Thursday, March 09, 2006

international beat that bitch in your office day

this is pretty much inspired by yoda's comment over the past few days and the fact that i realised that no one really take me seriously even if i post something serious like international women's day and after that swearing preaching and lying preach post as well i guess. since that is the case, i see no harm in me for posting any damn thing under the sun and moon as i will get the same response or non at all for that matter.

so today i present you international beat that bitch in your office day.

before you start beating that bitch you call wife or mother beside you, there are some laws relating to this special day. sanction by the UN under the closed eyes of kopi adnan and bery much oppose by the USA, primarily talk queen herself, fat ass bitch oprah, there are certain rules that need to followed.

1st of all if you notice is call beat that bitch, this is singular, meaning you can only beat one single bitch in your office, not 2 not 3, not the whole gang, just 1, so you have to pick your bitch smartly.
secondly is beat that bitch in your office, not your house, not in the car, not in the carpark, supermarket, whorehouse, policestation, it has to be in a office. i know, i know, you work at home, that dont count. tak kira ok. it has to be in a building/premise, else thats just violence. we dont condone senseless beating of bitches in ducky, and neither do we support domestic violence ok. remember ducky for women's international day.
thirdly, if you have a small company/enterprise/sole propreitor and its just you and the bitch staff of your, forfeit/chup, cannot pukul, remember i say you must choose wisely, there is no one to choose from, so also cancelled.
fourthy, if the bitch you so picked is your wife/bitch or mother/bitch in law, preet ! preet ! off side ! you cannot curi ayam like that, remember ducky do not support domestic violence. but for consolation if its your girlfriend, then you can beat the crap out of her lah for fucking with your father, brother, friend, priest, boss, or whatever lah. but if you are engage but not register yet, still can whack kau her, but if register, sorry.
fifth, i say beat not bitch about it. you can whack kau her till her low mou cannot recognise her but you cannot, cannot insult/swear/curse at her at all. the only way the women's ngo agreed to this day was on this condition. beat yes but you cant swear. so remember while you are beating the crap out of the bitch you cant go like that "you like that bitch, pow! how's that feel cocksucker, pow! wow!...."
sixth, you cannot force fornicate this bitch, even if you beat her senseless already, i know you want to decorate her face with your artwork, but rules are rules, you have to keep your brother in tact. also no bOObs gropping. nothing sexual in nature.
seventh, you cannot kill her or crippled her, injury is understandable, stiches are ok, even a broken arm or leg, but not permanent.
eight, are weapons allowed ? this is the grey area of the act. it mentioned here as non-life-threatening weapon. wtf is a non-life-threatening weapon ? a vibrator ? as i say this is a grey area, so use your unsupervise imagination. yoda would understand this perfectly, staple, keyboard, monitor, puncher, ashtray, toilet bowl, toilet bowl cover, toilet bowl cover ? yes you put the bitch head on the toilet bowl and you slam the mother fucker toilet bowl cover on her head.
ninth, this is not an excuse for you and your bitches to start an office orgy, i didnt say international fuck those bitches in your office day, thats tommorow.
tenth, another condition by the women's ngo, you cannot tie her up and and beat the shit out of her, neither can you you gang up against her, its one vs one. just like street fighter.

now that you know the rules, go ahead, go enjoy your international beat that bitch in your offce day.

did i mentioned that the bitch can fight back, using whaever necessary force required, and somemore she gang-up against you, use destructible weapons and even fornicate you. no-ah ? too bad.


angel said...


ada idea liao pulak?

yoda, how many bitches gonna kena today?

Yodaddy said...
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ducky said...

wtf yoda, first u discriminate women by stapling them to the floor, then now you're yoda for women's right. wtf you running for president kah ? i know you "help" three chicks today.
the first one , you open the door, and at the same time stand beside the door, so she have to squeeze her self through you at the same time squeeezing her 36DD pass you.
the 2nd one, you fix the computer, i think this is that girl that you threw the monitor on her head, so this is just trying to pull the monitor out of her head.
and lastly, you bought breakfast for the ah soh, in exchange for a bj. think i dun know you. only ah soh was willing to swallow, since she has no taste bud anymore and being blind and cripple and all.

angel said...


duck, high-5!!

yoda, ah buey ki si ai chia wa??

Yodaddy said...

alright!! thanks to my buddies andy "the woman beater" tan and james "the bitch kicker" stephen , who help me distract the bitch who is holding a gun to my head this morning so i can give her an elbow on the side of her head. thats how i manage to free myself from this bitch!

Duck, the bitch made me write some fucking comments on your post. For this i am giving her a few more kicks in the stomach just for spoiling your post.

I just dont understand this bitch. she should be content from getting her ass kicked by me once a day lah. But she takada cukup.she have to do all this shit like a bloody now i am going to put her in chains. that would prevent her from sneaking up on me again.DOES THE BITCH DESERVE IT OR WHAT?

I have only been like 15 minutes free from this bitch and already i have kicked the other 5 bitches ass! 3 minutes per bitch! sometimes i amaze even myself!!

And those bitches wont be going to happy hour on saturday night either! i would be suprised is they even turn up to work next monday! they would probably still need to stay in the hospital or something. No problem. i will just have to borrow the bitches from the neighbour's office for the slave work here!

Angel, what chia chia? i chia you drink chrysantemun tea wan?

I have to reiterate that the previous comment was done under the threat of a gun pointing to my head.

alright i think i have to stop here now. i am going to chia all the bitches drink chrysantemun tea now!

ducky said...

apparently yoda you did not read the fine print on today's international day event, you have to choose your bitch wisely, and only whack kau one bitch only, further you are not allowed to force feed anything especially from your 1cm longer than mine thingy. you seem to have contravene article 5(d), subsection 6, para II(e) of the international beat women's day by law. for this you have been blacklisted, and no further queries will be entertain from you. if you wish to appeal on this matter you can do so by presenting your case to the international beat women tribunal in Vladisvostok, Russia.

Yodaddy said...

what event rules? why should there be rules for this god given(hehe) right of beating the shit out of bitches?

why 1 bitch? does this means that after you whack 1 bitch, another bitch come and whack you, you are suppose to run away??? who the fuck wrote these rules anyway, the bitches themselves??

drink chrysantemun tea is not putting the dickie in contact with the bitch lah!

and why in vladivostok? why cannot be somewhere that speaks english? i not very good in russian, armenian or korean wan. maybe i wont go to the tribunal. i dont need to. i will just go to any syariah court anywhere in the world to rule that a bitch is inferior to a man.

Also i do agree that those bitches lacks discipline and dont know their place in the world. We must make it compulsory for them to attend churches!!! that would make them realise their true calling which is to become a slave to man.

and ducky who gives a fuck if i langgar any rule? it is not like anyone comes here to check out your post anyway! you got like what 1-2hundred visitors per day only?

ducky said...

since there is a lack of interest in reading sick humour, i might as well tutup kedai lah. yoda is going to post one more entry tommorow, and if there is no response, then ducky & co. understand lah, no need to merajuk, no need to ta fei kei, just have a brief funeral and then stop blogging and continue my other hobbies, download porn and tiu ppl in ps2. bye.

angel said...

maybe ppl sked to comment cos u all so violent?

yoda, i seriously think u shud start a hate blog or something!! if not, wasted oni yr 'skills'.

duck, mai aneh khuan lar...sure got ppl read wan...just they dun komen...

and mana itu tak boleh dielak??

Yodaddy said...

alright! hate blog at duckys tomorrow. everyone BYOB. (Beat your own bitches)

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