Wednesday, May 10, 2006

the last communist

i didnt want to continue my gamen bashing, but i cant help it, these gamen ppl seems to be pressing all the right buttons to pissed me off.

the semi-musical documentary, The Last Communist by Film maker Amir Muhammad has been ban.

if the gamen did nothing, i would even have not notice it, but since i saw the word BAN, it cought my attention. and i continue reading it. now even i dislike musical, i want to watch it. and since it is in digital format, it should be easily available on the net right ?

why must they have idiots with idiotic statements like this one.

"Are there no Malay heroes that Amir can promote through his documentary ?” asked Malaysian Film Producers Association president Ruhani Abdul Rahman

“We hope that after this, Amir and film makers from the new generation of Malays, will pay more attention to the struggles of heroes from their own race...” assistant entertainment editor, Akmal Abdullah

and we have this ..

Home Affairs Minister Radzi Sheikh Ahmad was the person responsible for imposing the ban after negative public response to the film based on news reports.

was it on the news, did they have a public opinion thing carried out which i didnt know ? or is it they had small little poll carried out within the department and that represents public response ?

my negative public responses would be why a malay cannot depict a chinese hero ?

personally i dont really know much abt chin peng, but now since it seem to provoke the gamen, it might just as well be my reading interest now.


inevitable said...

Another sohai comment from the gamen and I am not surprised.
Soon, they might even ban all local movie unless mawi or siti stars in them...

Anonymous said...

I gues you right inevitable!...

Walski69 said...

It's really shameful but in times like this, some individuals in the Malay media really show their true colors... damn chauvinist p*gs...

Just a hunch, but maybe they'll lift it after the UMNO 60th Anniversay??

rainbow angeles said...

omg! i'm so shocked... Amir Muhammad is a very talented producer! Damn!

i tell u, when it comes to media censorship & bans, i'm always at a loss for words... a bunch of nincompoops... sheesh! beh tahan ok!

Anonymous said...

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