Sunday, March 05, 2006

job application form

one of the thing that i hate to do in a job application is to fill up the their job application form. the job application form is somehow similar to the resume, but somehow arrange in a order that suits each particular employer. i mean in my resume, is more comprehensive than the freaking form. cant they standardize the form and use 1 single one for all jobs, that would make the person who is applying for a job the 20th time much easier, as the filling up of the form is thau thia enough already.

so you fill up the form, then there is the personal part of your family member, reference, hobbies, ability, capability and commitment. honestly have you ever met someone that is what they describe in the application form ? no right ? so what is the whole freaking point for filling up a form that is irrelevant and why cant the resume be enough. safe the candidate time, and your time and cost of paper.

unless of course u are applying a job with giants like microsoft, google, jp morgan. where they take in the best of the best of the best only. you seen that article on microsoft on the type of question they will ask ? like how u make MnN or how are u going to move mount fuji, that kind of shit.

but back to our normal jobs, where thinking out of the box is not required, but basic military boot camp obedience is required. we all work for the ahpek china company, where he takes all the money that we produce for the company. his understanding is if you want more pay than you have to work 10 times harder, else you can fuck off, we can hire another fresh grad that ask less question work 20 times more and cost peanuts.

back to our application form. i mean how else would u answer a question if they ask, are u willing to stay back for OT if required ? which stupid fucker is going to write like, "monday i watch lost so i need to leave by 9:00pm, tuesday i have a part time job, wednesday i sell vcd at the pasar malam, thursday is holy whatever fuck day so i dun work on that day, and friday i get lazy because the next day is saturday" or hobbies ? normal hobbies will indicate travelling and reading. who would write,"pukul kapal terbang, download porn, blogging, fucking, combat mission".

how abt the interview then ? honestly if i'm going to hire someone, i'm going to make sure the person can curse like a freakin hokkien lang. and the interview should go something like that.

ducky : you can speak hokkien or not
knn: tiu nia mah chau hai
ducky : tiu nia mah, i ask for hokkien wtf you curse in canton ? you stupid ah ?
knn : solly, knn, limpek beh key, limpek a peh boo beh kay, wa a ah pah liak kay, lu chai yo ?
ducky : got nick name or not
knn : inevitable, but one pundek keep calling me tidak boleh dielak, very tiu lah.
ducky : why inevitable ?
knn : because invitable taken oledi.
ducky : you got blog or not
knn : this one very difficult to answer.
ducky : why so susah ?
knn : if i say yes, mean i curi tulang, every day blog. if i say no, mean i got no imagination, cannot be creative
ducky : very well answered. now you want job or not ? if want must pay me RM500 ang pow.
knn : got discount or not, i give you blowjob.
ducky : kan neh, you gay ah ?
knn : no lah, play-play only
ducky : ok, tommorow come to work
knn : tommorow cannot, thursday is holy what.......


Inevitable said...


Inevitable said...

i am no brokeback mountain, tak main belakang one ... unlike u and yoda ... kakaka

fooDcrazEE said...


Yodaddy said...

inevitable, how u know i main belakang? must be some of my lady friends tell you about my exploits with them leh...i read from your comment that you subtly imply that you don main belakang wan, as if you are inviting someone to main your belakang,but if u are looking for people to main ur belakang, your out of luck with me, i dont do guys.

ducky said...

inevitable i kinda like you already lah, you are like ahpek & helen in wingz column every time kena tembak one. tell you what, to be fair you can also tembak me in your blog, if need to lah. free publicity mah. but no need to put link one. i not desperate lah.

foodcrazee that one your picture ah ? why put small boy pic now not leng chai meh ? you speak hokkien or not ?

inevitable why you tak main belakang ? what if when you horny with a chick and she like to rub her breasts all over your pui check or when you are fucking that time, suddenly she say i want doggy style, how ? you say you tarak main belakang punya, front wheel drive only. apalah lu.

i think angel not in yet, go cuti cuti malaysia.

i received my 1st hate comment and i will post it tommorow for all to see.

angel said...

howdy boyz, angel in da' house!

tak boleh dielak tak main belakang?? sure mou??? tak percaya!

so, duck, will u still hire knn?

yodaddy, tell us more of yr sexploits, can? a good theme for ya' new blog ;)