Monday, April 02, 2007

Borat & Walk the Line

Having only watching movies being dvd-rip by AXXO, ducky review on movies would definitely be old.

OK, watched many films courtesy of AXXO, the greatest dvd-ripper alive, but ducky chose 2. ok actually only 1 from AXXO, the other from Astro, yesterday.

1. Borat
2. Walk the Line.

Many people seem to agree that it’s a wonderful watch, fantastico, personally it’s just like Mr. Bean but talking. The only conclusion I came up with after watching Borat was, what the fuck !

Check out Borat picture from IMDB, not that Borat like huh ?

According to IMDB, Joaquin Phoenix actually took singing and guitar lessons to play the role of Johnny Cash in Walk the Line.

And you know what ? I actually thought Joaquin sang better than Johnny himself, too bad Johnny cant verify that for himself being dead and all.

Joaquin had this low tone much soothing than Cash, don’t believe me, check it out yourself.

Not that Joaquin is going to be a country singer, but did you know that the movie La Bamba, the story about Ritchie Valens, the songs was actually all sang by Los Lobos and they actually did better than Ritchie Valens himself, topping No. 1 in the billboard I think. And if you had heard Ritchie Valens himself on La Bamba, you know what I mean.


rainbow angeles said...

Borat no good? I thot u no more d/l-ing?

My astro kena 'fried' 2 days ago :(

anthraxxxx said...

I agree. I enjoy the Los Lobos version of La Bamba more than the original singer.

Walski69 said...

Truth be told, I enjoyed both films, in their own right - it would be impossible (and silly) to compare one over the other.

But as a serious film, Walk the Line was probably one of the best films that came in 2005, with superb performance from both Joachin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon. It may have come as a shock to those unaware of Johnny Cash's dark history, but to me it was well-played - a non-judgemental look at Cash's life. His rise fame, mistakes, and ultimately some redemption in the end.

ducky said...

hard habit to break.
Tell u what, i'm in good spirit, why not i burn the SATC and then get my ofis boy to hantar to your ofis recep ?
astro fried ? take back to work and tukar only mah, why so susah, sure got like a million decoders just lying there.

anthraxxx, how cash & joaquin fair up ?

it would appear every single rock and roll singer then seems to have an addiction of some sort, drugs or the hard stuff. i wonder why ?
best show of 2005. i feel you there. best show to date for ducky, happyness with a y. the part where will smith holding his kid and sleeping in the public toilet, everyone knows you have hit rock bottom. And the part where his boss wanted to borrow 5 bucks. That got you thinking.

rainbow angeles said...

Waaa... u so nice to me but my office is not at the HQ wor... make a date with me, I chia u lim kopi, ok?