyone notice the about completion of the smart tunnel ? I notice toll gates at the entrance. I thought it was about preventing floods in the city, I guess I was wrong. Its about making some greedy politician richer.


Lets see if we can link these guys which are litrak directors to some influential politician.

1. Tan Sri Dato' Ir (Dr) Wan Abdul Rahman bin Haji Wan Yaacob

2. Ir. Haji Yusoff bin Daud
3. Dato' Lin Yun Ling
4. Tan Sri Dato' Nasruddin bin Bahari

5. Dato' Ir Chew Swee Hock

6. Dato' Ir Haji Azmi bin Mat Nor
7. Mr Ng Kee Leen
8. Mr Saw Wah Theng

Thursday, January 04, 2007

demanding your right of road

1. mcmc order us not to waste internet usage during the current asian internet crisis. sure why not anything for a cause, then can mcmc at the same time order streamyx to give me a 50% reduction in my streamyx bill ? you cant can you, so shut the fuck up !

2. there are more and more idiots on the road nowadays. especially on the highway. long ago before there were highways, only ppl that can really drive, took on the roads, the rest just took public transport.

let ducky educate you a little on 'demanding my right of road'

many a times on the highway, you are cruisin on 90-110km/h (spell more economical) on the highway, and you decide to overtake that slower lorry, not wanting to go over the speed limit, you drive @ 115km/h, as you overtake the lorry, some idiot in a ferrari/mercedez/bmw/etc come tail gate you because you are 'slowin' them down, dont bother just stick to your speed limit and overtake that bus/lorry/truck/etc and leave some space in between before putting on your left signal to go back onto the slower lane.

after you do that keep your eyes on the road and do not even bother to even look at their cars.

what you should not do is drive faster then you should and then keep to the left lane asap after you overtake the slower vehicle, as that would endanger yourself and the slower vehicle you just overtook. neither should you slow down while overtaking to piss off those tail gaters, as you were overtaking in the first place.

if you want to slow down to piss off these tail gaters, do it NOT on a highway, but your average roads, as average road speed limit are @ 60km/h.

but if you insist on doing it on the highway, there are times when you actually can. but make sure you are not road hogging first !

first you keep to your crusin speed @90-110km/h, then some cars overtaking you on your left on crusing speed as well. then the idiot come along, and tail gate that car that was overtaking you, failing to do so, the car switches lane and tail gate you instead.

so now you can slow down by not stepping on the accelarator but NOT braking as that would be sending both of you to hell. now this is when it gets exciting, the idiot car will now change back to the right lane to zig-zag across you and the other car, so as soon as the idiot car move to the right lane, step back on the accelarator to be level with the other car that was overtaking you !

idiot driver being really piss, will now swerve all the way to the left onto the emergency lane and overtake both of you. let him go, you had your fun.

election is coming vote against the BN

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

roads are tarred, election must be coming !

i think the gamen think we are a bunch of ass holes.

1. wtf can anyone do with that rm10-30 saving in road tax which you pay once a year, on the assumption that average ppl drive a 1.5 litre car.

then you have the local print saving idiotic things like malaysian rejoice over lower road tax !

my first reaction was, wtf can i do with the savings ? buy a large mcvalue meal ?

2. have you smell that newly tarred road yet ?

i think the general election is coming closer than we think it is.

every election year, they tarred the road.

precisely, does the gamen think by tarring our road they votes in their favour ?

the act of tarring the road is by all means actually showing us that from the day that these MP's have been so called elected, they have not done a single thing until now!

3. rumour has it that the price of petrol will be increase by another Rm0.30 before cny !

i've been trying to hammer everyone i know to vote against the BN, my mum say she'll be voting for the oppostion as well. that's good news.

think of what BN ever did for you and then vote against BN.