Thursday, May 18, 2006

i i i

time to do home work, this one no need ping lah. inspired by ahpek.

i am a fucking man
i just now thought of fucking grace park
i said fuck you
i want to fuck katharine mcphee
i wish to fuck scarlett johanson
i hate mother fuckers
i miss fucking
i fear of not fucking
i hear my neighbour's daughter fucking
i wonder i can fuck as loud as my neighbour's daughter
i regret i didnt fuck my neighbour's daughter
i am not fucking right now
i sing fucking songs
i cry when i fuck
i am not always fucking
i made 3 fucking times
i write fucking blogs
i confused my fucking self
i need to fuck real bad
i should be fucking everyday
i start fucking in the morning
i finish fucking in the night
i tag walski and yoda


inevitable said...

a very fucking fuck thank you for doing the fucking meme

Walski69 said...

To answer your question, no, I'm not into tagging, but I'll take up the challenge anyway...

Yodaddy said...

why you tag me?
ok i do it here..

I dont do fucking meme....

finish. Thank you.

Admin said...

hellooo.... fucker.

ducky said...

fuck you very much tidak boleh dielak.

thank you for taking up the fucking challenge anyway.

you are fucking welcome yoda.

hello and thank you old fucker.

rainbow angeles said...

when u hear yr neighbour's daughter f-ing, u got *toinkkk*??? LOL!

wat u mean by you made 3 f-king times...made wat??

ducky said...

toinkkk ??? i was already cumming the 2nd time !!!

3 f-king times, i cum 3 times !