Monday, March 13, 2006

How the world should really work

How the world should really work IF the bitch were smart.


The world consist of powerful men. And all powerful men could not resist good sex from chun chicks. Example, the powerful Yoda.

first of all the chick must be damn chun. must also be alot younger than angel.

when some chun chick make some powerful men shiok shiok and stop halfway and demands something, surely the powerful men would give anything lah!

Now say if the powerful men was GW bush, and the chick wants him to nuke russia, what you think would happen? world war 3 motherfuckers!

closer to home, if some chicks were to do the same to pak lah and demand for a decrease in petrol price, there wouldnt be a need for protest! Hell if she demands that pak lah nuke russia, i think he would also find a way to do that!

and now i could imagine a thousand guys shaking in their pants and imagining what would happen if the bitches rule the world. But luckily Yoda is here and i am on top of things. Small chance in hell i would allow the bitch to get the better of us!

The counter.
The 100% working counter to the bitch is :

Say the bitch is sucking your dick and she suddenly stop halfway and demands that you gove her half of your life savings.

What would you do?

Some motherfuckers who did not have the privilage of my genius instructions would have given half their life savings to the bitch. I will in my comming post teach you shitheads how to beat the shit out of her to get back your money. But sure you could randomly beat the shit out of her. You would feel great in the process, but you would probably not see a sen of your money. No choice, you have to watch this space to get back your money. And no rush here. Feel free to indulge on some random feel good beatings.

Now back to the bitch sucking your dick halfway and stopped while demanding you give her your life savings, What you should do is.....

1st give her a slap and tell her it is for her audacity of asking for favours from you
then, give her another one and tell her it is because she stopped sucking your dick.
Finally, raise your hand and threaten another slap.

I GUARANTEE you she would be most obliged to continue sucking dick.



smashpOp said...

this entry made my day man.. lol

ryuu said...

lol... good one!

Yodaddy said...

Finally!!! someone who appreciates this type of humour!

thanks smashpop & ryuu.

see ducky. a few more days and....

Inevitable said...

hmm... i prefer ducky... hahaha

Yodaddy said...

hmm....i also prefer ducky....hahaha....hahaha...good one....hahahah

ducky said...

looks like you're attracting the night worshippers now posting & pinging at midnight.
cant say i really like the post, sounded scary and evil. like you have a facination with kicking bitches that donT kneel down to the all powerful yoda every command, emmm... looks familiar kinda like emmm... revenge of the sith ?
inevitable, you need to shout out loud that you like the ducky, let me hear you say, I LIKE DUCKY, I LIKE DUCKY, SHOW ME THE DUCKY, SHOW ME THE MF DUCKY, DUCKY FOR PRESIDENT, DUCKY FOR PM, DUCKY FOREVER !

Yodaddy said...

haha if inevitable really says that, i would go as far as retire from blogging!

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