Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Would you convert to Christinanity just to get married in a church ?

As much as being a christian, ducky personally cannot agree with any christian authority that forces any one of a married couple which is not a christian to be a christian just because they are marrying a christian member in any particular church, that is being baptized and confirm and accepting blah blah blah.

I believe many christian stand firm on this believe, and i actually even heard my pastor mentioned it one time before. And i think he even quoted some bible verses, i could be wrong on that part though.

Ducky thinks this is one of those thing that got mixed up somewhere along the years. Like those grandma tails or superstitious believe, where the word maybe then use was not preferred for a christian member to marry a non-believer. Not preferred normally means not encourage, but certainly not compulsory. So i guess through the years not preferred became unlikely to tidak boleh.

Any sane person can see that forcing someone into any religion for that matter is ridicolous. Love is something between the couple, but religion is between man/woman & GOD. You are marrying a person not a god. Just like you are marrying the daughter/son not the mother/father in law.

Furthermore, this will only aggravate the already tense marriage especially when both parents cannot see eye to eye. Its like not only do i have to give my son/daughter away, they have to be converted, WTF ! Then christianity would be like a compulsory conversion like that other religion.

And where is the part of free-will come about if you forces someone to become a christian.

Personally, if you are trap is such a situation, it is best to resolve this matter without any party having to change its religion just so the parents can see a church wedding. At the end of the day you are getting married not the parents, yes it is a tough nut to crack, but at least you are honest about it and that you show sincererity and integrity.

Why ducky is talking about all this ? Ducky's brother in law in marrying a catholic girl, (Yah think of catholic school girl uniform !) and the mother quite insist on a church wedding. So that means brother in law which is a free thinker i think, would need to convert and he is not to keen.

But of course if it is that other religion, then no choice lah, go thailand and get married.


Anonymous said...

Does this rule apply to all churches? Or am I to be aware of that some churches only enforces this rule/law?

NickTay said...

actually the bible is very clear about it, you are not suppose to be unequally yoked. In other words, you are not suppose to marry a non-christian,

"Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?" [2 Corinthians 6:14/KJV]. For a more modern translation, the NIV states that verse as "Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?" [NIV]

Yodaddy said...

I got a solution...both renounce their religion and both get married the free thinker way.

ducky said...

luckily it is a inconsistent practice, but i believe the decision lies with the priest in charge of that particular church.

ok, so there is a bible quoting. but do you agree with it ? i know its simple maybe for you and me if our partners are christian. but what if they are not, will you insist then that they convert.

there is no need to renounce, the problem lies with the parents as usual. i doubt any couples actually insist that their partner convert.

Anonymous said...

Do you know that you have to convert in order to marry a muslim? I assume you disagree with that too.

ducky said...

Converting to a muslim is a universal fact lah

yinkoon said...

I think the choice of religion is a free will. If someone love and married, he/she is not married to the others religion. I mean hey so what if that person is a non believer or muslim. so what...

to anonymous,
just because the constitution says so. yeah sure, it was ok if the non muslim turn into muslim become a mualaf.
but why cant non muslim married muslim without converting, their children are free to believe the religion out of their free will.
why must it be force upon people born with a muslim parents to become a muslim.