Monday, November 19, 2007

Do you remember PASOLA ?

I think it was the 1980s small cc moped or something.

A Yamaha Pasola 50cc, mostly red in colour.

Had this theme song that went with it

"saya wanita yang moden, bergaya dan bebas"

I tried googling for some images, but all i found was some shitty images.

I think i rode one before when i was like underage, never actually thought it was a real motobike. If you had seen one, you would think the same.


Ok, Angel said Pasola is with 2 SS's which explain why i cant google any images.

Thank you.


rainbow angeles said...

Unker... if you had Googled for Yamaha Passola, you'd get lots of images... salah spelling ma you... :P

ducky said...

Tq angel, image available now, i reckon you still ride one to work huh ? while singing to the tune of 'saya wanita yang moden...'

rainbow angeles said...

Haha si kui... :P

Actually, I dun remember the tune of the ad...