Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Lets start new, my previous blogs are , hmm something strange, it’s a kinda of a story that kinda tell something of certain ppl, but are no longer entertaining anymore neither can we come out with such ideas, research for pic & phrases.

Why not then start a new blog ? why should I ? everyone has a past, a history, a description, something that they did sometime ago, there is no need to be a shame of our past, some actions we chose for the wrong reason, some actions are beyond our control, but somehow we overcame it or it overcame us, it was a lesson, a painful lesson maybe, a useful lesson, nevertheless, a lesson has been learnt, this is where this blog is heading to, just like any other blogs, life as we see it, no body have to agree with what I write, what I write is my opinion, my point of view, how I judge thing, should u then judge me by my opinion then, its up to you, this are just my thoughts in writing, I cant really transfer all my thoughts into writing, but I wish I could, but i am not a writer, somethings appear in my mind as an emotion, a gesture, a picture, a dream, a thought, memories, whatever I can translate from my brain to my hands I will, else it will be a thought in my head.

Lets see how far can I go with this blog this time.

this is the nation pride to a certain ppl only, actually our only former pm that is still alive today! yes our first proton saga is seated in our national musuem, 1985, that was the year they made that car, so now is 2005, that makes the car 20 years old, i think the car was in there since sometime ago, dont know when, but i sure tells alot of things, the original proton dont last for 20 years or so, my mother's morris minor is still chuging along in taiping, why is the proton in the museum, well remember the lat comic, on our former pm driving on and on and on, on the penang bridge? well it cant take that many u-turns either, nor the penang sea breeze, have rusted all the rustable parts, future protons were all not allowed to be launch in penang neither do current pm are allowed to make 1001 u-turns & giving the thumbs up.

have you ever thought how in a world did we become what we are today, i mean the way we drive, eat, park our car (double park, triple park), being rude, just plain ass hole, how, in between which years did we suddenly transform from being nice to ugly. its like when we are at home we are like sweet angels then all of the sudden, we leave the house, we are like "mr. maggi please dont make me angry u know u dont like me when i'm angry" but i guess it went something like that compare to that from like 1979?"wtf, mofo dont fuck with me, i'll fuck u up" yes things change ppl change, i think it is circumstances change, the world change, in order to fit into society, we need to think like one, act like one, just to fit in, else we are consider weirdo. weird dont u think, living up to the world standard as to what is right and what is wrong, not what we think is actually right from our point of view, or our point of view does not matter, i think its branding, nike was michael jordan then, u want to be a-class nba player, wear nike, who said bata or fung keong cant do just the same, did we try, did we even dare to try, u imagine joining those street basketball challange and sudenlly these dude shows up with a bata shoe, well maybe some do i dont know, i could be out dated, i'm after all 32 and married with children.

going back to the proton story, nearly all of us own a proton, because it is cheaper than something else, it seats 5 comfortably anyway, and it is fast and for some even faster, i mean if u are one fo those ppl that have exhaust the size of pamela anderson boobs, think for a while ok, that proton of our dont have any benchmark setup against, if it were to go through a test crash, i have very little imagine, (actually there was a test crash for waja in uk, if u search the net u can find it there, had some good reviews, but knowing proton, they would send a one of a kind proton gold plated, mini fridge, thingy, just to show malaysia boleh spirit. anyway, our regular proton already smashes up pretty badly at standard fittings speed, and yer fellows with upgraded spec, do your own maths, i had wanted to boost the hp once a time ago, but decide not to after considering how fragile the car is, u can actually dent the car by rubbing very hard with a cloth! yes owning a proton, its bad that we are force to but local cars because of the price, but to endure the low qualityness and for 20 years! i'm already eyeing on the toyota avanza, as my next car, proton is not even a thought in mind anymore. the least proton could do was give us a lot of their share just to show some appreciation, or petrol vouchers, what do we get, shit load, when u take your proton for service and u say that one not working, this one rosak, what is the felar going to say, aiyah, proton like that one mah, dont want get a toyota lah. why he said like that, coz the bugger drives a toyota oso. come on if yer own co. mechanic dont even drive the company models, it say a lot of thing dont, you think ? maybe someone should do a survey and find out how many proton employees actually drive a proton, especially the fucking chairman, md, directors.

shit this is a long blog, guess i have a lot of thoughts in my mind, that makes me a big head.

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