Friday, April 20, 2007

What the Fuck is LHDN doing ?

I think this year the LHDN (Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri) really fuck themself in the ass.

In 2004, Personal Income Tax Return Forms B/BE was in Excel format, 2005 it became PDF format to much disliking as it requires at least a version 7.00++, and version 7.00++ can only be downloaded with Windows XP. I mean maybe all you home users have XP, but last year my office PC was still running a Windows 98 and it actually crashed less than a XP.

This year the LHDN got itchy fingers again and decided to do away with Excel or PDF, and got straight into an HTML document.

To encourage the usage of E-Filing, which is the filing of your tax return form via internet, Some numbers of forms are not sent to the tax payers. But of course, my guess is that they didnt consult everyone in LHDN, as any chinese fellow will tell you is that, if you dont sent me my tax return form, i wont be filing my tax.

On the other hand, LHDN didnt actually put their thinking caps on as to how much internet penetration there is in the country. I heard stories that ppl that went to the LHDN branch wanting to do e-filing but have no idea that it requires the usage of computer.

Originally LHDN did not provide any manual forms if you receive none and no soft printable copy was given, i think it was only last month that LHDN figured all this out.

With only 10 days left for individual tax payers with no business income to submit their tax, i doubt there is enough time. And this time around the blame should be with LHDN, not me, not you, LHDN.

So if anyone wants to fuck them up further, i suggest you go down to your LHDN branch and demand for your tax refund, with all of them being already over work, that should really be the final draw before they start pulling their hair out.


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who do u think u are????????????????????????????????

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Yeah! there are a bit stupid. std gov servant behavior.